James on Alchemy and Utilization: Part 3

We discussed last week that nothing works contrary to its nature; and this includes Life itself. Life cannot be about anything other than more Life, for to do so it wouldn’t be the principle of Life. Do you follow?

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We’ve also discussed that the Universe (synonymous with Life) is about fuller expression, experience and expansion. Modern science, as well as all spiritual traditions, bears this out.

With this recap in mind, let’s visit one of my favorite (and often overlooked it would appear), scriptures from the book of Isaiah.

But before we do that, I had to laugh post a recent presentation when several asked, “Why are you using so many scriptures? Have you suddenly become religious?” No. I’m not fond of labels. But if I have to choose one, I consider myself spiritual, not religious. You can figure out your own interpretation of that one.

First, I’ve always quoted many sources, from Judaism to Buddhism to Christianity to psychology to philosophy to physics; and I will continue to do so. Those who know my teachings and have attended my events will back me up on this. Truth is cross-contextual.

Second, whether you like it or not… the Bible remains one of the best-selling and most read books of all time. Arguably no other book has made such a profound impact worldwide. If you live in Western culture, again whether you agree or disagree with The Bible’s content, it’s a fact that it’s had more impact on us spiritually as well as politically than any other book.

If you’re one of my readers from outside the Western culture, you too without a doubt, have been impacted in some way small or large by this book. Even if it’s just in dealing with those of us in the West.

Finally, in my opinion, there have been more misunderstanding, manipulation, and misinterpretation of this book than any other book as well. Do I have the “correct” interpretation? No. I have my opinion and experience for what it’s worth. Take it or leave it. Use what resonates and throw out the rest.

Okay, with that being said, back to Isaiah… For this you’re most probably going to need to keep an open mind. Really open, given the traditional programming.

I form the light, and create darkness:

I make peace, and create evil:

I the Lord God do all these things.

~ Isaiah 45:7 (underscore mine)

Every single tradition, as well as quantum physics, tells us that all manifested reality comes from one source. If you’re a follower of spiritual thought you’ll call that source God; if you’re a follower of science you’ll call it the Quantum or Unified Field. Choose the label that you prefer, it doesn’t matter one iota to me… for the label does not the substance make. Remember I’m not fond of labels.

Now for those who stop and think… we’ve already created ourselves quite a conundrum… do you see it? We’ve been told time and again that God creates everything, but we’ve also been simultaneously and consistently told that God is “light and love, and goodness.” Anything contrary to light, love, goodness is not from God. So finding ourselves caught in a contradiction we had to create “an adversary.”

Now for thousands of years we’ve been told that God has an adversary that is equally powerful; and yet it is not him. Do you follow?

Furthermore, every single thing the adversary does is “bad and wrong and evil;” and the adversary (and all his characteristics) must be avoided like the plague. Do you see the corner we’re now backed into?

There absolutely cannot be One Source of all while simultaneously there are two! Even those who may state that God created “Satan” (translated “the adversary” in Hebrew) would then have to agree that he then must have created all that Satan is… therefore all the so called “bad and evil” qualities he’s comprised of must have come from God. So now we’re stuck again aren’t we?

Well, the prophet Isaiah tapping into the Universal Intelligence, sets us straight and shatters the illusion, if you’re willing to listen and go against the common programming.

Is it possible that we’ve sold ourselves a bill of goods? That what we call “evil” is actually Life moving in a potentially painful direction (a direction we don’t desire or like) for the sole (and soul) purpose of more Life? Please read that again and ponder deeply.

In other words, regardless of appearances everything is for Life’s further expansion, experience and expression. Haven’t we discussed that “Pain is the Mother of all growth?” Check your own experience and see if this is true. But we don’t like pain do we? We do our best to avoid it like the plague.

Is it a coincidence that the word “evil” is nothing more than the world “live” spelled backwards? Is it possible that the Devil in life is just God in disguise for those who lack understanding? Something to ponder—loads actually.

