What It Takes to Change

What It Takes to Change

Changing your thoughts, actions and habits is powerful;
yet it’s often more effective to act your way into new thoughts,
than to think your way into new action.

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Look it’s a fact that the things that worked yesterday are not going to work for you today. At least not in the same way. Even if they work at all.

When I was growing my last enterprise from nothing but an inspired idea to $10M annually, there were important fulcrums at which point critical shifts in thoughts and habits had to occur. The necessary systems, structures and approaches to be put in place always followed the thoughts and habits.

If you want to change your life, change your habits.Path 10643354_971170149643139_1706700642_n

Working harder at the same things that brought you to where you are doesn’t guarantee you’ll get where you’re aiming to go. In fact, in many cases doing the same old things guarantee just the opposite. You won’t get where you’re aiming to go.

Doing the same things harder might just guarantee you’ll be stalled and stuck.  ( Download Your 3 STEP WORKSHEET)

In many cases if not most,
nothing fails today as much as the success of yesterday.

Let’s face it. Change is hard.

That’s why most people don’t do it.

And there’s a big difference between study and change.

Countless times in my business and life coaching, I’ve shared an idea or principle with my client only to hear, “I know” or “Yes, I agree I’ve studied this thing or that” in response.

My response to them?

You don’t know. You know about. If you knew then you’d be doing things differently.

There’s a vast difference between study and change.
Change is hard. That’s why most don’t do it.

 Socrates stated, “To be is to do.” When you really know something, you do it. You are it.

You can read and study every book in the world on Paris, but you don’t know Paris. You know about Paris. Big difference.

The only way to truly know Paris is to go there, invest time there, experience and immerse yourself in the culture. You have to be in Paris. Do you follow?

If you don’t act upon it and become it,
you may “know about” it but you don’t know it.

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To truly change you must have a teacher, coach, consultant who has been where you choose to go; and who has climbed his own personal Everest.

The fact, is that if you’re going to climb
Mount Everest you better have a guide.

Thukla Memorial Everest Base Camp Trek

None of us is able to see our own idiosyncrasies, challenges and thought processes clearly. No more than we can see our face without finding a mirror. Do you follow the metaphor?

You can’t see what you’re looking with and through without help. Do you follow?

I was coaching an individual recently who has a $1M business and he wants to take it to $10. This is definitely something I can help him with since I’ve done it.

I told him exactly what it would take to make this happen as well as the help I can provide. He wanted to “think about it” and my office never heard back. Once again, act your way into new thinking versus thinking your way into new acting. Do you follow?

Most people will spend money on things that make them feel good
in the moment but they refuse to invest in things that
will bring them mastery and fulfillment for life.

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The fact, is that he doesn’t really want it badly enough. When we’re truly committed to living our life to the fullest we always find a way.

All Steve Jobs cared about what his artistry. He didn’t even have furniture in his home. Furniture wasn’t important to him. His craft was his obsession and purpose.

What’s of utmost importance to you?

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Have you found your Magnificent Obsession?

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Gallup proves to us that nearly ¾ of the population have not.

Are you in the 25% who are living a masterful, meaningful and fulfilling life?

Or the 75% who are selling themselves short?

One things for sure, if you’re going to find your ideal and live it, it’s going to require continuous change.

If you devote yourself to an ideal you make yourself
more than just a man. You become legend.
~ Batman BeginsmXrb6MzYSa1OoBOcCxoofkmBTBAwGMUZ3Y8qFb9DrvQvRu7uSfeP6fPBuqI4LDRGYour move.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!