Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

There’s a major difference between knowing about
the path and walking the path.

In a society that has literally sold its soul for a little bread and circus; and a little false security; you’ve been conditioned from every direction and every single angle to comply. You’ve also most likely been frequently told what can’t be done.

Since you’ve been in grade school, you’ve been rewarded in relation to your compliance, not your uniqueness. Ponder please ponder.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to reach escape velocity. To break the chains that invisibly bind you from living your own life and walking your own path.

You were born into greatness…
But you’ve been conditioned into mediocrity.

fantasy people mystery

There’s always a price for Greatness. Are you willing to pay it?

If this blog has done anything (and assuming you’re at least a semi-contemplative person), it’s delineated, at least at a cursory level, the greatest story that’s ever been sold.

It’s a story of external saviors and the promise of an easy life. It’s the story of reading, remember, repeat; and follow me; and the easy rewards of plenty—if not now… at least in some “after-life.” At least as long as you buy in, accept, comply, and often sell out on your dreams and your soul.

But you, like me, know (as they used to say in Oklahoma where I grew up), “That dog don’t hunt.”

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough.
From now on I’ll be mad.”
~ Rumi

silhouette of a man running

It’s hard to grab your Innate Ability and run with it. To roll the dice and gamble everything you have upon it. No doubt.

But it’s harder still to sell your soul day after day to the God’s and saviors of the easy, comfortable and secure… doing something miserable just for money and false security. The cost of such a decision is your life.

So what have you decided?

What will you decide going forward?

Let’s regroup on our IAD principles before delving into the last one (yes we’re actually at the last principle):

  • Principles must precede practices. This distinction gives you both potential wisdom and understanding.
  • The only true power is a functional and integrated whole. Mastery is the synthesis of both Spirit and Form; Divinity and Humanity.
  • Life is all there is, and death is an illusion. All is energy and energy can never be created or destroyed. It only changes form.
  • Purpose and Meaning are everything. They are Life Itself. The whole of life is purposeful and meaningful.
  • Fundamental Creativity is the very core of both consciousness and spirit. The Creator to even be a creator must create. All things are a reflection of the One Thing.
  • Know your Innate Abilities and utilize them to fulfill your unique purpose in the world. Your purpose tells you why you’re here and your Innate Ability tells you how you’ll fulfill that purpose.

Principle Number Seven: There is no magic in life but life is magical

woman blowing sparkling dust from palm of hands

This should come as no surprise to you because we’ve danced with this truth many times over throughout this series as well as in the Life versus Fantasy series; and the Alchemy series.

Repetition is the second law of learning and transformation

make create sleep repeat

Principle seven reminds us is that life is often a tough taskmaster and yet when we awaken we’re enlightened and enlivened with the realization that even in our darkest hour, and our most turbulent times, there’s still potential for a tacit joy.

When you truly begin to live you work hard but it’s hardly work…
You move into a magical space of effortless effort.

man working near the window at sunset

I can almost hear the minds of the romantics whirling as they search for their magical wands, pills, and secret sauce reading the statement above. Stop!

Read it again and notice that I stated you’re going to “work hard.” I said you will need to make an “effort”—lots of it! Be not fooled into fantasy.

But it’s hardly work and effortless because you’re going to be doing what you choose to do and what you love. Do you get this?

When you find your purpose the line between work and play blurs.
What others call work is not work… it’s your love and joy.

woman in black blazer sitting on black office chair

Working on “your work” is not work… it’s your purpose. Big difference. And if you’ve ever touched this state of being—even if but for a brief moment—you know exactly what I mean.

I believe a lack of understanding is one of the major downfalls with many teachers in personal and spiritual development who tell you, or imply, that you “don’t have to work,” or that you “don’t have to do anything.”

It creates great confusion.

Yet, even a cursory study of these individuals, even the strongest advocates of it, will quickly prove that they’re often living their entire life on the road!

Even those who espouse the most spiritual/mystical teachings, those who say money can be made fast and easy, even those lacking much practicality… are doing radio shows, interviews, writing books long into the night, some have a permanent seat on a certain airline, and others live their entire lives in a motor home traveling from event to event.

It’s important to understand that these people are not “lying” to you per se (most of them). Yes, there are some who sell you the fantasy and dream for their own personal reasons… but some just don’t feel like they’re working because they’re doing what they love. Do you follow?

In my experience, this is how life should be lived. And this is a life well-lived.

I recall when I was a management trainer for the AT&T School of Business… I worked my tail feathers off. While others came in at 8:30 or 9:00 AM I got up at 4:00 AM and beat the traffic to arrive in my office no later than 6:00 AM. Six days a week!

These early hours allowed me (being on the East Coast at the time) to get my day in order and my paperwork was done so that by the time the West Coast clients rolled in at 8-9 AM PST I could potentially grab them on the phone before they got distracted.

I was also most often the last one to leave the office many a late night, and almost always the only one in a barren and quiet office on weekends (the best time ever to be productive). Yes, I worked Saturdays… even though I was the only one. And it wasn’t required. I required it of myself!

And I often worked on holidays!

When you find what you love you don’t need a day off,
a vacation, or find yourself longing for the weekends…
This is the mindset of those existing versus truly living. 
You’re doing what you love!

james arthur ray

I absolutely loved my job! And all the while I knew it was the groundwork for greater things that I had planned in my future.

Are you thinking? Are you paying attention?

And the journey continues….

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose, and Take Your Power Back!

james arthur ray



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