Things Have To Get Messy: Reloaded

First let me start by saying that your responses have been overwhelming over the last several weeks, and please know that I read each and every one of them. I apologize that I haven’t been able to respond to all because of technical and administrative issues, but will do my best as we continue forward. Thanks again for being here… I truly appreciate you.

The entirety of the Universe is about growth and expansion. Make no mistake growth is hard. Tell your physical trainer you want to grow “the easy way” and find out how much he/she laughs. Likewise growth of the spirit.

Growth is messy. The most expeditious road to growth and expansion is fraught with dark forests, overgrown paths, and uncertain times. Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, stated, “Changes in nature are explosive… never continuous and smooth.”

There’s only one way that it’s possible to deal with internal pain and suffering that challenge often brings; and that’s through a commitment to growth and greatness. 

Bottom line… change is hard, explosive, and messy. And the more you resist this, the greater the pain and suffering.

Moving into a new apartment is a simple example of this that I’m sure you can relate to.

Think back to the last time you moved… you know it was a big job, right? You open box after box attempting to get organized, and yet it just seems to get continually worse, doesn’t it? At some point you begin to wonder if it’ll ever end! The attractive, tidy, (and empty) place you saw when you first visited, prior to renting or buying, is long gone. Now it’s a mess! Papers, boxes, and stuff everywhere! All the roominess it appeared to have is now cluttered and apparently shrinking by the minute.

Moving during the holidays was both a blessing and a curse for me (as all things are). As I gratefully watched the girls prepared the holiday meal this year, I reflected on life.

The kitchen like everything else was a complete mess… it looked like a food bomb had been dropped all over the counters, the oven, the stove… even the floor at times!

But something beautiful and really tasty eventually emerged. Do you follow? While it appeared for quite a while to be totally chaotic—a complete mess, there was a divine goodness going on beyond the surface appearances. An order existed that wasn’t readily apparent in the short term.

At some point in time we must choose to be lovers of life… or lovers of fantasy.

Things have to get messy. Life must get messy; and the only way beyond it is to go through it.

Even Chaos Theory tells us that in every apparently chaotic situation, if we can just rise to a higher perspective, a higher view if you will, there’s a perfect order that we don’t (or can’t), currently observe.

So continuing to unpack my boxes, it feels a bit overwhelming at times. But I’m so very grateful to have a few boxes. I’m so very grateful that Life has provided me with a place to live. I’m so very grateful for all the gifts of life. I’m grateful for my mess.

Even so, sometimes with all that has to be done to get my personal life back together and on track, I often wish I could just snap my fingers and it would all be done. I often wish that things wouldn’t have to be so messy before they find new order. Have you ever felt that one?

But then again… that’s loving fantasy isn’t it? It’s certainly not loving life.

I encourage you to do your best to love your mess… for it signals a new order.

Keep the faith,

james arthur ray


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  1. Dear James,
    Happy to see you back every week.

  2. Hi James-

    You have been in my life for many years and I’m glad to have you back regularly again.

    Your last 3 years partially coincided with something that I also am going through over a 3 year time span. At the onset of this undesired thing, my mind flashed back to your ‘seven levels of warning’ that you write about in Harmonic Wealth. I saw my 7 levels and that this outcome is what happened Not meaning to be overly curious and more about getting your input, could/did you count back the 7 levels and find how your catastrophe came about? Can you quantify and/or specify the triggers that can define those 7 levels even more clearly? I’m interested in being even more aware so I minimize future bungles.

    I believe in you and what you do. We all have these cavernous holes to pull out of along the way. That’s when the measure of a man’s character shows and yours [not surprisingly] has shown brightly.


    1. Yes John. Good memory and good point. I can’t honesty say that I found all 7 specifically and clearly but I definitely did track back the progression of the rise and fall. The problem as I see it with my thinking then is that to some degree I was still living in “fantasy.” Thinking that the rise and fall could be avoided and that we can as you put it “minimize future bungles.” I know believe that you can’t. Hard pill to swallow I know, but just suppose that the “bungles” are the most powerful catalysts for growth and expansion? Something to ponder ~ JAR

      1. It does seem that we need to go through bungles to become better. Thanks for your honesty.

  3. Going through what I think is messy beyond messy. But knowing what you went through I see that this too shall pass.

    You are are strong light shining all the way to ON Canada at the time I need to stay positive and put on my titanium vest.

    Thank you for your realness in this fake world.


    1. Mary, although I don’t know all the details of what you’re dealing with my heart goes out to you. Let me just give you something to ponder. “Staying positive” is not so much putting a positive spin on a situation as it is have faith that what is occurring is in accordance with a Higher Will and perfect plan. Also, maybe you should consider taking off your titanium vest and being open and vulnerable to life. A vest will tend to harden and suppress whereas openness and honesty will show your connection with the entire Universe. Something to think about ~ JAR

      1. Thank you for the post to Mary. Goodness, I have been struggling and to put this all into perspective with not needing to be happy in it but accepting that it is and it is perfect as it is; exactly what I needed.

  4. Do you think the people that come on your courses are living a fantasy? The fantasy that someone else – you- can show them the way, the way to a new life in exchange for a large fee?

    1. Shona, I haven’t had any courses in over 4 years. My guess is that you’ve never been to one of them because if you had been you’d know the answer to that question; and you’d know that I always encouraged people to follow their own internal guidance. “Take what works and leave the rest.” I assume you’ve never read my books either because they’re replete with similar statements.

