Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out

The problem is that you think you have time. You don’t.
Time has you; And it’s quickly running out.

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Your time and chances are not increasing. They’re diminishing.

Leaders make quick decisions.

Leaders take quick bold action.

Amateurs want to “think about it.”

Whatsoever thou must do, do quickly.
Leave not until tomorrow what must be done today.
~ Esoteric Axiom

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The more you “think about it” in today’s world, the older you’re getting. Your life is shortening. And you’re quickly becoming a dinosaur.

Bloomberg tells us that “70% of the leaders in today’s world are unfit to lead.”


In a Mach10 world they don’t make decisions quickly enough; and they don’t act boldly enough,

When I gather enough information to make a decision,
I don’t take a poll.  I make a decision!
~ Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

If there’s something you must do today, do it!

If you learn something today, use it!

Knowledge without action is a complete waste of space and time.

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The ancient traditions speak of a phenomenon called “The Call.” This is the pull to something of higher purpose and power. The tradition tells us if you don’t answer The Call when you hear it, it will never come back.

Is this true? I don’t know. Are you willing to risk it?

Read Here: Time implies movement and movement implies space. You can’t think of one without the other.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.

You might not even be here tomorrow. Me either.

There’s not one single power in this universe that will
guarantee that you’ll be here tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.
Leaders make quick decisions and take immediate action.

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If you ever truly “learn” something, then you use it.

If you haven’t used it, you’ve learned nothing.

If you learn or know anything then you’re using it.
If you aren’t using it then you don’t know it—you know about it.
Big difference.

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Many tell me: I’m going to come to one of your live experiences one of these days…

I’ll meet you one of these days…

I’ll work with you as my coach someday…

I’ll start my business one of these days…

I’ll do something great someday…

One of these days never comes; and it steals dreams.

Action has destiny and greatness built into it.

All else is just lip-service and a complete waste of space and time.

Action has destiny and greatness built into it.
All else is just lip-service and a complete waste of space and time.

james arthur ray

It’s time to act; and the only time is NOW!

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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