Your Adversary Brings Out Your Greatness!

“If you find something you love to do,
become great at it, and
you can turn it into a business.
Worst case, you’ll have
something you love to do.”
~ Mark Cuban

For the last several weeks we’ve been exploring the ever so popular, and ever so misunderstood, concepts of wealth, abundance and prosperity. While I’d like to think that it’s potentially shifted your mindset regarding these coveted concepts… I realize that unless you’re highly unusual you’re still struggling.

It’s in the struggle that greatness is born.

In my new e-Book entitled Life Unleashed I explore how many of us in our magical mythical thinking have fooled ourselves into believing there will come a time in our own life and awakening that life will be easy.

I promise you it won’t.



But then again… it will. Paradox?

What can I say… life is mysterious and complex…

There are seven laws of the Universe; and while it’s not the topic of this treatise to go into those 7 laws here, I’d like to address one of them called the Law of Correspondence.

By the way, stay tuned for complete coverage of the laws in my upcoming online learning experience entitled The Seven Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to be released in 2015.

So, how is it that life and building your business will never be easy and yet it will?

The secret resides in your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs which all drive and determine your experience.

The Law of Correspondence tells us that everything is repeating patterns both internally and externally.

The ancient Hermetic teachings stated it “As above, so Below.”

Likewise, as within so without. If you don’t like Hermetic Philosophy… then try on fractal geometry for size. It tells you the exact same thing.

The entire Universe is repeating patterns.

What appears to be independent and random is just the limitations of our sensory acuity and perceptive abilities.

Consequently, if you want to understand how to grow your business and your life you must only look to nature and the world around you to show you what it’s going to take. And since we’re still on the topic of abundance… I can assure you there’s an abundance of evidence to inform you of exactly what it does take.

Look closely.

Pay attention.

Whether it’s a caterpillar bursting forward from the cocoon; a snake shedding its skin; a plant pushing through the hard and crusted earth as it struggles for the light; or you struggling forth from your mother’s womb. In this moment of your own new birth, you’re struggling through an opening that’s way too small.

Leaving behind the comfort and warmth of the familiar.

Choking and gasping forward into an unknown place and unknown destiny. Strange hands grasp at you from all directions as they compel you forward into the cold unknown.

Yet you continue on.


Because there’s a natural pressure to do so. Ponder that one.

And because somewhere deep down inside you know that your greatness calls.

Where in nature do you see development, advancement, growth and achievement come easy?


Where in nature do you find anything complaining about this struggle or attempting to avoid it except in man?

Once again, nowhere.

Something to ponder.

There’s an abundance of struggle.

For once again, it’s in the struggle that true greatness is born.

Our highest and most awakened self aspires to true greatness.It’s calling you, are you listening?

Now you may think, “But James, you also said it was easy! How does that work?” I’ll tell you that answer but you may not like it. It becomes easy the moment you accept that it will never be easy!

Please read that and ponder deeply.

Just like going into the gym and learning to love the burn.

You push against the adversary of inertia.

Because you know that the abundance of the burn brings an abundance of growth. It’s the adversary that makes you potentially great versus small.

It’s in the abundance of struggle that you earn your stripes of genius and achievement.

It’s in the abundance of struggle that you find the abundance of capability within.

It’s in the abundance of struggle and growth that you find your genius and your joy.

Your work is your love made manifest in the world.

Yes… your work is your love made manifest. And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray

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