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You must lead your life successfully first, before you can successfully lead a relationship or business.
~ James Arthur Ray

Whether you work in a One-On-One Intensive with James or consult with him and his team in a Business Intensive, the principles are the same. 

Businesses don’t perform. People perform.

If you want your results to change, YOU must change!

This takes Mental Alchemy. This takes Emotional Strength. This takes transmutation of habitual behavioral patterns and strategies into new and more empowering ways of operating.

Let’s face it… to perform at the highest levels, while simultaneously experiencing happiness and fulfillment, having optimum energy, maximum health, and deeply connected relationships, is no easy task.

Your society, and your programming, have not taught you to pursue this type of life and business. Nor has it taught you it’s even valuable. 

Much less possible.

Those who achieve this level of living know that they must totally transmute every aspect of their being. 

You see, you can “transform” your life, relationship, and business by moving a few things around. Like moving furniture in your living room.

But to “transmute” is to literally change one thing into something completely different. Like transmuting radium (a radioactive metal) into lead (a non-radioactive metal) through successive disintegrations.

Lead and Radium are entirely different metals. 

Transmutation is not a re-arrangement of the same old properties… the original structure is literally transmuted into a completely different substance!

Transmutation is tearing down the walls and getting brand new furniture versus rearranging the old!

Transmutation takes understanding and applying the 5 Dimensions of Leadership and Performance®. More importantly it takes completely changing how you Think, Feel, and Act. It’s knowing how to specifically live these 5 Dimensions in your life, relationships, and business.

If you’re tired of being tired…

If you’re ready to develop the Mental Toughness and Emotional Strength to weather any storm…

If you’re ready to redeem your life, your business, and to Take Your Power Back…

If you’re willing to do the work…

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"So if you want this badly enough, then the only question you have to answer is: Are you committed to doing whatever it takes? It’s not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you then let’s talk."