The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior

The Toltec Teachings of Mastery and Power - The Way of the Warrior

The Toltec Teachings of Mastery and Power

Have you ever felt there’s a power beyond what you can see, taste, and touch?

Even if you don’t know exactly how to access it?

Do you ever feel like something is a “little off” in the world right now?

Do you often get the feeling that you don’t quite fit in?

The young woman stands in the middle of crowded street

Does it ever appear that in many ways we’ve lost our way as a human race?

Would you like to find the way?

Do you believe it’s possible—as many experts agree—that much of what previous races and traditions knew,

 has been lost in this modern technological era?

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY, OCTOBER 8 - Second-hand bookshop, which is still a lot in the old town, on October 8, 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay

Well, if you answer “yes” to any of the questions above then read on.

Because you’re in the right place at the right time.

Let me explain how you and I ended up right here right now…

All the way back in the mid 80’s I wandered into a bookstore late one afternoon (remember bookstores?); and I was just scanning the shelves to see if something would grab my attention. 

I was the only person in the store except the interesting—dare I say sort of strange—older man behind the register. Our eyes met briefly, and neither of us said a word. 

He went back to his work; and I continued my scan of the countless dusty shelves relieved that he wasn’t going to bother me.

Portrait of authentic senior man with beard and mustache on book market

Nothing grabbed my attention.

I was on my way out of the store when the strange fellow behind the counter stopped me…

“Excuse me” he said. I paused at the door, turned around to meet his gaze as he asked, “Have you ever read the works of Carlos Castaneda?”

At the time I’d never heard of Castaneda; and I admitted I had not. “Why do you ask?” I responded still ready to leave. He said very persuasively, “I think you should.”

Now who the heck is this guy, who doesn’t know me, and how can he suggest that I “should” read something? I thought to myself but didn’t say.

He continued, “I get a feeling that you’ll really like his work. He wrote nine books, and they need to be read in order.”

He had me intrigued. 

So, I’ll play along.

He came out from behind the counter and pulled a book from the bottom shelf of a bookcase entitled, “The Teachings of don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”.

Little did I know that this synchronistic, somewhat mystical and bizarre moment, would open the door to years of study that would take me several times across the globe to Peru, to meet my own version of don Juan (don Jose Luis). 

It would lead me to study the teachings of the Quero, the only direct descendants of the Inca. To shamanic traditions, mystery teachings, and of course Toltec teachings.

Portrait of authentic senior man with beard and good eyes reading book in the hand on  bookshelf background, The Teachings of don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Toltec: “A person of knowledge.”

Warrior: One who hunts power and fights the internal war to awaken.

It would drive me to scale the heights of Salcantay to 17,000 feet, and experience many more strange things (particular for the Western Mind), in Machu Picchu and other sacred sites across Peru.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder, and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead—his eyes are closed. ~Albert Einstein

This bookstore interaction was my initial introduction to my experiential Toltec teachings and tradition.

Look, in case you might be thinking that I’m one of those crystal rubbing spiritual floaters that has no connection or access to the physical world, please STOP; 

Think again.

I’ve been blessed to author New York Times Bestsellers, build a $10M entrepreneurial business, coach and consult CEO’s of billion-dollar companies, and be inducted into the Inc. 500 with one of the fastest growing, most successful privately held businesses in the United States. 

But all those things are stories for another time.

And yet besides all my practicality and business experience, I KNOW that there’s an animating force in this universe that is far beyond you or me.

You can choose to call it what you will, there have been more names used by more traditions that you can count.

I choose to call that animating life force Spirit.

Furthermore, even quantum physics tells us that the world in which we operate is just the effect of a greater cause that cannot be touched, tasted, smelled, or seen.

Check out just a few statements from founders of quantum physics:

The universe does not exist “out there” independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators. This is a participatory universe.”

~ John Wheeler Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicist


The material universe is the body of the absolute mind.

The consciousness of the universe is one.

~David Bohm Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicist

Mind is the matrix of all matter.

~ Max Planck Father of Quantum Physics

Do I have your attention? Do these brilliant minds have your attention?

