The Universe Always Says... James on Alchemy Part 6

“The Universe always says ‘Your wish is my command…

as long as it’s aligned with Universal Will.’”

You may recall the metaphor of the Genie that I talked about in “The Secret;” if you do you’ll also notice the added addendum.

Through many personal experiences where I doubted and questioned everything I ever believed, I’m come to the point of realizing that almost everything I’ve ever said or taught I still believe to be true; but with added addendums and a greater depth of understanding.

To recap our series from last week. There is only one mind (Erwin Schrodinger), and this mind which pervades all has one objective; fuller expression, experience and expansion. When we align with this mind we no longer experience “cognitive dissonance” (two conflicting ideas held simultaneously) but rather faith, trust, peace, surrender, creativity and power. If none of this resonates then please do yourself the favor of re-visiting the previous editions of this series. Repetition is the second law of learning and transformation.

I awoke, only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep.

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Furthermore, we ended last week with the bold (and possibly shocking) statement that to truly obtain this place of greater awakening, the truly awakened will tell you to “Go to hell.”

If you want to read more about last week's blog, click here to learn more.

Fun huh? Obviously there’s a double entendre here that my sometimes sarcastic sense of humor really enjoys.

To fully understand the fabricated concept of hell (yes you read that right), we must only do a little research, keep an open mind, and have a brief but hopefully enlightening discussion.

Fact: All versions of the Bible except for three: The Latin Vulgate, The King James Version, and the New King James Version reject any notion whatsoever of hell occurring in the original Hebrew Manuscripts of the Old Testament. You might want to read that again.

In fact, the concept of “eternal punishment in hell” is an unbiblical pagan doctrine which was embraced and Christianized by the Roman Catholic Church in the early centuries of Christianity; and was only made “official” when Jerome translated the Bible into Latin in 400 AD.

I realize that must be shocking to some, possibly you, so please don’t take my word for it do your own research.

The Jews (who certainly are experts on their own Hebrew language), do not include hell in their Bibles which confirms that there is not a single word that translates as the traditional hell in the Hebrew Manuscripts of the Old Testament.

Now some Christians might immediately think, “Well the New Testament canceled out the old.” (I’ve heard some Christians say this). To which I would take issue based upon words uttered by the prophet himself, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17…but that’s another discussion).

Even so, there is also not one single word that translates as the traditional hell in the Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament either!

The doctrine of “everlasting damnation and punishment in hell” is founded upon a combination of mistranslations and misinterpretations of the Hebrew word “sheol,” occurring 65 times in the Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament which translates as “the grave;” and the Greek words “hades” which occurs 11 times in the Greek translation of the New Testament which also means the same (the pit or the grave).

Now the harsh fact is, whether we like it or not, we’re all bound for this hell in the truest sense of the word eventually. At least our bodies.

There’s a lot more but if you’re a thinking individual I’ve given you plenty to think on for any one potentially paradigm shattering read.

The major problem often being that most often don’t question; and often don’t think.

If you think we’ve strayed from the topic of Alchemy and Utilization please be assured that we have not. These foundation principles are absolutely necessary to understand if you want to truly empower your life; and create the life you desire and deserve.

More on hell and true heaven to come; and how to utilize both…

Stay awake and Love Life,



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  1. So James, are you saying that since you have already gone to the “Hell” place –Now you have become awakened, powerful, creative and on your way to Heaven? –Just asking . . .?
    I do believe that we create our own reality –so love, laugh, live in joy! Come from a place of gratitude. We know that it is not the destination that we seek — it is the journey! So shall we journey on! The hardesst work is staying still and listening to the Universal voice.
    The most fun is dancing to the music — blindfolded!

    1. Fran, no I’m not “on my way to heaven” for heaven is here and not properly understood. I will tell you though, when you can find heaven in the midst of hell then heaven is truly found. ~ JAR

  2. Thank you James!
    Well yes nowadays we no longer need the usual concept of “hell” since that was used by the church as a way to scare people and keep them “obeying” their laws and orders. I have found some analogies and bad translations with the Hebrew word “Gehenna” as well referring to Hell or purgatory.

    But I am glad to know now that we are creating our heaven in our own hell here and now. But my question is regarding the opening sentence of your article: “The Universe always says ‘Your wish is my command…as long as it’s aligned with Universal Will.’” How can I know if what i wish is aligned with Universal Will? And then in some way are we condemn to follow an already written destiny or can I still change my reality to my liking using my thoughts and emotions?
    Too many questions, I know, sorry 🙂

    1. Hector, thanks so much for asking that question!! You can answer for yourself by a quick re-visit to the series where I talk about the sole objective of Life (a.k.a. Universal Will) fuller expression, experience and expansion. The Universe wants to develop, advance and grow and you’re part of that. It’s not about acquiring, it’s about greater awareness… and sometimes this comes wrapped in pain. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  3. I had to read this a few different times during the day. I wanted to make sure my thoughts were the same, and not influenced by activities happening around me.

    What you present is astonishing logical. Over the course of years, my own experience and study, I would say much the same, though I doubt in anywhere near the same terms nor depth.

    I remember well your use of the genie metaphor, and while I need to process the secondary part of that phrase, I know it to be true. The ripple effect it causes in thought leads to many more questions, which I find interesting. Your ability to be thought provoking is simply amazing.

    Enjoy your week as it unfolds.

  4. I am amazed how those not Catholic know so much about it. And your interpretation is a common one. Hell is a concept and was never a place, nor is heaven a place. The passage, the narrow gate is an internal one. Studying St John of the Cross and St Francis of Assisi, their method of spending time alone, in a cell, was self introspection, to self awareness and self actualization as understood in certain areas today. The task at hand is to find your own way. No one can do it for you, no one can even explain it for you. Much like learning how to ride a bicycle. All the reading, studying, observing, wishing and conversation never produces riding. A working vehicle, a little assistance and a willingness to experience failure [hell] to gain balance [heaven]. Thank you James.

  5. I have read this almost three times, as well as the comments and also the previous edition, but I still don’t get, How can I know if my wish is aligned with Universal Will? and It’s not cognitive dissonance. Does it mean that I have to stop my thoughts and my personal will?! Sorry, but I’m a little bit confused, what does it exactly mean that it’s not about acquiring?!


    1. Rosa, Thanks for being a true student of Life. I’m very proud of you for reading several times and asking your question. First re-read part one of the series and you’ll realize that the Universal Will is further expression, experience and expansion. My personal will would not have me going to prison for instance… but what an experience and what learning it was. Follow? So if/when I was in alignment with Universal Will I accepted what Life had given me and utilized it for my own development, advancement and growth. Acquiring is about getting more things: money, material goods, recognition, etc. Realization is about getting more internal understanding and growth. Hope this helps. Keep studying and growing–that’s Universal Will. Much love ~ JAR

  6. So my question is, James, Why is it so hard to be in alignment with Universal Will? Why, if the Universe always seek fuller expression, experience, and expansion, do we humans resist it so much?

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