What It Takes to Push Past the Dip

There’s a season to sow and a season to reap
and they don’t come in the same season.seasons-montage

Let’s get really clear and authentic.

We often tend to fool ourselves into thinking that life and business will reach a perfect state of nirvana where everything is growing and expanding and improving with no dips and certainly no pit.

When have you ever found that to be true?

Give me a call if you ever do and let me know.

It’ll be a first.

We fool ourselves into thinking that someday we’ll arrive at that
special place where life is all perfectly up with no down.
Wake up. You’re here to grow; and you learn and
grow more in your downs than you do in your ups.

Look, seasons come and seasons go and you can never escape winter. No matter how hard you attempt to do so. Even the most tropical of geographies has a change of seasons. Some are just more dramatic than others.

Your business, your health and your finances, even your times of fulfillment will all go through times of dip; and the sooner you accept it and embrace it, the sooner you can make it work for you instead of against.

The time of contraction or dip is the time to prepare
harder for the upcoming expansion.

It’s no secret that I spent two years in prison. Prison in many ways was horrific but in just a many ways beautiful. It was all a matter of perspective.

From one perspective I lost everything tangible and then some. I lost my business it took me 20 years to build working 7 days a week, I lost my life savings, my home, my so-called friends and colleagues, and eventually I lost my liberty.

I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


But from the polar opposite perspective I gained tremendous freedom.

No rent, no utilities, no food bill, no responsibility.

Yes the food and accommodations were a far cry from the 5 star resorts to which I became accustomed. In fact, it was a stretch to think that the filth riddled, piss and excrement smelling 10X12 cell was even half a star.

Yet, I got time. Both legally and literally. And I decided early on to make it work for me versus against me.

I mean, where else do you get the opportunity to read, study and contemplate for 12-14 hours per day at this stage in life?

Where else could I have ever been given the opportunity to practice what I knew and taught to others for years?

This was not a failure. At most a temporary setback. Get the difference?

Where the masses see failure, the master sees a temporary setback.thomas-alva-edison

Loss and gain are two opposite sides of the same coin. When you lose something you always gain something else.

The challenge is that we’ve usually not willing to broaden our perspective enough to see the gain. Preferring instead to focus on the loss; and focus on the pain.

Let’s use Nature as a perfect example of how principles work.

When winter comes to your location do you freak out?

No. Most probably not.

You pull in the barbeque, cover the pool, turn on the fireplace and curl up with a good book.

Winter is the time to study and prepare for the upcoming spring. For intelligence tells you there have never been two winters in a row. There have been some really long winters. But never two winters in a row.

At the end of the day the only thing you must work on is yourself. Improve your psychology first, followed by your skills and strategy.

When you understand that winter is coming, that you’re business, finances, relationship, health and all other physical things will inevitably experience dips, then two things occur:

  1. You can prepare for them in advance if you’re wise.
  2. You’re not spun out when they happen.

The most fundamental characteristic of all ultimate performers is perseverance.
While not that sexy, fun or exciting it’s quintessential to success, wealth,
achievement and ultimate fulfillment.

Four quick strategies for pushing through the dip:

  1. Know your outcome.

While this seems quite simple it’s really not. Most of the people I coach have a vague idea at best of what their target is.

If you don’t know specifically and clearly what your target is,
there’s no chance you’re going to hit the bullseye.

Big, bold, immediate and certain.

Many if not most get caught in the trap of paralysis of analysis and therefore miss the window of opportunity. I learned a long time ago that I can act quickly, mess it up, and fix it much faster than you can analyze to perfection and do nothing.

If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product
you’ve launched too late.
~ Reid Hoffman Founder LinkedIngetty_457201390_97065297045000_51476

Step back and analyze the results you just created to see what you’re getting and where you’re going.

You can hit your target outcome if you just keep intelligently tweaking your approach. Remember there’s a big difference between failure and temporary setback.

When you know your outcome is authentic and true for you (think clearly), you don’t change your outcome you just change your due date.

I’ve written about authentic outcomes previously so I won’t get into it in detail here. Suffice to say that most people have really unrealistic things that they think they want given their particular gifts, genius and skill level.

People who reach ultimate performance do so by going after something they have the unique skill and ability to achieve.

Make sure your outcomes are your outcomes. See things clearly. Think for yourself. Most want things that are a product
of a low level socially programmed operating system.

Make sure your outcomes are you own first and foremost. This necessitates that you really know who you are. Most don’t. When you really begin to study yourself you’ll realize that you’re mechanical.

Please read that again.

I know you may resist accepting this concept; and you don’t want it to be true; but unless you’re highly atypical it’s true nonetheless.

The vast majority of the things you think, feel and act upon are the byproduct of a low level socially programmed operating system.

Make you uncomfortable?


That’s where growth occurs.

Once you’re crystal clear on what you really hold in high regard, irrespective of what anyone else thinks or believes, then you must act, analyze and adjust until you get there.

There’s always a way when you’re committed.

Are you prepared to commit yourself fully and completely to your Magnificent Obsession?

The rise will be followed by a dip. A gain will be followed by loss. But those who see clearly and persevere will always conquer versus quit.36d338829e3526fe04dd257db5b6b198

Your move.

Get busy.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!