Your True Wealth

You become truly wealthy the minute you’re grateful for what you have.

Last week we began exploring the topic of wealth, abundance and prosperity; and more specifically we focused on wealth.

Not how the masses define wealth by the way… but true and comprehensive harmony and wellbeing.

So again let’s be clear. While we discussed money last week, money in-and-of-itself is not wealth. I’m not suggesting it’s not important—it is. Yet, it’s only a part of true wealth. In fact, it’s only one fifth of the equation.

Are you wealthy?

In more ways than you realize.

Maybe you just need to recognize it.

Several years ago Wired Magazine documented the research conducted by insurance companies to quantify the human body’s worth. They priced what it would take to replace your liver, your lungs, your heart and so forth. A well-documented, calculated and possibly staggering, conclusion was arrived upon.

Do you have any idea what your body is worth?

A whopping $45 million!


Think about it… you’re walking around every single day with a $45M asset!

You’re already a multimillionaire! Irrespective of what you have in the bank!

How well are you taking care of that asset? How much are you appreciating it?

“Health is our greatest wealth.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now if you think your health isn’t wealth… please think again. You, like me, know that if your doctor told you that you had a terminal disease… you’d pay or give anything to reverse that disease, heal your body and be made whole. You know that you would.

You’re successful and wealthy the moment you’re grateful.

True wealth is a state of harmony and wellbeing in the five key areas of life: financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual. In my most recent New York Times bestseller Harmonic Wealth®, I call these the 5 pillars of true wealth.

I’ve met many multimillionaires who are business geniuses; and they run themselves ragged into physical problems—sometimes fatal.

This is not true wealth.

Likewise, I’ve worked with individuals who have a great spiritual connection but they’re sick and broke all the time.

This is not true wealth.

Finally there are those who are in great physical health and fitness and their relationships are miserable.

This is not true wealth.

True wealth as stated, is harmony and wellbeing, a comprehensive state of life and living.

It seems to be epidemic in Western society that we’re a culture who’s traded money and materialism for meaning. This is the gravest of errors.

As a result I meet people almost daily that are in jobs they tolerate at best, and they despise at worst.

Their energy and enthusiasm for what they do is long gone if in fact it ever existed.

Life is too short; and no matter what your paycheck… it’s not enough if you’re not living each day to the fullest doing what you love.

I submit that this problems inception, the selling out of love and truly living, resides in the many things we been programmed to believe… not the least of which is what it means to be wealthy.

I’ve discussed this topic in great detail in other writings, and I won’t go into it here, but suffice to say that a meaningful and wealthy life must begin with understanding your Innate Ability and unique purpose; and then building your business and life upon that foundation. (reference Innate Ability Development™ series)

For now, I suggest that you continue to broaden your viewpoint of true wealth. Begin to focus your life on harmony and wellbeing in the 5 pillars of a meaningful and fulfilled life.

You’ll be happy that you did.

Life is too short to not be loving your life and doing what you love.

The purpose of life is to fully live! Live it! Read more about it here.

In our next installment we’ll explore the concept of abundance. And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,


james arthur ray


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