True Power

The will of God is harmony and integration

So we’ve taken several weeks to get us to an awareness of where we currently are in our collective consciousness. We furthermore discussed that the next phase in our evolutionary journey is the full integration of both the mind and heart. Thought and feeling. Intellect and emotion. This is something I referred to as The Awakened Child as well as The Fully Alive and Integrated Human Being. (reference IAD8)

Nowhere is this integration more dormant than in the current stereotypical male dominated society… regardless as to whether it manifests in a physical male or female.

Several years ago I was interviewed on a men’s radio program and the interviewer asked, “What do you think is the primary problem for men today?” I quickly answered, “Feeling their feelings.”

You see, this is not only prominent in males by any means. Feelings are the engine of creation—energy in motion. Science and the Law of Vibration tell us that everything vibrates. When you suppress you’re feelings and don’t feel them fully you’re stuck in a futile attempt to bring a living, vibrating, energetic entity to a static death. This is not Life. Far from it. In fact, just the opposite.

That which is suppressed, will be expressed, in later days and uglier ways

When feelings are not felt fully and freely, not only does pathology arise… but it suppresses Life and the ability to really Live… as well as your ability to create. Please read that again. I could write on this for days and will most definitely come back to it in future installments.

The current personal and spiritual development market is one of the largest contributors to this most heinous of errors with their constant plastic “be positive” stance. Being truly positive is often being positively angry, fearful, uncertain and all the other natural human emotions and feeling them fully. Do you get that?

True positive thinking is not expecting the best, that’s illusion…

True positive thinking is accepting that what is happening is the best for your future development, advancement and growth.

Just as a reminder we’re exploring the first principle in Innate Ability Development™ which is Principle must precede practice.

So we arrive at the second principle to explore as a fundamental tenant of this new paradigm of Innate Ability Development. All the historical exploration we’ve done has brought us to this critical point and principle…

Principle Two: The only true power is a functional and integrated whole

If we condense the journey we’ve taken together thus far into two major categories… we’d have the Era of female dominance followed by the Era of male dominance. In both cases there was a suppression of the polar opposite. Never an integration… but rather a suppression. This is key. This suppression is fundamental to not only understand the past… but to predict where we must go moving forward.

I’ve long been a student and fan of Egyptian mythology and have spent many weeks and hours studying in this magical place that (whether we like it or not), is unequivocally the birthplace of all Western spiritual traditions. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam were all influenced heavily from the Egyptian tradition.

Mythology is a history book of the human consciousness and soul

Let’s use Egyptian mythology as our guide. As a populace we’ve experienced the age of Isis (female) and the age of Osiris (male). By the way, just as an interesting aside, Osiris rose from the dead and granted eternal life. Hmmm, interesting… where have we heard that before? (research the Osirian mysteries)

If you know anything at all about the Egyptian pantheon, you’ll recognize that there’s at least one major component still missing in this model of Isis and Osiris… the son Horace.

Horace was the virgin born son of Isis and Osiris; and interestingly enough he is depicted with the head of a hawk or falcon, and the body of a man. This metaphorically indicated the merging of the Higher Self (or what we traditionally would call God) with the lower self (or we could say humanity). Sun/Son of God? (reference IAD7)

This truth was actually illustrated in many other traditions as well, one of which was the Jewish tradition of the Old Testament. In Genesis 35 Jacob wrestled all night with an angel (his Higher Self a.k.a. The Holy Guardian Angel), and in the morning was finally given a new name. Jacob, post the grappling, became Israel… The Fully Awakened and Integrated Human Being. (reference IAD8). Stick with me.

The truth told we’re all in this same wrestling match. In fact, for many of us this pugilism will last an entire lifetime (possibly 3-4 lifetimes?). When we begin to understand the mythological implications of these stories (and stop reducing and fantasizing them into literal happenings), worlds of wisdom potentially open before us.

Now those who understand the mysteries realize that while Israel is a geographic place… it’s also a metaphorical state of being. To understand this we must understand and dissect the word Is—Ra—El

Is represents Isis. Isis was the feminine quality. Feelings, emotions, irrational ups and downs, temptress, compassion, desire, tenderness, love of nature, beauty and all things stereotypically female. In current psychology we would call her the unconscious mind or bodymind.

Ra was the Egyptian Sun God. There were many derivations of his name, but as a God, he represented all things masculine. Intellect, thought, strength, life force, action, transcendence, drive and energy. In current psychology we would call him the conscious mind.

El in Hebrew means “one.” So when you put them all together it literally translates in mystical form to “Israel: the feminine and masculine energy integrated as one.” Are you thinking?

This Horace/Israel/Aquarian Age is The Fully Awake and Integrated Human. This is your highest potential. Which in this unified form becomes a Higher Conscious Mind. Please read that again.

