How To Be Superman

Do you feel unfulfilled?

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  1. Thank you for this very inspiring video.
    A great reminder that persistance, passion and perserverance are at the heart of expansion and growth (clarity too)…. but could there be one more P to add to the three? Patience?
    It seems that when we are impatient, well…. this is when we quit or make stupid mistakes?
    you know…..looking for that instant gratification…and getting discouraged when it's not happing fast enough?
    Maybe really digesting what one is learning and being patient regarding results is paramount in this formula attributed to personal development- developing anything?

  2. Great cadence. Awesome to see you in such prime form. The Will to Power is a drive and is focused on the ascension magnetized from the oversoul. Nietzsche spoke in character about the people of Victorian Germany and the Weimar Republic treating their God as an idol and as though he were dead, they were complacent, asleep and not embodying the spirit of the Ubermensch…..not a Teutonic racist, but the superior man of spirit and higher consciousness. Definately ahead of his time. Clearly hijacked by his sister's small mindedness and Nazi husband's ambissions.

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