Nothing can work contrary to its basic nature, even if appearances suggest otherwise. Life is always moving forward even when appearing to move backwards. Travel East far enough and you’ll end up in the West. Please consider the implications here and ask yourself:

“Have I learned more in my life from my challenges and difficulties… or from my ease and victories? Which has ultimately taught me more, hence brought more clarity and expansion of Life? The “tough times” or “the times of ease?”

When you begin to ask (and honestly answer) the tough questions… you might be well on your way to being a True Alchemist. Much more to come…

Stay awake and Love Life


james arthur ray



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  1. WOW, Great stuff! This is truly knowledge that we need to hear and understand know. Thank you for teaching the hard stuff!

    1. Belinda, unless we’re willing to consider and do “the hard stuff” we never find our capabilities. Much love ~ JAR

  2. Hello James,

    I love this blog, love you straight forward and not beating around the bushes attitude. This is simplicity and being factual without refusing to accept that there does exist the higher power that controls everything and gets things manifested for where ever it is worth.

    This was a very thoughtfully written experience and I love it.

    I am going through all your blogs regularly and there’s a great learning from it all.

    Best Regards


  3. Evil contrary spelling = live . I do agree for English speaking person, but as I am French it spells out differently i.e. vivre (live) mal (evil)……
    But it is true qutie tempting !

    1. Desnas… The French always live better than we do in my opinion =) I have some great memories and stories of France. One day maybe I’ll just up and move there. Thanks for reading ~ JAR

      1. I upped and moved to France, it’s a great country to live in, not perfect, but the French just let you get on with life and don’t judge. I love people who don’t judge! xxx

  4. Yep James. You’ve hit the proverbial nail fairly and squarely on the head. For those who are hearing this for the first time it’s paradign shattering. You can never view Life in the same way ever again. Thank God for that eh? This is all great stuff, loving the series. xxxxx

  5. James, thank you for posing these questions about phenomenon we create for ourselves. I appreciate how straight-forward you put things. Makes me really respect the difficulties I create when resisting “bad and evil and wrong” (your words), and the sources of unhealthy degrees of fear that contradict growth (compartmentalizing aspects of ourselves).
    The past few years, I went through painful and difficult experiences that, in all honesty, were many of my worst fears realized. I’ve heard that called “the dweller on the threshold” before. My friends ask me about it, and I really don’t even know how to articulate it all in language, and I often feel very awkward talking about it. I do know that experiencing it all has forged a strength in me that I did not recognize even existed earlier. It makes me realize how fragile I have been, and appreciate the value of somehow embracing the difficulties directly in those moments and suspending my fears and assumptions about outcomes of perceived evils, etc. Dovetails with that foundation of values you highlighted last week and how all of this is an ongoing process in life for which I am grateful. Thanks again.

    1. Kerry, I’m right there with you. Yes, “The Dweller” I’m doing my very best to articulate that which cannot be articulated. ~ JAR

  6. Awesome! My father was not fond of ‘positive’ thinking, calling it as half a***d as negative thinking. Why not call it the way you see it? Sometimes if you move in one direction or another, what you see changes. Every path I have gone on that suggested a way around the good/bad, up/down, in/out, left/right existence we are in was incomplete. However, no more incomplete than my internal map of reality. I learned something every time. Recent proof that ‘entanglement theory’ is true breaks with cause and effect AND a way to beat the the speed of light… instantaneous! We are each a participant in Isaiah. AND there is a way out of cause and effect, that trumps karma and the path is looking for the source of pain and suffering. … BUT what do I know?

  7. OneRepublic has a great song, “Counting Stars” which has this profound lines:

    “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”
    “Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly”

    We just have to act on the prompting to lo live and fly…

    1. Ileana, I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote of Nietzche, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ~ JAR

  8. Today’s post triggered two scriptures that relate to this conversation… the first in 1st Samuel 16:14 “the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an ‘evil spirit from the LORD’ troubled him” and second, Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” A bible scholar I’m not, but between my studies and life experience, I’m learning that God will use whatever measures necessary (even an evil spirit) and do as need be. For certain, my greatest challenges/difficulties have reciprocated with the greatest blessings.

