Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes

True transformation and change are hard.
That’s why most never do it.

Let me ask you to be super honest with yourself.

As you’ve heard me discuss many times, there’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.

Are you truly happy and fulfilled?

Is what you’re doing working?

If no, to either or both of the above, then I have two more questions for you:

Are you willing to change?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes no matter how hard or difficult?

Most people want to change their circumstance
but they’re unwilling to change themselves.
Therefore, they remain bound
~ William James

We’ve discuss many times, yet it bears repeating, if you’re on payroll right now, there’s at least a 50% chance that you’re going to lose your job in the next 10 years or less according to Forbes and many others.

Chances are also very high that unless you do something dramatically different you will not make more money as the current system runs its course and the new emerges. You’ll make less money.

That is if you keep doing the same things in the same way.

Now while many may think this is “negative” or “bad” news, I submit to you that:

  1. Knowing is better than sleeping and being taken unaware.
  2. For the true Leader it’s great news; and replete with opportunity.

We live in a society deeply in denial in so many areas.
Denial and avoidance does absolutely nothing to solve the problem.
It just makes it worse.

When you’re aware, you can proactively prepare.

Every 40 seconds in our world someone commits suicide.

71% of the people surveyed by Gallup are unhappy, disengaged and totally unfulfilled in their daily job and work;

And those are only the people being honest.

There’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.
When you’re honest, you’re empowered and enabled to transform.

It’s not your fault.

You haven’t been encouraged or conditioned to think for yourself; and find and live your own authenticity.

But it is your responsibility.

It’s in your own self-awareness and authenticity
that unlimited opportunity resides.

So, what are you going to do about it?

No amount of denial, ignorance or suppression
will change one iota of the truth.
Only facing the truth, and taking massive action to transform it,
will create what you desire and deserve.

If you ever hope to survive, much less thrive, the ongoing disruption, it’s going to necessitate that you move from your programmed economic and money mindset to a purpose and meaning mindset.

Make no mistake. I have no problem whatsoever with money.
Money is a tool we can utilize to live and serve more fully.
What I have a problem with is the mindset that more
of it will bring happiness and fulfillment.
If you’re honest, deep down inside, you know it won’t.

Now the good (actually great) news is that entrepreneurship is booming. Here’s just a few of the proofs:

  1. Over 64% of the net new jobs are created by small business.
  2. There were only 140 billionaires in 1987; and in 2017 there are 2,043.
  3. All the new billionaires, when interviewed, are utilizing their own unique gifts and genius to provide tremendous value to the world.
  4. Entrepreneurs are the new leaders and transformers of the world.
  5. There has never been a better time to be alive than right now, because things can change faster.

You must STOP thinking small and START thinking BIG!

It doesn’t take money to make money.
It takes self-awareness of your own gifts and genius;
and a mindset to provide tremendous service and value with those gifts.

So, you see, this is not a “bad news” story. This is a great news story! That is if you’re willing to change your thinking, develop self-awareness, and change your approach.

When you do this, are you guaranteed to make millions? Maybe billions?

No. There are no guarantees of that nature in life.

But there is one guarantee: You will live a fulfilling life.

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Versus merely existing like so many do.

You’ll have impact on people’s businesses and lives.

Versus just scraping and grubbing to get by.

The negative news is a drug pusher,
When we stop being addicts they’ll stop pushing.

So, are you willing?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose. And Take Your Power Back!