True Leadership Is Mastery 2

A true leader gives his entire life for a cause
and calling far beyond his own personal needs.

As a reminder, we’ve been exploring the Ground Rules of Grit. What they are; and their importance in our own leadership and life.

Sustainable grit, like leadership, comes from the commitment to mastery we discussed in last weeks’ blog and the devotion to mastering what you’re doing so fully and completely that all else is superfluous to this One Thing.

In today’s world a commitment to mastery is rare.
Mastery takes grit, emotional strength, mental toughness and time.

Mastery takes extreme focus and extreme sacrifice. 

You can reference one of our previous entries in this series Leaders Fall in Love to review the sacrifices of love.

Please don’t kid yourself, true leadership, love, mastery and grit takes sacrifice.

Please don’t buy into those who propagate a magic formula for instant success. 

You’re successful the minute you take the first step
in the direction of your own choosing. Set your own course.

Leaders go about their work, knowing who they are; knowing why they’re here; and knowing what they choose to create and do, irrespective of social recognition or reward.

Yes, some leaders receive recognition and reward, but often they really don’t care much about either. 

In fact, when true Leadership and Mastery are present, it’s the business of doing their business that is their greatest reward. 

Stephen Jobs immediately comes to mind. 

Post his death, Jobs has been deified as a cultural genius and hero. However, when he was alive, a lot of those who knew him and worked for him didn’t like him.

While they respected his creativity and drive, he was not the easiest person with whom to work or get along.

Sometimes he was even despised and hated. Even kicked out of his own company in a hostile take-over.

Elon Musk is currently being threatened in the same way.

Leaders committed to mastery and grit are often completely misunderstood. Even if they’re respected for their drive. 

They just don’t fit the collective social mode; and frankly if they did, they’d never have a chance to actualize their genius. 

The leadership mastery we speak of is grounded in a solitude that has little time nor value for even paying attention to social norms. Not out of disrespect or rebellion. 

More out of, “I have bigger and better things to think about and do.”

“The most successful people I’ve ever observed are monomaniacs on a mission.”
~ Peter Drucker

Grit and greatness have a deep need to focus all its energy and attention on the calling and purpose. 

Leaders Have Grit

If you have a deep-seated need for the “motivators” mentioned in the previous blog (money, security, accolades, attention); and you define yourself and your love by externals; your chances of achieving mastery, greatness, and true Leadership will be severely hampered if not entirely halted. 

No one who was normal ever made history.

So, you want to be a true Leader?

You want to have lasting sustainable grit?

Answer these questions honestly: 

  • How committed am I to mastery of my life and craft as discussed here?
  • How important is it to me?
  • What’s it worth to me?
  • Am I willing to measure my success and my life by my own standard versus the standards of society, money, and the opinions of others? 
  • Am I really?
  • Am I willing to pay the price for the prize?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!