    1. Nice Kim, and maybe if the “evil spirit” brought you to your “greatest blessings” maybe evil isn’t what we once thought it to be. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  9. The Law of Polarity: no one thing can come into existence without the seeming presence of its “opposite”. Words cannot grace a page unless the page itself is blank. We cannot know day without understanding night. And we cannot know the true meaning of goodness without its flipside: evil. It is all relative-and contextual.

    Quantum reality tells us that we swim in a sea of infinite potentiality-and just because the “evil” and the “ugly” show up in our lives is simply a manifestation of that potential. Now what collapsed that potential is another story, I think. But I agree, James: we’re not dealing with 2 Source entities here…we’re just dealing with a lack of awareness, which is understandable, as you’ve said, given the finite nature of us beings.

    As I like to say now, S#@t happens, then Shift happens.

  10. James….Another great blog! From what I took from it, if EVERYTHING comes from one source, and The source is Life, ever expanding in expression and experience. For that being said, then “evil” is just another label, or interpretation, if you will.
    I continually attempt to live without labels and titles. Work in progress. One thing I have discovered on this earth is EVERYTHING is neutral in nature. It is our (humans) meanings we place on things which creates the evil and good experiences. I try to explain this to my “asleep” friends and they look at me like I have green skin. I feel like I am part of a minority, but I accept it!!
    Keep charging forward, my Friend! Peace and blessings.

    1. Jim, and just remember that we’re ALL asleep at some level. When we realize this we see an earlier version of ourselves in our “asleep friends” Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  11. Very heavy info James, since this is showing us that EVERYTHING that happens to us is at the end of the day something GOOD, and therefore Evil does not exist per se. And everything will change depending on our perspective to every event, and there lies our power to Transmute the “bad things” into “good things”. From this point of view it even lost its polarity.

    Thank you James this is going to keep us busy pondering for a good while!

  12. James, I have a question or two. As I read this blog – which I have enjoyed reading, this came to mind. A child is raped by a sexual predator and then the grown ups around her have all of their story involved and they tell her to not speak up about it or report it to the police. That child experienced a quantum load of pain in the event and then the following events which involved grown ups either telling her not to speak up about it, medical staff reporting it, police investigating, questioning her on what she did that might have caused the attack etc. So the pain keeps coming and not to forget she is a child, so she is being taught in no certain terms what happens when this thing happens. So she becomes withdrawn, her schooling suffers, she has no capacity to make friends and she grows up as a loner. One would argue that her potential for growth had been severely hampered or is it still growth given the circumstances and then when she becomes an adult who is ready to change everything that’s when her next phase of growth starts? How do you know when you are in growth, or everyday is growth and its just how you look at it?

    1. Amanda, I’ve worked with NUMEROUS (too many to count) women AND men that you describe. It’s sad, painful and hard… no doubt about it. I have never, and will never condone that type of behavior with another human being. Yet I also understand that it comes from personal pain and ignorance of the perpetrator. What I also know is that these people who have been physically abused in my experience are some of the most resilient people I’ve ever met, some of the most adaptable, some of the most strong of character and reflective. often the most truly compassionate (common suffering). Even though they may be “labeled” as withdrawn and suffer in school these are societal measures–who says being withdrawn is a bad character trait? A tenant from the Hawaiian tradition comes to mind as well, “Think not that all wisdom resides in your schools.”

