We Traded Materialism for Meaning

We Traded Materialism for Meaning

Don’t follow the well-worn path
Go where others have not yet gone and leave a path

path towards a green field

Okay so we’re speeding through history and I trust that this is as interesting to you as it is to me. I’m going to assume if you’re still reading that it must be.

More importantly, I trust that you’re at least beginning to realize why and how we got where we are in today’s collective consciousness. I must say… it’s incredibly astounding to me, to say the least. While we’ve taken quantum leaps in our technology… we’ve barely made baby steps in our spiritual, mental, and emotional paradigm. Again, literally astounding.

Let’s just regroup and recap that we’re defining the principles of Innate Ability Development™ (IAD) and I’m suggesting that our current mindset in personal and spiritual development is poised and ready for the next leap forward.

We’re still in the process of defining principle number one in IAD, which fittingly enough, is “Principles and philosophy must precede practice;” and it’s becoming glaringly apparent to me that since there are currently at least six principles in IAD.

I encourage you to stick with me because I firmly believe that it’ll not only make sense to you… but it just might completely change not only how you see life… but how you live!

Okay, let’s continue our journey up to the present day and all the paradigms, archetypes, and practices that are embedded in our collective unconscious.

Let’s fast forward for the sake of time once again, and recognize that just prior to 166 B.C.E., as we began to leave another great Era (Aries), the worship of the Sun had reached its zenith in Egypt, the entire Western world was ruled by the iron-clad laws of Rome which possessed the greatest military power the world had ever seen to that date.

By the way… if you think that the position of the planets in the heavens has no effect upon the thoughts, feelings, and actions of humanity… you may want to think again. Given the mighty army of Rome, and the worship of the Sun, is it mere happenstance that Aries is ruled by Mars (The God of War) and that the Sun is exalted in Aries? Hmmm. Doubt it.

For those who attempt to snicker that astrology has any bearing on anything I only ask you to consider:

“Does the moon affect the oceans?” We know that it does.

“Is your body comprised of 70% water?” Again we know the answer is “yes.”

“Then if the moon can affect a body of water as large as an entire ocean, how can it not affect that little puddle you call your body?”

Usually, I get a blank stare. Nothing can be said.

Everything is energy and everything is non-locally connected.
Period. No exception.

Earth Network Blockchain

The focus for the Leader must be to become a greater conduit of the infinite energy that already is available. Read more about it here.

Do I believe that you can use astrology to predict your life and love? No. That’s exoteric (look it up) astrology, and true esoteric astrology was never meant for that. But do I believe that everything affects everything? No question. Physics tells us that everything is non-locally connected.

There’s a very well-known principle in physics and chaos-theory called “A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions,” also known as “The Butterfly Effect.”

Basically what this principle states is that everything is so interdependent (and things happen in such a non-linear fashion), that a butterfly flapping its wings in Russia today could cause a hurricane in the United States next month. Now there’s something to ponder!

Again, if a butterfly (according to chaos theory) could have this type of impact… How could something as large and massive as a planet (quite a bit bigger than a butterfly), its movement, gravitational pull, and position have no impact whatsoever? Case closed.

The period just prior to 166 B.C.E. was one of the most brilliant times in our human history to date. The Upanishads appeared in India. Greece brought forth some of the most brilliant minds that still influence the world today.

Think about it… within just two hundred short years Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all lived and taught. And then in a single century between 600 B.C.E. and 500 B.C.E. Confucius, The Buddha, and Zoroaster (a.k.a. Zarathustra) all walked the Earth! By the way, every single one of the aforementioned (no exception) have the mythology and belief of “being born of a virgin” attached to them. Take a deep breath. Read that again.

Now I know this is deeply controversial to traditional Christian beliefs, to say the least, so please don’t take my word for it… do your own research. The fact is that the myth of virgin birth was alive and well for 500 to 600 years before the birth of Jesus. (more on this to come)

It was a fascinating time in history… one that still has a major impact on our philosophy in some ways today. Likewise, in many ways, it’s been completely lost. Teaser alert.

However, philosophy and deep contemplation were about to get trumped in a major way…

Look around and you’ll quickly realize that in today’s world… the philosopher holds very little value amongst the masses. Furthermore, in today’s climate, there’s little to no value whatsoever for a Liberal Arts education. Sad. For are not the arts, literature, grammar, poetry, music, and philosophy the things that give life meaning?

In today’s world, we’ve traded in meaning for materialism.

James Arthur Ray

In fact, if we’re completely honest we must admit that for the vast majority… money has become meaning. Moreover, money has become God! We collectively (and ignorantly) believe that more things will bring more meaning. Trust me… they won’t!

But then again, I’m way ahead of myself.

As stated above… the newfound search for the meaning of life and deep contemplation, was about to get smashed and suppressed in a way that echo’s across the vastness of time since 166 B.C.E.; and unfortunately it still has us wrapped very tightly in its ugly tentacles today…

The journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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