Time and Space

Time and Space

“Time and space are modes by which we think
and not conditions in which we live.”
~ Albert Einstein

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Einstein’s statement is a difficult topic for most to digest; and yet when you do, it changes your life.

Let’s briefly break down what physics tells us.

First, we tend to think of time and space as two different things. They’re not.

Time is measured by the period that appears to pass while a body or object moves from point A to B. This is true whether it’s the hands on a clock or your mind reading this blog.

Time implies movement and movement implies space. You can’t think of one without the other.

For this reason, physics now uses the term spacetime instead of using them separately.

Time does not exist, we invented it.
~ Albert Einstein

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Now you might be wondering, “Why does this matter”?

It matters to your ability to divorce yourself from the shadows that dance on the wall and from what’s really causing the appearance of the shadows.

The shadow world is created by standing
with our back to the sun.

man standing leaving a shadow on the ground

The implications here are vast; and we can’t fully cover them in a brief blog.

But suffice to say that what we tend to think to be in our future, is actually right here and right now.

We live in a time of devastating distraction. What are you doing with the time you have?

Moments and experiences separated by vast epochs and eras happen simultaneously. They’re only separated by our perceptional models of spacetime.

In what physics calls “quantum superposition”, everything that ever was or ever could be is omnipresent.

All possibilities exist simultaneously and are actualized based on our perspective.

Time does not exist as we know it. All past, present,
and future coexist simultaneously right now.
~ Albert Einstein

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So, for today, let’s break this big concept down as simply as we can for now; and observe the implications of modern science to your life and business.

  1. Everything you currently want does not have to “be created” it already exists in infinite possibility (superposition).
  2. The ideas of future and past are stubborn to say the least, but not actual.
  3. The “wrongs” that were done to you in “the past” are only present in your mind and perception right now. Forgive. Let go.
  4. Because the desires you want for “your future” are already present in the hologram called this universe. To the degree you resonate with those now you bring them into the hologram which is you.

I know this is very difficult to get your mind around—mine too. The conditioning and programming of the old has its hooks deeply into us.

You can change a habit. Escaping your conditioning on
the other hand often seems next to impossible.

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The greatest work you have in your life is the work it takes to break the chains of socialized mind; and to transcend the prison of the 3rd dimension and its sensory factors.

In this way only can we fully operate from cause versus playing with the shadows on the wall.

On the walls of the cave only the shadows are the truth
~ Plato

James Arthur Ray

In this way only do you fully lead your own life; and take your power back.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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