Will You Conquer or Quit?

Feeling like quitting is human. You’ll feel like it sometimes.
That’s guaranteed.
Conquering is Superhuman. Just keep going.

Let’s face it, all of us takes hits in life. No exceptions. If you know my story I’ve taken plenty of them; and yet, I’m not any different from you. Lest you think I am, please think again.

If I appear to be different, the only potential difference is a difference solely by degree.

For every single persons most difficult time is their most difficult time.

Challenges are relative.
We all must face and defeat our own beast;
and the only difference is a difference of degree.


So what that Magical X Factor that separates those who end up in bitterness a
nd blame versus those who blast through? Those who breakdown versus breakthrough. Those who truly conquer versus those who quit?
My work with hundreds of thousands of people from 143 different countries around the world proves that it’s not the hits and knocks that life inevitably brings.

It’s how long you take to feel sorry for yourself.


Please read that again and take an honest self-assessment.

There’s no value in lying to yourself.

You either come out of the ring battered and bruised full of bitterness and blame; or you come out grateful, awake and alive.

The choice is entirely up to you.

By the way, whether you’re bitter or grateful, you’ll still be battered and bruised.

It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!
~ Rocky BalboaRocky Balboa

Research as well as history proves that not only do Ultimate Performers have more challenges in life than the lowest performers, but they also have an uncanny and uncommon ability to frame those challenges in their own mind to their own advantage.

Ultimate Performers have an uncanny ability to make everything work to their advantage. Even the most difficult and challenging things.

Who do you want in your corner when you’re facing your own dragons and demons?

Someone who has read a few good books and has a few theoretical philosophies?

Or someone who has been to hell and back. Someone who is battle scarred and worn. A heroic figure who has fought and beaten his own beast?

Which one?

Book reader or beast beater?

Which do you choose to be?

You see those who have the greatest challenges in life have the strongest of souls. The greatest souls have inevitably experienced the greatest suffering. Like it or not this is true nonetheless.

The greatest of souls have always experienced the greatest suffering.
Lose the fear of being willing to suffer for your cause and your calling.

If you’re in the midst of your own personal hell right now, I get it. Certainly I do.

And what you need is a shift in focus and philosophy. A shift in your own psychology.

For like it or not, your psychology drives your strategy. Read that again and let it sink in.

         Your psychology always drives your strategy.

When you shift your way of thinking you will automatically feel differently. You’ll automatically act differently. Your actions always follow your thoughts and feelings. This is what I call “Going 3 for 3.”

To create what you desire and deserve you must go “3 for 3.”
Your thoughts, feelings and actions all must be firing in alignment.

When your thoughts, feelings and actions are all firing in alignment you’ll experience a congruence and coherence that will completely change your life experience.

This is my greatest wish for you.

There’s a concept in cognitive behavioral psychology called, “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.”

Acceptance and commitment therapy does not have as a goal the reduction of pain. Rather the ability to function in spite of it.

Research proves that acceptance of your current circumstances, and a commitment to utilize them, leverage them, and move forward with them, has the ability to decrease suffering. Likewise the ability to increase productivity and fulfillment.

How can you increase your performance and productivity? Learn it here.

What has to happen for you to accept your current circumstances as a test of your ow character and strength? As a catalyst for growth?

In the answer to the question above resides your liberation.

Not an amelioration of pain mind you, but a decrease in suffering. There is a difference.

For the amount of suffering you experience is directly correlate to the amount of resistance to your own pain.

Now there’s a game changing awakening if you’re willing to digest and integrate the implications.

Pain is not a signal to suffer.
Pain is a signal to grow.

Always remember that diamonds grow under duress. The finest and most expensive diamond was once only a lump of coal that withstood a tremendous amount of pressure.

To change a lump of coal into a brilliant diamond, you must subject it to large amounts of pressure. Is there a metaphor here?Lendio-Coal-Diamond

Feeling like quitting is human. You’ll feel like it from time to time. That’s a guarantee.

I certainly have.

But to conquer is Superhuman.

Accept that sometimes life is painful…

But your own suffering is a choice that can be unchosen.

Use the pain and pressure to become a brilliant diamond.

Take the heat.

Withstand the pressure.

Keep moving forward…

Your move.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!