The Work Is the Reward

Your work should be your love made manifest in the world.

Life is work.

Really living life that is.

Growth is work.

Change is work.

Anything worth having or doing takes work.

And lots of it.

Existing takes little work.

It’s just meaningless and miserable.

If you’re not willing to work, then you’re either lost in illusion, you’re lazy, or you just plain don’t get it.

Joy and fulfillment come from action; and neither exist without it.

There is no joy without action.
Big, bold, immediate, persistent,
consistent, continuous action.

I was backstage at a large network marketing conference a few years back getting ready to be the keynote presenter.

A young new recruit was literally beaming to be backstage with me as well as other leaders of the industry.

He came up and introduced himself nearly pumping my arm off. I asked him, “Why did you join this company?”

He replied, “Because I’ve heard you can make a lot of money here.”

While it wasn’t the time or place for coaching, I thought inside, while remaining silent, “Unfortunately you probably won’t make it young man.”

Success is hard. So find something you love.
If you don’t love it you’ll quit, like any sane person would.
~ Steve Jobs

If you follow my writings, we’ve discussed many times that Gallup tells us 71% of the people surveyed are unhappy and just plain miserable in their work.


The “doing to get” strategy versus just doing to do.

The masses are doing something to get something.
That’s why they’re mediocre and miserable.
The master is doing only to do;
and that’s why his life is meaningful and fulfilled.

You see, it’s a fundamental universe principle that those who give more succeed more.

More time.

More energy.

More value.

It’s a little known truth that you
cannot pour energy into a vessel
that is not giving it off.
~ Esoteric Axiom

The work is all there is.

The receiving is a direct measure of your giving.

Your receiving of energy, value, growth money,
and everything is a direct measure of your giving.

What has to happen for you to make every moment of every single day about the work and nothing more?

Your work!

In the work you’ll find your salvation and fulfillment

Read the Secret to Fulfillment in this article.

In the work you’ll find your purpose on this planet.

In the work you find your meaning and purpose.
In the work you’ll find your true reward.

Find your work; and then do your work.

With no attachment to the outcome.

Make the work the full measure of the reward.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!