The World Needs Heroes

The hero is only a hero because he’s in the arena. Marred and scarred,
he fights with his very life for a cause larger than himself.
That’s why he’s so inspiring to us.

What makes a true hero?

The true hero doesn’t set out to be heroic, it just happens as a natural unfolding of his life and who he is.

The hero is heroic because he faces incredible odds in the pursuit of his own personal “Holy Grail.”

Any student of mythology knows that the heroes throughout time have been very similar in not only their quest but in the way their quest unfolds.

lonely_snowfallWe’ve lost our mythology in modern times.
Mythology was never meant as a literal history book.
Mythology is the history, and the journey, of the human soul.


The hero is always a normal individual with an abnormal desire and dream.

The hero has the courage and the grit to go after something that seems impossible.

Learn how grit is needed to motor toward your goals and intentions in this article.

To face what appears to be insurmountable odds.

Just because it’s never been done, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

The hero follows his heart, not money or fame or fortune.

Often driven by love for a damsel, or for a great cause, for God or King and country, all of which have deep meaning, purpose and heart for him.

The hero is willing to give and risk his very life
for something bigger than himself.james-arthur-ray-image

The hero always starts off with a grand vision of success and victory, with his mind and jaw set to achieve what most think impossible.

Most heroes then either descend into hell, fight a large multi-headed dragon or beast, climb a huge mountain to find a precious stone, or some other epic task.

But rest assured, there’s always struggle, strife, self-doubt, discouragement, and threat of death and loss of life.

Big threats.

The hero pitches his sails to the end of the earth; and is willing to fight all odds in the quest for his personal grail.

The hero is not “balanced.” Far from it.

The hero is monomaniacal in the pursuit of his one thing.

Balance and mastery cannot coexist in the same space.
The hero is monomaniacal in the pursuit of his one thing.5623ba98ceea04a4281e1089f99dea12

I recall sitting in the theater and watching the very first Rocky movie. Apollo Creed was pounding Rocky to a pulp. Rocky had given everything to train and diet and run and lift and prepare for this one shot.

Just one shot.

Now physically pummeled and exhausted, it seemed questionable as to if he could even remain standing. The champion was maybe too much for him. His dream seemed to be a farce.

Yet, he refused to fold.

The forces of resistance must give way
to the indomitable spirit that just keeps coming.

When the final bell rang he was still standing. Barely.

Bloody, scarred, eyes swollen shut.

The crowd around me in the theater actually jumped to their feet and applauded.

It’s was obviously just a movie.

But maybe more…

Why did it bring out this response in the audience?

Because caught up in the struggle of the hero we either consciously or unconsciously see ourselves.

The true hero is an ordinary individual that faces extraordinary odds
and accomplishes personal greatness.true hero-james-arthur-ray-image

Finally overcoming unfathomable odds, the hero always returns to the world with a gift.

A great talisman with great meaning…

A great fortune for the people…

A great story of inspiration for the masses…

And a great lesson and learning to pass down through the ages.

Decide what you’re here to achieve.

Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

Get busy on your quest.

Do the work.

Become a hero.

The battle never ends.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!