Vision Versus Sight

Vision Versus Sight

Sight is seeing with the eyes.
Vision is seeing through the eyes.
Big difference. Judge not by appearances.

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Sight is a physiological response.

Vision is a spiritual activity.

The inner always creates the outer. The invisible creates the visible.

Now I know this seems a bit esoteric, but rest assured it’s true, nonetheless.

Let’s take this blog you’re reading right now.

What is this blog?

Some may say “It’s an electronic document that’s posted on your website James.”

Sorry. Thanks for playing. That’s not the blog.

Try again.

Okay, it’s a set of paragraphs about 600 words long (give or take).

No. Wrong again, that’s not the blog.

It’s words. No again, not the blog. It’s letters. Again, not the blog. “But I can see all these things right here on my screen James!”

Yes, that’s sight. Sight is a physiological response to an external stimuli.

But that’s not vision.

This blog, as well as all else, comes from something completely invisible.

The true blog comes from the intention and ideas of the author.

In this case me.

Everything else is just the effects of the true internal blog.

The invisible always creates the visible.
The invisible is the cause. The visible is the effect.

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When you get this principle then (and only then) are you ready and able to effectively lead your life and business.

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Where there is no vision the people perish.
~ King Solomon the Wise

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Now let’s take it up a notch.

Sight is never seeing what is. Sight is seeing what was.

In other words, the past.

Sight is projecting your programmed thoughts, feelings, assumptions, judgements, and perceptions upon an external person, place, or thing.

Therefore, sight is viewing the past; and consequently, not seeing at all.

The question is not whether you’re going to see the past or not.
You are going to see through the lens of the past. That’s a given.
The real question is are you going to see at all?
True sight requires vision.

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True leadership requires vision; and vision does not come from the external.

Vision is seen and experienced only from the internal.

Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
~ The Christ (John 7:24)


To lead your life from truth versus illusion you must turn away from appearances and align and live with truth.

What is this truth?

Truth is, that what you currently see is made up and meaningless. Just a collective program that’s been conditioned into you since the time you were born.

Appearances are incredibly seductive; and turning away from them and overcoming them is extremely difficult.

In fact, most probably the most difficult work you’ll ever do.

Difficult but not impossible.

And well worth it.

Will you continue to live in illusion? Or will you choose truth?

When the vision on the inside becomes more compelling and powerful
than what you observe on the outside, the universe is at your command.

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Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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