The Spiritual Entrepreneur—What Does It Mean?

You are a spiritual being.
The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity.


To be spiritual is to live an inspired life.

To be and live inspired daily is the quest of the true entrepreneur.

Actually all of us.

Unfortunately, 71% of the people on this planet according to Gallup are getting up and going to work doing something they’re not inspired to do.

This is true for those who own their own business, as well as for those who want to own their own business one day.

Being inspired is to be filled with spirit; and when this happens you’re igniting your heart, mind and soul fully and completely.

You have unique gifts; and a unique purpose to fulfill with those gifts.
When you don’t do what you’re here to do
you do a disservice to both yourself and humanity.

Over the last 2 years my team and I have conducted surveys with hundreds of entrepreneurs from both the start-up phase to extremely seasoned and successful. Overwhelmingly the number one quality lacking is clarity of purpose.

In fact, it’s the number one quality by a landslide. <Download Your FREE 3-step worksheet to discover your life’s true purpose.>

You have a unique purpose to fulfill in this lifetime;
and when you don’t fulfill it there’s a void in the universal plan.

You see, we’re all hard wired to serve; and your purpose tells you the unique value and service you bring to the planet as well as to mankind.

Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of

Purpose and service inspire.

Living your purpose is the most truly spiritual thing you can do.

Look, you’re trading your life for the time you spend earning your living.

Think about it.

In fact, think long and hard about it.

What are you trading your life for?

You spend more time earning your living than you do with those you love the most.

Are you spending your time wisely?

We live in a time of devastating distraction. Read this article about Epic Productivity and Time

Let’s face it, you’re going to give your life for something. You might as well give your entire life for your quest.

Your true quest takes every single thing you have. If it doesn’t take everything you have, then it’s probably not your quest.

You trade your life for your living. So you better be trading it for something of tremendous value. If it doesn’t cost you your entire life then it’s probably not your quest. MTE4MDAzNDEwNTA2MjUzODM4

Begin at the beginning. Ask yourself:

  1. What have I always been attracted to since childhood?
  2. What have I always been good at?
  3. What are my hobbies? What are the things I do for no monetary gain?
  4. If you were to subscribe to 5 magazines (or if you already do, either offline or online) what magazines are they? What does that tell you about yourself and what you’re attracted to?
  5. If money were no issue what productive activity would I spend my days doing?

These questions answered, followed by the courage to act upon them, will put you on your own unique spiritual path.

Being ‘spiritual’ is not something you do once a week or just here and there. Your spiritual being resides in who you are. At some point your entire life must become your spiritual practice.being spiritual-james-arthur-ray-imag

Your move.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!