Do You Know Who You Are and Why?

The only true power is a functional and integrated whole

So here we are in the tenth installment of Innate Ability Development™ and we’ve covered a lot of ground. This far we’ve discussed two principles in this new paradigm:

  • Principles must precede practice.

This basically reminds us that without a solid philosophical foundation upon which to stand, all the strategies and skills are functioning groundless. With any amount of thought, the thinking individual must realize that there is no panacea or overarching strategy for individual success, wealth and fulfillment. Regardless of what’s propagated… everything must be unique to the individual. However… there are some fundamental principles. Practices are situation and individual specific. Principles are eternal.

  • The only true power is a functional and integrated whole.

Science tells us that everything is energy. To use a mundane example, a light bulb (and its diffused energy) can shed light upon a large area or space. Contrarily, a laser beam (with its pin point focus) can cut through steel. Do you follow?

There is limited energy in a diffused and fragmented source. When that same source becomes integrated and whole it has power of epic proportions.

Some of the most powerful emotional energies we possess are those which current personal and spiritual development have labeled “bad, wrong or negative.” Please ponder that one long and hard.

Suppressed anger will eventually explode and “tear the place down.” By the same token when it’s accepted, integrated, utilized and channeled in the right direction… it makes the owner unstoppable. Are you following?

That which is suppressed… will be expressed; in later days and uglier ways

A critical part of being whole is defining and walking your own path. For true success is doing what you choose to do and becoming what you choose to become. While walking your own path may seem simply obvious… I submit that it’s far from either simple or obvious.

Ask yourself: “Why do I value the things I value?” Certain cars, homes, neighborhoods. “Why are certain jobs perceived more valuable than others?” A simple example:

This may be the first time you heard this but the luxury car Bentley is owned and operated by Volkswagen. Yes… you read that correctly.

Now why is it that it will cost you a cool $200K to buy a Bentley; and you can pick up a top of the line VW for a fraction of the cost? Both are good cars. Both come with a convertible (soft top) option. Both are made by the same company. But I’d be willing to bet, given the choice between the two, unless you are very different from the vast majority of people, you’d be all over the Bentley.

Does the Bentley get you from point A to B any more quickly and efficiently than the VW? Certainly not (particularly not in Los Angeles traffic). Does the sun on your face or the wind in your hair behave differently in the Bentley versus the VW? Again obviously not.

Then why is the Bentley valued in society at large so much more so than the VW? Answer: programmed perception of value and worth; and the unwillingness of the mass majority to think for themselves and walk their own path. Do you follow? VW is laughing all the way to the bank.

Obviously there are other psychological factors involved here like intrinsic reward (how things make you feel inside). Scarcity (the belief that things that are not as readily observed and available hold more value). But at the core level these are programmed into the collective mindset as well.

True wholeness, as well as ultimate freedom is three things…

First, thinking what you choose to think

Second, fully and completely feeling your feelings, unedited, real and raw. For only in this way can you transmute their powerful energies in an empowering direction. Feelings are the engine that drives your vehicle. Please read that again.

Finally, doing what you choose to do. Living the life that you choose. Walking your own path.

Ask yourself the question:

“How much focused, conscious, concentrated and deliberate work have I done

 to decide exactly who I choose to be?”

There are obviously many strategies I can give you to develop your subsequent focus. Read it here.

If you’re honest, and like most, you’ll most probably have to answer “not much.”

The shocking fact is that the media, the school systems, your church or synagogue, your parents, your friends and society at large have largely defined your identity for you. Frightening. And not one of those individuals or entities has to live in your life and your skin. Something to ponder deeply.

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic,

james arthur ray