What Does It Take to Win?

Money or rather the lack of it to
carry out my ideas may worry me,
but it does not excite me. Ideas excite me.
~ Walt Disney

As a species by and large we’re lost.





No question.

What do I mean?

We’ve lost our way regarding what’s truly important to us in our individual lives. We’re following a false path that often has nothing whatsoever to do with our true deep authentic self.

Chasing the elusive brass ring of fame and fortune we go round and round and round. Staying busy yet going nowhere.

Activity does not equal accomplishment.free-desktop-background

In previous installments we discussed the autotelic personality. (reference UHP4) This individual sets their own goals based on intrinsic drivers versus extrinsic. Big difference. Do you get it?

How many people can claim to be truly autotelic?

Few and far between.

As we discussed previously, it’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility. (reference UHP19)

Mastery tells us that we’re always driven by intrinsic values whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. The challenge? Most project their intrinsic experience upon something extrinsic that they believe will bring a greater intrinsic experience.

Things like money, recognition, relationships, material gain. Do you follow?

Yes money is needed and necessary. But if you reflect back upon Maslow and your college psychology, you’ll recall that safety and security needs are the absolute lowest common denominator in the hierarchy of common needs.

Why do you think that those who achieve their own greatness have all told us this fundamental truth in one-way-shape-or-form?

If you don’t love it, don’t do it.Cuban_Shark-Tank_5_6
~ Mark Cuban

But the key to doing what you love is a bit more complicated than it seems. What you truly love and what you think you truly love often turn out to be vastly different.

My personal coaching practice, as well as working with literally hundreds of thousands of people from 143 different countries around the world, proves that what most people think they love is nothing more than a programmed socialized ideal.

Please read that again.

Psychological research proves that we have at least 3 to 6 internal drivers buried deep within us that we all must have in our lives. These internal drivers without question are what we truly love.

It’s not our purpose here to get into all three, but one of them is the need for mastery.

Mastery is only possible when you find your unique genius; and you develop it fully and completely.


Ask yourself: What’s the one thing I can do that I have
the potential to develop to a level of mastery?

As you probably know by now, I call this your Magnificent Obsession. Your One Thing.

What’s your Magnificent Obsession? Do you know? This might help you.

Countless individuals are chasing fame and fortune because they’re completely lost as to why they’re here and what purpose they’re here to fulfill.

We’ve discussed this before.

If you ever have a snowballs chance in hell of developing mastery, you’re going to have to apprentice; and you’re going to have to value learning more than money.

Wow. Now there’s a unique thought!

If you go out with your message and purpose too early
You may never finish your work

Social and material success too early can stymie mastery. Remember Einstein graduated near the bottom of his class at Zurich Polytechnic; and then took a lowly paying job in the bowels of the Swiss Patent office post-graduation.

His first work on the Law of Relativity was written and published right from these very same bowels.

Being an apprentice takes a tremendous amount of self-security and a very high value for learning.

If you know anything about me, when I attend a conference I do my best to become invisible. Likewise, I do the same in a networking environment.

Most do their best to tout their accomplishments and experiences. I on the other hand would much rather observe and listen.

Your ears, along with an apprentice mind, will educate
you ten times more than your mouth ever will.

Many a would-be great have halted their own potential mastery because of their inability to curb their own ego and self-gratification. I look forward to writing more on apprenticeship in upcoming installments.

Suffice to say that the true apprentice is about as rare in today’s world as the abominable snowman.

I read a recent survey of young adults who were asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The overwhelming answer?



Famous for what?

And that about sums up our current sociological value for greatness, mastery and ultimate performance. Check your Facebook feed… everyone wants to be an instant “expert.”

Expertise is earned in the cage-match called life. In the school of test, trial, failure, tribulation, and hard knocks. Not by attending a seminar or webinar and learning how to market.

Succeeding on your first iteration is a curse. You learn the most and develop the most grit from so-called failure.

Let’s redefine our definition of “win.” To truly win is to learn, grow, improve and persist. How many people are willing to whittle away in the bowels of their own Swiss Patent office to perfect their craft first?

Marketing and mastery will come in due time.

Choose to be great. Be willing to invest ten years in obscurity perfecting yourself and your craft to leave your lifetime legacy.

How do we wake up?

When would NOW be the time?

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!