      I still advocate that position by the way. Yet, I fully understand… I guess if I followed all the media hype and had no other personal references I might believe differently as well. Much love to you and by the way… people are free in my country (and I think in yours) to invest their money however they see fit as well as do whatever they see fit. Much love to you Shona–I wish you happiness ~ JAR

  5. Hi James, I attended some of your events in 2007; I think you might remember me. I gave you a photograph that I took with a message on the back of it at one of the free events in Pittsburgh and we crossed paths 4 times in less than a half hour in the hotel. I was inspired to attend the event in New York and it was an awesome experience for me, well worth the money. The event was just the beginning of many openings for me to come into union with all of the parts of me. For the person who was commenting on the cost of the events, I have shared this with many people, the experiences that I had at each event were worth every penny. It isn’t about the event and the teacher; it’s about your relationship to what you are experiencing at the event with the teacher. The events that I attended were packed full of experiences that I couldn’t have had anywhere else. JRI put them together for those who chose to take advantage of the opportunities.
    I tend to have very unique experiences and sense guidance in many different ways. I was inspired to register for all of the events for that year. Although I paid for all of them, Modern Magic and Practical Mysticism were the last two that I would attend. I had amazing and life changing experiences, as well as things that didn’t resonate for me. Over all, experiences that helped to shape who I am today. I had been hearing messages that I didn’t quite understand since Hawaii, pertaining to me attending the upcoming events. While in Lake Tahoe some encounters and experiences that were amazing as well as unpleasant. A beautiful sight that I will never forget, while you were speaking James, I saw large bright blue globules (similar to a lava lamp) flowing in on the right side of you and then your entire body became opaque. I could see through you. The breath works, fire walk, trans dance, and bending rebar were all amazing experiences. Never the less, I began to hear that I was not to attend the next event that I was to attend, Spiritual warrior 2007. I really tussled with this because I knew $7000 would be out the window and I would still have to pay my parents back for the portion I borrowed from them. The guidance was so strong and I knew I had to follow it. So I stopped attending. My guidance was more important than money or what someone else might think. Interestingly enough, the experiences and growth I had with JRI and you James were in fact a large part of my growth that inspired me to be able to make that decision. I didn’t understand any of it until the later events.
    James, I am glad that you are beyond that experience and I am glad that the families involved have had some time to heal. What I know to be true is that there is positive in every negative and negative in every positive and we are all learning together. I continued to receive messages and have experiences with regard to everything that occurred after I stopped attending and still do. The connections are very interesting and I can’t say that I understand it all. I would love to share all of it with you James, up to you. Love, Light and appreciation Susan

    1. Susan, so nice to hear from you. You may recall that I always encouraged you and others to follow your own inner guidance which is seems that you did. I’m very touched by your words and happy that I could play some part in your life. Interestingly enough, the entire focus of Spiritual Warrior is exactly what you have stated, “there is positive in every negative.” or in other words understanding and utilizing the Law of Polarity. Much love to you, thanks for being here ~ JAR

  6. Glad to know you are doing well. I feel a sense of peace inside for the reconnection. Thank you for your courage. Love and Light Susan

  7. Hi James, please bare with me as I process this out. When you say that change is hard, explosive and messy….and the more one resist, the greater the pain, so that means the word of what hard, explosive & messy has to be redefined for me. Because what my mind heard is “that can’t be, life is always does that mean it has to be a painful journey? Yuck….no..yadda yadda yadda.” But my aware side tells me to hear it differently & helped me to calm down. My divine guides me to focus on the picture of the hands as it mold the clay, it is hard, explosive & messy…but really that person does it for a living or as a hobby because it relaxes them. It allows them to be in their creative juice in silent from within and connect with their inner being and even mother nature w the clay materials, water & etc. And after….the beauty felt making that created the beautiful work of art….or ugly.

    So, in chao theory, with the awareness movement, is change then gentle, flowly and playful? Or is it still hard, explosive & messy yet feels and act like as if it was a gentle, flowly and playful way? (Do you get a sense what I’m feeling…a challenge to put into word) Thanks Silvia L

  8. Good to see you sharing your thoughts and ideas James. I have read a couple of your books. I went to see you in S.F. in 2007 and again in Sacramento in 2009. My husband and I recognize the your Heart (to the best we can here on Earth). Blessings, Love and Light. LeAnn

  9. Hi James,

    good to see you back! I always wondered how you are doing. When i read your lines i hear your voice in my head and i feel i like to hear it and missed you.

    You have always been a real authentic teacher for me and i like your life is messy statement. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes down. I remember you said years before you lost everything two times to really get the message. Seems like you like to start all over again. Perhaps it’s better than to be stuck a lifelong wherever you are.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Sandro, thanks for your kind words. Yes, truth be known it’s the messiness of Life that brings the new growth. Creation and annihilation are always in constant dance ~ JAR

  10. Welcome to your new beginning hero. Yes hero. “…a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” You’ve exemplified each in spades over the years. And if history is prologue, heroes often suffer, sacrifice, know power and grace, is loved and hated but are compelled to choose or is chosen to play that difficult part anyway.

    “With every beginning there is and ending. And every ending, a change. With every moment we choose to endeavor, our lives we rearrange….”

    Here’s to change, and living your best life now.

    Peace and Blessings to you.

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