This integration in my assessment is the key to our future; and it’s the exact opposite of the lopsided and myopic approaches we’ve been utilizing up to this point in our evolution.

Please remember when we awaken, we see clearly… appreciating all paths for where they have brought us, yet setting aside childish beliefs and behaviors we step boldly forward. (reference IAD3)

If you don’t feel any fear then you’re not alive—not really living! So called “fearless living” is a crock and those who propagate it are the most fearful of all

The Fully Awake and Integrated Human is not afraid of allowing fear, sadness, anger and grief to exist. Please read that again and let it sink in.

Are You Frightened? Uncomfortable? Scared Shitless? Read more tips about it here.

He embraces these feelings, recognizing that all things have value and are only defined by the right time, place, duration and quantity.

He feels and feels deeply. He is bold in his action yet not foolhardy. Courageous enough to show his humanity; and to be fully human; and also be his fully unique self. He envy’s no one, for there is only one of him; and there can be no other. Embracing and utilizing the full spectrum of human feelings and emotions he feels completely and truly reborn!

No longer running. No hiding. No suppressing. He is open and raw and real. Just living big! Living loud! His life is meaningful and he is epic.

Even though the world may measure his contributions as small… he knows that he is his own measure. He has left the conditioning of the masses and lives in a world of his own choosing. He operates by a law that transcends, yet still understands and includes, what once was… for he now realizes that he’s a citizen of a higher order.

“Imitation is suicide. Envy is ignorance.” 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Others may think him strange or odd or different—he is not swayed. He loves people yet is not tied nor deterred by their opinions of who they think he should be. He follows his own unique path. His primary focus is to live, love, learn, grow and contribute. He is saddened by those who sell out themselves and their unique abilities, purpose and contributions for a mere fist full of dollars, a nice car and job, and a number in a bank account. For he knows these all to be a completely false sense of security.

He knows that physical life is short and must be lived, leveraged, and experienced fully and completely. The legacy he builds is measured by the value and contribution that he makes… not by the size of his business or bank account.

He has no need for traditional security, for he realizes that the greatest and only true security comes from within. His foundation, like his security, is built upon the deep internal ability to provide value and service to the world.

He forgets a career and follows his calling. Therefore, all money is the by-product of his mission; and he does not allow the hypnotic hold that he views on others around him to lull him to sleep. Preferring to strike out and feel the surge of energy and enthusiasm that comes with the adventure of life and all its uncertainties versus “being comfortable.”

This awakened one realizes that the sole, and soul, objective of life is first and foremost to live—fully! And if that means embracing the pit of hell, the darkness of a cell, walking a path all alone, or the loss of everything he once held near and dear, so be it! He feels as deeply for himself as he does equally for others. His compassion and understanding are boundless.

When it’s time to be sad he is sad. When time to be happy he’s happy. But in each case there’s an overarching joy that coexists simultaneously. When it’s time to be afraid he’s fearful. When it’s time to be bold and courageous he’s bold and courageous. But in each case there’s an overarching faith and excitement for the journey of Life.

While it may appear from the outside that he possesses tremendous confidence and courage… on the inside he’s extremely humble and grateful. For he realizes that all which appears to be accomplished from him… is actually coming through him.

At his very best he is an open and available conduit for THAT which is far beyond any finite comprehension. For any result he experiences and gifted he feels completely and totally blessed.

The Awakened and Integrated One recognizes that the pure unadulterated Spirit that pulses through his veins is the Spirit of Life and The Universe Itself. This Spirit and Energy always has his back as well as holding his best interest. This Spirit of Life has one objective… fuller expansion, experience and expression; and he therefore aligns his life and all his activities and his faith accordingly.

There’s more… there’s always more…

Are you ready? Does it excite you? Does it scare the hell out of you? Good! That means you’re alive! And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic

james arthur ray


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  1. James, good stuff!! Very excited about all this. Anxiety is also a healthy feeling? There are times I feel it when I think about my future regarding career and personal life, even though I am satisfied. All the characteristics listed above sound very achievable with continued stumbles along the way of course. I do understand stumbles are necessary for growth, which excites me! Rock on!

    1. yes Jim… even anxiety has value. Again, anything in this Universe that doesn’t have value has become extinct. We just must learn to understand, overcome and utilize all things. Stumble on my friend… I”m right there with you. It’s those place where we stumble that we most often have the potential to find our greatest treasure. ~ JAR

  2. I love how you use discordant chords to produce harmony.

    “stop reducing and fantasizing [myths] into literal happenings..”

    Much of what passes for ‘the truth’ in life today is pure myth. The news is almost all myth and unless one is able to experience ‘now’ completely there is mostly myth to relate.

