True Leaders Are Warriors

True Leaders Are Warriors

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique.
To think for yourself; and to break the chains of socialized mind.
It’s a battle that never ends.

Robert Keagan from Harvard’s research shows that everyone has been seriously programmed into a collective mode of thinking he calls “Socialized Mind.”

This socialized mind is the pre-leadership stage that I call “The Materialist.”

The materialist thinks he has free will…

He thinks he thinks for himself…

But he needs to think again.

For the Materialist to begin his journey to True Leadership, he must first become a Warrior.

The true leader falls deeply in love with his major dominant objective.
He loves so deeply he’s willing to sacrifice.
There’s always a price for the prize.

The Warrior willingly bears the burdens of his quest.

Regardless of what that burden may be.

Irrespective of how difficult or uncomfortable.

Like Hercules, Perseus, Leonidas, Prometheus and many other heroes of mythology, he kneels at the altar of his Major Hearts Desire and his Heroic Quest.

Leaders of the Future Are Warriors

He will willingly sacrifice his very life: time, money, vacations, weekends, entertainment, sleep, and all other personal needs to shoulder the gauntlet of the object of his desire and affection.

For he’s more in love with his purpose than his own comfort.

If you don’t have what you say you want there are only two reasons:
You don’t love it enough to sacrifice everything for it.
Or, it’s just a matter of patience and time.

The Warrior fights the daily battle of feeling the victim of his plight.

He doesn’t moan or complain. He willingly chooses to sacrifice for his great work and mission.

He develops the ability to forgo his small personal needs for a greater cause and calling.

When you’re truly in love with your major hearts-desire,
there’s a willingness to sacrifice for it. But then again,
because of that love and commitment, it doesn’t feel so much
like sacrifice—you’re pursuing and living your love.

Like Achilles who was told by the prophet prior to leaving for Troy, if you stay here you will fall in love, have a family, and live a long, quiet and happy life. 

If you go to the battle of Troy, you will leave a legacy, become legend, but you will not return.

Achilles said, “I must go.” For the pull of his fate, destiny and purpose would not allow him to stay.

I’m not here to tell you what you should do, or what you should value. I’m not qualified to do that.

But I am here to remind you that you have greatness within you…

That you were born to make an impact and to leave a legacy…

That you have a unique genius, gift and purpose to contribute to the world…

And to fulfill your personal destiny, you will have to sacrifice something, or it will never be fulfilled.

There’s always a price for the prize.

And a life of socialized mind and chasing comfort comes at the price of your own fulfillment and greatness.

Will you fulfill your destiny?

Will you become a Warrior and think for yourself?

Will you pay the price for your great prize?

Or will you leave this lifetime, like most do, filled with regret?

Now you must choose.

Choose wisely.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!