James on Alchemy and Utilization: Part 3

We discussed last week that nothing works contrary to its nature; and this includes Life itself. Life cannot be about anything other than more Life, for to do so it wouldn’t be the principle of Life. Do you follow?

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We’ve also discussed that the Universe (synonymous with Life) is about fuller expression, experience and expansion. Modern science, as well as all spiritual traditions, bears this out.

With this recap in mind, let’s visit one of my favorite (and often overlooked it would appear), scriptures from the book of Isaiah.

But before we do that, I had to laugh post a recent presentation when several asked, “Why are you using so many scriptures? Have you suddenly become religious?” No. I’m not fond of labels. But if I have to choose one, I consider myself spiritual, not religious. You can figure out your own interpretation of that one.

First, I’ve always quoted many sources, from Judaism to Buddhism to Christianity to psychology to philosophy to physics; and I will continue to do so. Those who know my teachings and have attended my events will back me up on this. Truth is cross-contextual.

Second, whether you like it or not… the Bible remains one of the best-selling and most read books of all time. Arguably no other book has made such a profound impact worldwide. If you live in Western culture, again whether you agree or disagree with The Bible’s content, it’s a fact that it’s had more impact on us spiritually as well as politically than any other book.

If you’re one of my readers from outside the Western culture, you too without a doubt, have been impacted in some way small or large by this book. Even if it’s just in dealing with those of us in the West.

Finally, in my opinion, there have been more misunderstanding, manipulation, and misinterpretation of this book than any other book as well. Do I have the “correct” interpretation? No. I have my opinion and experience for what it’s worth. Take it or leave it. Use what resonates and throw out the rest.

Okay, with that being said, back to Isaiah… For this you’re most probably going to need to keep an open mind. Really open, given the traditional programming.

I form the light, and create darkness:

I make peace, and create evil:

I the Lord God do all these things.

~ Isaiah 45:7 (underscore mine)

Every single tradition, as well as quantum physics, tells us that all manifested reality comes from one source. If you’re a follower of spiritual thought you’ll call that source God; if you’re a follower of science you’ll call it the Quantum or Unified Field. Choose the label that you prefer, it doesn’t matter one iota to me… for the label does not the substance make. Remember I’m not fond of labels.

Now for those who stop and think… we’ve already created ourselves quite a conundrum… do you see it? We’ve been told time and again that God creates everything, but we’ve also been simultaneously and consistently told that God is “light and love, and goodness.” Anything contrary to light, love, goodness is not from God. So finding ourselves caught in a contradiction we had to create “an adversary.”

Now for thousands of years we’ve been told that God has an adversary that is equally powerful; and yet it is not him. Do you follow?

Furthermore, every single thing the adversary does is “bad and wrong and evil;” and the adversary (and all his characteristics) must be avoided like the plague. Do you see the corner we’re now backed into?

There absolutely cannot be One Source of all while simultaneously there are two! Even those who may state that God created “Satan” (translated “the adversary” in Hebrew) would then have to agree that he then must have created all that Satan is… therefore all the so called “bad and evil” qualities he’s comprised of must have come from God. So now we’re stuck again aren’t we?

Well, the prophet Isaiah tapping into the Universal Intelligence, sets us straight and shatters the illusion, if you’re willing to listen and go against the common programming.

Is it possible that we’ve sold ourselves a bill of goods? That what we call “evil” is actually Life moving in a potentially painful direction (a direction we don’t desire or like) for the sole (and soul) purpose of more Life? Please read that again and ponder deeply.

In other words, regardless of appearances everything is for Life’s further expansion, experience and expression. Haven’t we discussed that “Pain is the Mother of all growth?” Check your own experience and see if this is true. But we don’t like pain do we? We do our best to avoid it like the plague.

Is it a coincidence that the word “evil” is nothing more than the world “live” spelled backwards? Is it possible that the Devil in life is just God in disguise for those who lack understanding? Something to ponder—loads actually.

Nothing can work contrary to its basic nature, even if appearances suggest otherwise. Life is always moving forward even when appearing to move backwards. Travel East far enough and you’ll end up in the West. Please consider the implications here and ask yourself:

“Have I learned more in my life from my challenges and difficulties… or from my ease and victories? Which has ultimately taught me more, hence brought more clarity and expansion of Life? The “tough times” or “the times of ease?”

When you begin to ask (and honestly answer) the tough questions… you might be well on your way to being a True Alchemist. Much more to come…

Stay awake and Love Life


james arthur ray