    Most people never experience real fear. The mind uses internal conversations of worry and doubt preventing real fear. Fear is an experience only the gut and the heart knows and our minds are trained by our cultural bias and schooling to live in our head instead of in the world with as heart.

    The post reminded me of Anthony de Mello…

    There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.

    The greatest learning of the ages lies in accepting life exactly as it comes to us.

    Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable.

    Happiness is our natural state. Happiness is the natural state of little children [and puppies by the way], to whom the kingdom belongs until they have been polluted and contaminated by the stupidity of society and culture. To acquire happiness you don’t have to do anything, because happiness cannot be acquired. Does anybody know why? Because we have it already. How can you acquire what you already have? Then why don’t you experience it? Because you’ve got to drop something. You’ve got to drop illusions. You don’t have to add anything in order to be happy; you’ve got to drop something. Life is easy, life is delightful. It’s only hard on your illusions, your ambitions, your greed, your cravings. Do you know where these things come from? From having identified with all kinds of labels!

    “I wish to become a teacher of the Truth.”
    “Are you prepared to be ridiculed, ignored and starving till you are forty-five?”
    “I am. But tell me: What will happen after I am forty-five?”
    “You will have grown accustomed to it.”
    – Anthony de Mello

    1. hey Michael, I’ve always appreciated de Mello. Love the last quote… and I’ve become accustomed to it my friend. Probably you as well ~ JAR

  3. I missed one…

    “What is love?” “The total absence of fear,” said the Master.
    “What is it we fear?” “Love,” said the Master. – Anthony de Mello

  4. Great article James.

    Many times you’ve mentioned that everything’s energy.
    Different people have different thoughts at different times.

    My question is … where do our thoughts originate from?

    Thank you.

    1. Zan that’s a great question. Ask yourself… “If I cannot control or stop my thoughts, am I thinking or being thought?” Something to ponder. ~ JAR

  5. Wow James, no doubt the Universe is using synchronicities to connect us all. The same message you beautifully delivered here, has been coming to me 3 times now in the last week!
    I love you, and I’m grateful that your Spirit is connecting with ours! Yes! I’m feeling it all, specially Love!
    Loving Light!

  6. I remember James, in one of your newsletter years ago, you wrote something along the line of, “Left unchecked, our mind became the product of other people beliefs, the media, society expectations, our negative habits, etc”

    Something along that line – do you have that quote of yours?

    1. Liu, was it “you are the by-product of other people’s habitual way of thinking.” or “most of your beliefs have been handed to you as unsolicited gifts from an outside source at a very early age.” ? Hope this helps ~ JAR

  7. With your permission, JAR, I am going to put this quote up on my wall to remind me HOW IMPORTANT it is to finish my deck on Spiritual Growth, Healing, and Achievement.


    I know I have been COMPLETELY and TRULY reborn! I don’t know about everyone else.



    I could never thank you enough for opening my eyes. With much love `Lori

    1. Lori, please share and all my quotes any time. One insight… in my experience is that Spiritual growth, healing and achievement is NEVER finished. If it was finished what we then do? Something to ponder ~ JAR

  8. James,
    This message was timely and very well appreciated… I have tuned into the sharing of your insights for quite a few years. Our awakening paths are very similar and usually that which is expressed confirms my own awareness, but this…………… This message was truly nourishing. Thank you for allowing yourself to be a conduit for enlightenment

  9. As a psychotherapist I find the whole “positive thinking” rhetoric to be maddening. Why do I have a job? Because people don’t give themselves the permission to feel, instead repressing, suppressing, and oppressing the supposed “negative” thoughts/feelings. Thank you for giving permission to suffer from the condition which ails us all: the human one! Part of the benefits package? The whole gamut of emotions. We signed up for the whole enchilada, baby!

    We’re not just talking about feelings and authenticity here; I sense we’re talking about the essence of being-ness. That’s inspired stuff.

    Enjoyed the read-

  10. Well (yet again) James, that blog left me feeling totally inspired. I was very interested in your comments on Israel, that was new to me. It was particularly topical as I’ve been feeling great horror and sadness at the middle east situation but you made something ‘click’ in my head. Thanks for that. Keep on being EPIC. Much love.

  11. I’d like to share some of these but there is no share button. Thank you all the same for all these pearls.

    1. hey Kerri… thanks for pointing that out. I’ll get that addressed ASAP. Rebuilding is a big job and I’m doing many things I used to have a lot of help doing in the past. Learning every day. Thanks for your patience ~ JAR

  12. James, your words and wisdom are priceless…



  13. James,

    One thing I got from the post and the comments was how much I actually quote you. I quoted you when I was an online college professor, a manager and when I would autograph books I would add advice with one of your quotes sometimes. I have been quoting you for such a long time. I am glad that I went searching for beliefs and knowledge and you came along. Thank you.

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