There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

The glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye.
~ Rudyard Kipling

The Big Bang is the most agreed upon creation theory currently in existence. Even the staunch theologian and creationist agree, if God created the Universe, then the Creative Source could have done so in a great explosion of energy.

I’m mean let’s face it, if you’re the all-knowing all-being Creative Source, you can do whatever you damn well please. Right?

Originally scientists postulated that this massive explosion, creating tremendous outward force, would eventually slow down; and then Gravity would take over and pull it back in.

The Big Bang would eventually be followed by a Big Crunch.

A student of Hinduism (the most ancient spiritual tradition on the planet), finds similar esoteric science in the teachings of the Yugas (a conversation for another time).

Astrophysics now tells us roughly 95% of the Universe is made of a combination of Dark Energy and Dark Matter (another complex topic for another time).

According to the latest theories, Dark Energy and Dark Matter are holding the Universe together thwarting Gravity and the Big Crunch.

So not to worry, there appears to be no end in sight to the expansion of our Universe.

Not in our lifetime anyway.

What appears to be empty space is not empty at all.
It’s pregnant with consciousness and potential just waiting to be discovered.

Now if you think we’re venturing from our Leadership theme, please think again.

Alexander the Great was arguably one of the greatest leaders of all times; and his teacher was Aristotle.

Aristotle obviously did not school Alexander in war and combat theory, he schooled him in philosophy and the arts.

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #8 – Leaders Are Philosophers

The Leader for the Future must be a grounded every bit as much in Universal workings and philosophy as he or she is in Life and Business strategy.

The loss of value for philosophy in today’s economic and business world,
drives us to make reductionistic decisions
based upon a very small portion of what truly exists.

While the purpose of this edition is not to get deeply into either physics, astronomy or Hindu mysticism, it is the purpose for you as a New Leader for the Future to begin at least a cursory understanding of how this universe works.

The most proper study of man is anything but man.
~ J. R.R. Tolkien

As you know, we’ve been exploring what I’ve called “The Axioms of the Leader Master Mind;” and this brings us to our next axiom:

Every thought upon the formless substance creates a though FORM. But the thought must be consistently held and FELT for the form to not be wiped away by other thoughts and feelings.

I encourage you to begin thinking (and feeling) that you’re surrounded in quantum soup.

You are.

What appears to be empty is not empty at all. It’s filled with Dark Energy and Matter. This energy and matter is just vibrating at a level we don’t have the ability to observe.

But it’s there nonetheless.

Your Thought and Feeling Energy creates a FORM (think of it like a dent or mold), in that energy field of consciousness; and when held and felt long enough, and consistently and clearly enough, it literally molds into manifestation.

Now while this seems very mystical, I promise it’s backed up by the latest scientific research.

Yes, it’s complicated; and yes challenging, to hold this form and mold (it’s actually the most difficult work you’ll ever do).

But when you wake up and remember who you really are; and what you’re surrounded and immersed in, the entire world begins to open; and you realize you are it and it is you.

Know thyself; and you shall possess the keys to the universe;
and the secrets of the gods.
~ Ancient Esoteric Axiom

There’s more.

There’s always more.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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