While you can’t touch, taste, or smell this greater cause, it can be felt; and feeling is key. 

More on that in a moment.

If the statements from physics above don’t blow your mind, then I encourage you to read them again and contemplate what these great minds are really telling you.

The implications are vast.

Furthermore, current research proves that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is multiple times more predictive of both life and business success than IQ ever has been or ever will be. 

So, it’s not just about “thinking” as you so often have heard.

Emotions come from your feeling center.

I invite you to check in with your feelings right now and ask yourself these questions:

Do you sense that something is missing in your life?

Is there a nagging little splinter in the back of your mind that pricks you with the feeling that there’s more to life than what you currently experience?

Do you experience complete happiness and fulfillment regardless of how much money you make or how large or small your business?

woman being pointed on her ipad

Do you believe that type of happiness and fulfillment is even possible?

Is it imaginable that the answers to the essential questions of life have already been answered long ago?

Is it conceivable that we’ve forgotten these answers in the rush and chaos of modern society?

What do your feelings tell you?

If your feelings aren’t strongly giving you of an affirmative answer on all the questions above, then one of two things is happening:

  1.  You’re on the wrong page. Doubtful but possible.
  2.  You’re so disconnected from your feeling center (heart), that it’s buried too deeply to access.

Unfortunately, the majority of people fall into category 2; and once again this is research based.

media zombie

Research proves that most people in today’s world have little to no emotional intelligence (EQ). 

In the race of intellect and technology we’ve lost our feeling. 

This feeling self is our spiritual self.

How many times have you, like me, known someone who is an intellectual giant and yet they’re an emotional child?

Here’s a quick test you can perform: Ask the next few people you interact with how they feel about a certain topic; and check their response.

Nine times out of ten they’ll answer, “Well I think…”


You don’t pass. 

Thinking is NOT feeling.

Isn’t it time to feel good again?

Isn’t it time to feel things like: love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, confidence, faith, and deep connection?

This is what the ancient traditions knew that we’ve lost.

In this 12-week online course, The Toltec Teachings of Mastery and Power, here are a just a few of the many things you’ll learn, experience, and feel:

  • The major block that keeps you from your spiritual center (a.k.a. heart), and exactly how to remove it…
  • What true POWER really means according to the ancients and how to own it and alignment with it (hint: it has nothing to do with what we most often think of as power)…
  • The 2 primary and long forgotten secrets to reconnect you with your spiritual power; and create tangible results…
  • The four primary powers in the universe that were known long before science “discovered them” and how to harness and utilize them…
  • How to eliminate stress and relax into the flow of life…
  • How to sleep deeply and worry less…
  • How a “warrior” does battle; and how it has everything to do with your internal world and nothing to do with your external world.
  • The 4 attributes of warriorship; and how to utilize them to explode your outcomes and fulfillment…
  • The power of intention and emotion. The actual generators of results…
  • The 3 Rings of Power. What they are and what it takes to leverage them to get what you desire and deserve both personally and professionally…
  • How to become what the Toltec call a “Hunter of Power” and completely transform your life.
  • How to “shift your assemblage point” and create an entirely new world for yourself…
  • And so much more.

Look, I’m not suggesting that we do away with all that modern society has to offer. 

Not at all.

What I am suggesting is that we regain the foundation we’ve lost and deal from cause versus effect.

What I am suggesting is that we realize—as modern physics proves—that the internal creates the external.

Finally, when we clean up and strengthen the internal cause. The effect has no choice but to follow.

I encourage you to check your feelings right now.

If this feels like an experience that’s right for you, you’ll know; and if so, I invite and encourage you to grab your seat to the new 12-week online Zoom course The Way of the Warrior: The Toltec Teachings of Mastery and Power.

You’ll join me, my wife Bersabeh, and a group of Growth-Minded individuals with whom to network, experience breakthroughs, and grow.

Seating is limited. 

Please contact for 2023.


“Matter does not exist as we know it. All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force to be a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Quantum physics is the mysticism of the 21st century.