      Are these character traits described above not growth? These qualities are some that many go an entire lifetime and never develop. You cannot not grow. Something to ponder ~ JAR

    2. Hi Amanda. Whomever this girl is, I am sorry for their pain. I have far too much knowledge about this topic. Some kinds of pain have no words, they only have sounds. Honor those sounds, and allow them to then intone into those sounds that sets a person free from the pain, the energy of the experience, and anchors you deeply into the middle of what you clearly envision as your most honorable, respectful, and happy self. I tell people that if an experience were a ball, and you put it out in front of you, there are 360 degrees of perception around it (if we are keeping it simple). Some of those degrees of perception cause great pain for a person, some cause anger, some are neutral, and all degrees in between that a person can think of. Put that ball in the middle of the floor and walk around it, stopping and experiencing what you feel from that particular perception. In something like this I have found it is best to find that neutral perception, as that is the one that sets you free. Firmly anchor yourself within the neutrality, and then walk any (have someone remove the ball and throw it away so you can never find it again). This neutral position also keeps any part of a person from continuing to energetically (with thoughts and emotions on a subconscious level) to “feed” the experience and therefore keeping it alive and with them. One other thing, James is spot on …that which is alive for us (both sides of the coin) does want expression and expansion, and that requires letting go of some past pain so the life you do want is the only one free to BE its life … expressed and expanded.
      Much love and respect!

  13. Hi James, I too look at the Bible as a great teacher – IF it is not taken literally. What a powerful book of allegory, what a destructive book when taken as ‘truth’. I agree that our times of trouble and challenge have taught us the most but equally our times of peace and ease have allowed us to appreciate those challenges. When we are going through the challenges it’s as difficult to see our own growth as that of a child we see every day. It is on reflection that we notice how far we have come. Enjoying this conversation James. 🙂

  14. James,

    I find your discussion about Alchemy spot on in my view. Carl Jung had dreams about Alchemy and wrote about it. Psychology, Ancient Mysticism and Alchemy are some of my favorite subjects. History is rich with not only written history but oral history passed on to modern practices. It was Carl Jung who mentioned (at least he is who I recall at this time) that it is our inner journey, individuation process, which is a transformation of unconscious parts of the self (lead) we turn to “gold”. It is the “gold” within us that makes life worth living and gives us purpose. This process of uncovering and integrating our unconsciousness is a “sacred gift” to me. In other words, I completely agree with your view that we can become the Alchemist and turn our “ego” (lead or steel) in “gold” (true inner gifts realized and manifested in the world). Of course this process can be quite frightening at times.
    Blessings to you James.

    1. LeAnn, yes, quiet frightening indeed! For the true Alchemist must be willing to “descend into hell/” What’s lost again in language is that the Anglo-Saxon translation of Hel means “hidden or concealed.” Something to ponder and more on this to come. I too am a big fan of Jung. Thanks for being here and for your intelligent comments ~ JAR

  15. James,
    Spirit has impressed upon me for years now to pay close attention to your messages. For years now, you have represented the energy of light and dark embracing the new paradigm shift. Spirit is often misunderstood by the ordinary minds. Embracing one’s power with the gifts they bring to the world is not an easy endeavor in any century. A few folks come to mind such as Saint Germain and Baruch Spinoza. There are more examples, of course.

    1. LeAnn, another very seminal post. Yes the new paradigm is the Path of True Mastery in my opinion. The integration of both the Dark and Light within ourselves in the realization that each serves their purpose. For what is hate but love moving in a different direction? And then only by preference and definition ~ JAR

  16. Isaiah may also be speaking of the duality of our perceptions …. we, as the One in image of God, has a choice in how we perperceive an experience. We form our version of reality.

  17. James, do you believe the existence of demons, evil spirits, etc? Do believe these are created by the individual or do they exist freely in the world?

  18. This blog reminds me of a Tarot card (if I may share them in this forum)… Ace of Pentacles (reversed).

    While this card has many meanings, one of them is “Comfortable material conditions, which may not be to the advantage of the Querent.”(p.128, A Complete Guide to the Tarot; Eden Gray)

    Comfort and complacency… Not a good combination…

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