There’s Always More!

There’s Always More!

You’re a spiritual being; and spirit has one objective:
fuller expansion, experience and expression.
The will of God is growth and increase.

As I’ve stated for years, if you’re not growing you’re dying.

You’re either creating and expanding or you’re disintegrating.

You’re here for one purpose, and one purpose only; and that’s development, advancement and growth.

This is true for all areas of your Life as well as your Business.

Let’s talk about growth for a moment. Because I believe it needs some clarification in our current world model—particularly in business.

Your life and your business have one objective: Growth!
Yet in our current monetary mindset, we forget there are
many ways to grow. Money is the mere effect of increasing
world-class work, customer service and value.
Leaders focus on the cause versus the effect.

Your primary objective is to provide value to the world. Period!

Both personally and professionally.

Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of life.

The ONLY way you’ll succeed in life and business is providing service, value and increase to those you’re privileged to serve.

People are only going to part with their hard-earned money to the degree they first believe, and then receive, an increase in their own life and business.

Please remember, this increase comes in many forms, not just monetary increase. Although that might be one of them.

What we all really want is not more money. No matter what you think, this is fact nonetheless.

What we really want is more increase in happiness, fulfillment, peace, joy, abundance and meaning. We tend to think money, as well as what it will buy or do, will bring more of the things we really want.

I’m not suggesting that money and all these great feelings cannot coexist. Certainly, they can. What I am suggesting is that money will not create them.

Money is an amplifier, amongst two other things which we’ll discuss at a later time.

As a result, if you’re stressed, angry, worried and tense without money, you’ll be more stressed, angry, worried and tense with more money.

If money is your problem, money won’t solve your problem.

If you’re the twisted-up-tense and worried person described above, your greatest area for Life and Business Leadership is to become more calm, happy, certain, relaxed, and fulfilled.

This is the increase and growth that you need most.

A Growth Mindset

Interestingly enough, when you grow in these areas, you’ll have a greater propensity to grow financially as well!

Your results are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to grow—you must grow!

So, we arrive at the next Axiom in our series of The Leader Master-Mind:

Because the will of God (formless thinking substance) is INCREASE, for any thought to work in harmony with the will of God, it must convey the impression of increase upon the formless substance.

Are you growing or dying?

Increasing or decreasing?

Your results tell the truth in all areas.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!