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One mistake and no one recognizes everything that you’ve brought to the table.

Redemption Coaching® brings you back to your pedestal, brings back your life, and brings it back with grace.

You’ve worked hard for your name. You’ve put in more hours than you can possibly count.

And you’ve contributed way more than most to the world.

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But one PR explosion, one big error or misstep, and no one remembers any of the good you did.

Redeem your life, your business, and everything you’ve worked for.


Regardless of what they’re trying to do to you and your career.

I’m James Arthur Ray and I coach the biggest and best through, back from, and beyond crisis.

Whether they’re accusing you of sleeping around, taking something that wasn’t yours, substance abuse, or spilling oil in the ocean, I very privately, and in ultimate confidence, help public figures, athletes, and high-powered execs just like you pull through the storm that envelops you.

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With Crisis Coaching, your business and legal team will most likely have the tools to manage ruthless media with finesse and suave. So you can get back to what life is really supposed to be like again.

Yet, while they have you in front of a firing squad, you still have to manage your own mental toughness, emotional strength, family and friends (and everything and everyone that seems to come at you when you’re at your lowest); and you have to manage them with confidence, prowess, and power.

I help you do that.

We ALL need help in these dark hours–believe me, I know.

This time is a most crucial time for you and your career. Maybe the most crucial time ever. You have to act fast and SMART, so you get back all you’ve worked for.

Don’t trust it to people who haven’t been where you are.

As a New York Times best-selling author and world-class coach, leadership and performance advisor to powerful personalities just like you, I have the tools you need to navigate the waters of crises so you come back stronger than before.

Because I’ve been there.

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James Arthur Ray

After having built a multi-million dollar brand, I was drawn and quartered because of unfortunate incidents that took place during a retreat I and my company conducted.

As the leader, I lost everything.

But I have since rebuilt and redeemed my empire.

And I want to make sure you redeem and rebuild yours.

Book your consultation now and take back your life.

The world LOVES a comeback story!

And I’m not speaking about your comeback theoretically. I’m speaking from painfully lived experience, so I know how to help you regain what you had through the crisis.

James Arthur Ray

Schedule your consultation with me now.

  • I know how to help you leverage this to be better than ever before.
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  • So you can have the success you deserve. Again.
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