What Do You Value?

Value drives all economics.
Your values drive your life.

We’ve been exploring the qualities to thrive versus just survive in the future. We invested considerable time in health, vitality and longevity; and now we’re 3 sessions into how to build adaptability and flexibility in this Mach 10 Market in which we live.

You can never be adaptable and flexible in today’s world
unless and until you know exactly who you are and why you’re here.
If you don’t know, you’ll be completely lost.

I trust it makes sense to you that you can never successfully flex, bob and weave without knowing your center.

Imagine a boxer attempting to dodge punches with no legs or grounding.

Much less being able to effectively throw punches.

We’ve discussed in detail your PTP and your Vision. If you’ve missed these installments, go here

How’s Your Vision?

Now let’s discuss how you’re going to get these things accomplished in your life and business.

Your values tell you how you’re going
to show up in the world to accomplish
your vision and purpose.

You make every decision every moment of every day based upon your values. This is vitally important to understand.

As we’ve discussed previously, your purpose answers why you do what you do and why it’s important. Your vision answers what you’re here to do in alignment with your purpose; and your values answer how and who you’re going to be in the process.

Your purpose is the key to fulfillment
Your vision is the key to leadership
Your values tell you how you’re going to accomplish both.

The biggest challenge most confront is that they have no idea whatsoever what their values are. If all decisions are made based upon these critical factors (which they are), then that means that most are flying completely on unconscious autopilot.

If you can’t state your top 5 values quickly,
concisely, and clearly, you’re living
someone else’s life versus your own life.

Values are much too complex to fully explore in a quick blog treatise. But let me promise you that you cannot not live your values.

No matter what you say, your life and all your habits and actions quickly tell the truth.

As do your results.

When you look at where you spend the bulk of your time and money, it will quickly tell you where your values reside.

Many tell me they want to build a business. Yet they spend countless hours and dollars on social affairs and frivolous activities.

That’s okay.

I’m not here, nor qualified, to tell you what you should value. No one is qualified to do that.

It’s your life.

But what I am encouraging is that you become brutally honest with yourself.

Saying one thing and living another creates an incongruity and incoherence inside, that causes not only suffering and disease, but a lack of authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Being incongruent with your values,
is the greatest cause of losing leadership,
authentic happiness and fulfillment.

I’m here to encourage you to be honest.

If you “say” you value something, but you’re not living it, that’s a severe problem.

Have the courage to define your own values and then live them.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. It’s your life. Live it.

Your life is your life.
No one is qualified to tell you how you should live it.
Just be honest and true to your own values.

So, what is it that you truly value in life?

Do you know?

Take a quick look at your credit card statement, your bank account, and your calendar, and you’ll get a really good idea.

Regardless of what you say.
How you spend or invest your time
and money tells the world what you truly value. 

Choose wisely. You only get one chance.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose. And Take Your Power Back!