True Leaders Seek Redemption

Only one who devotes himself to a cause
with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.
For this reason mastery demands all of a person.
~ Albert Einstein

Redemption, often misunderstood, is properly defined as “to gain or regain something by paying the price.”

Leaders get up every single day and pray to God for Redemption  and for the strength to pay the price for the purpose they’ve been called to accomplish.

Every single day.

No exception.

Every single day starts your life again.
What you did yesterday is of no consequence
other than the lessons you’ve learned;
and how you’ll apply those lessons today.
Your past does not equal your future.

We all must seek redemption. For Redemption is the price of leadership in both life and business.

There’s always a price for the prize.

And the bigger the prize, the bigger the price that must be paid.

The eight hour workday doesn’t work.
Neither does the 5 day work week.
Not for the leader anyway.
Both were created by Henry Ford back in the 1920’s
so people would have more time to drive
his cars and then buy more. Wake up!

Paying the price is often painful, uncomfortable and hard. The price takes everything you have and more.

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If it doesn’t take every single thing you have,
then it’s probably not your quest.

Yet True Leaders know that the price must be paid; and it must be paid every single day.

There’s always a price for the prize.
The bigger the prize the bigger the price to be paid.

There’s no such thing as, “work hard for short time and then rest on your laurels.” Leaders always raise the bar.

Leadership in both life and business
takes constantly raising the bar.
There’s no such thing as “resting on your laurels.”

I was speaking with a business owner recently and she stated, “I don’t want to work this hard at this point in life. I want to be able to have my business running and then go to Cancun and let it take care of itself.”

Good luck with that one.

Look, if you have a lot of free time on your hands
then you either haven’t found your purpose
or you’re selling out on your purpose.
Purpose takes everything!

Lots of free time and margaritas are not a Leader Mindset. This is a just plain lazy mindset.

It’s not your fault, you’ve been programmed this way. But it is your responsibility to reprogram.

The forces of disempowerment,
disillusion and darkness are not taking a day off.
How can I afford to?

These are not just my ideas. Far from it. Do your research. Research proves that Margaritaville bores you cross-eyed, and drives you out of your mind in a very short while anyway.

Leaders don’t need a snooze button
on their alarm. They’re often awake and ready
before it goes off anyway.
There’s too much work to be done,
too much to accomplish,
to fulfill their purpose in this one short lifetime.

Leaders get up 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and pray for Redemption. The ability to give their time, money, energy and every ounce of effort they have to gain or regain their prize and purpose.

They also pray daily to the Creative Power of this universe to have what it takes to get the job done that they’ve been sent and gifted to fulfill.

What are you doing?

I saw a post yesterday on Facebook. A person who’s seeking Leadership was asking his followers, “What should I do today?”

Let me PROMISE you something. A true Leader will never ask this question.

This person desperately needs Redemption!

I knew last night before going off to dreamtime what I must do today.

With all due respect, I don’t need you or anyone to give me options. My schedule is booked way in advance of time to execute.

No grass grows under a true Leaders feet, for he realizes that physical time is finite; and there’s much of God’s work to be done.

How about you?

Tick tock

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,