True Leaders Are Fully Committed

If you’re living for the weekend, more time off,
or your next vacation, then frankly you’re lost.
Find yourself. Find your purpose.

What are you fully committed to?

What are you willing to give your entire life to accomplish?

Wow James, you may think, That’s a bit intense. My entire life?

Look, we’re all trading, giving, redeeming our life for something.  Get an advanced copy of my book Redemption, The Price of Leadership in Both Life and Business here.

There’s no exception to this fundamental rule.

Whether you stop to think about it or not, every single moment that goes by is a moment redeemed that can never be regained.

We’re all redeeming and trading
our entire life for something.
Best make sure it’s something
worthy of redeeming your life for.

Let’s regroup here for a moment.

We’ve been discussing and exploring leadership qualities for the last several weeks. If you’re just joining the conversation, you can go here and catch up.

It’s important to understand that we’re discussing something more than what society currently calls leadership. Most so-called leaders have little more than a title and positional power.

True leadership is much more than that.

Leadership has little to do with title, position, number of followers, fans, or applause. True leadership embodies the three qualities that I’ve coined as Warrior, Leader and Sage.

All three must be in equal measure.

While each quality has its own set of characteristics, one of the overarching themes to each is a compelling cause and purpose. This manifests differently in the Warrior than it does in the Sage for instance, but it’s always there.

In the lack of a compelling purpose, pettiness prevails.

Check history and you’ll see that those who made history were without exception committed to a cause far beyond their own creature comforts and needs.

Most of them paid an extreme price: giving up free time, losing sleep, foregoing golf, television, vacations, giving everything.

Some died young and some even lost their life.

You may think that dying young and losing your life is a bit much.

I’m not suggesting that you aspire to do either of these things.

What I do encourage you to realize is that your physical life is slipping away daily.

7 days a week, 168 hours each week, 3600 seconds each hour.

Tick tock.

Most would think it a terrible shame
for someone to take his own life.
Yet we think nothing, of giving our life
away on wasted activities one hour at a time,
168 hours each week.

It’s time to take your power back!

It’s time to stop looking for leaders and to start becoming a leader.

And it starts with leading your own life!

How do you think you can effectively and successfully
lead a business and others when you can’t successfully
lead your own life? Stop fooling yourself.
You can’t!
Take your power back! It begins with you.

Make a true leadership commitment right now that you’ll no longer waste your precious time or precious human life…

Make a commitment that you’ll find the unique gifts God gave you; and you’ll give everything to develop those gifts to a level of mastery…

Make a commitment that you’ll find your authentic overarching purpose; and you’ll marry your gifts to that purpose to contribute value to the world…

Are You Really Committed? This might help you answer that question.

Finally, make a commitment that there is nothing more important than this; and that nothing or no one will deter you from this quest.

These are the commitments of Leadership for the Future. In fact, they always have been and always will be.

Welcome to the hall where legends are built.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!