The True Leader Is a Scholar

The True Leader Is a Scholar

Once the Warrior spirit is ignited and integrated, the true leader
advances to become a Scholar. The Warrior power without the
understanding of the Scholar is scattered and often misused.

We began a series in our last two entries discussing the phases that a true leader must understand and advance through to conquer his world.

The greatest battle the leader must conquer is the battle of low self-awareness,
self-awakening, and breaking the chains of socialized mind.

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Please understand that as you evolve through the stages of growth, your objective is to move forward while still including and incorporating the powers and lessons of the previous stage.

Many tend to move forward, but suppress the lessons and powers of the previous stage. This fractures their foundation and gives them nothing to build upon.

The Warrior without the Scholar is impulsive and scattered.
The Scholar without the Warrior has no vehicle to battle and manifest through.

Far too many people in today’s world are “caught in their head” to the suppression and detriment of their bodies, their heart, and their ability to produce.

How many people can you think of that “know about” much more than they act upon?

There’s a huge difference between knowing about something and
truly knowing it. Truly knowing is grounded in action and results!
If you aren’t producing results with something, then you don’t know it
—at best you know about it.

To become a Scholar takes study, time, commitment, and consistency.

The true leader of the future must be grounded in philosophy, psychology, physiology, biology, emotional intelligence, physics, and all spiritual traditions.

Obviously, this is a massive task; and without the Warrior spirit firmly engaged, it will never be followed through to completion.

The Art of Warrior Leadership

As we’ve discussed many times, to effectively lead others as well as lead a business, you must first lead your own life effectively.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

The power to win, and create leadership and wealth in life, comes from two things:

  1. You must constantly study, understand, and immerse yourself in that which gives you power…
  2. You must avoid at all costs everything that weakens you.

There is no neutral in life.

Everything is either moving your forward, or it’s holding you back.

No exception.

Study takes time, patience, grit and perseverance.

The leader of the future must be grounded in philosophy,
psychology, physiology, biology, physics and spiritual truths.
Anything less is incomplete.

The true leader knows that there’s no need to hurry. For he’s committed to his own mastery and greatness beyond all else.

Hurry is worry, fear, and self-doubt disguised as drive.

One of my mentors told me years ago, as I patiently studied and learned, “James, if you go out too soon, you may never finish your work.”

Wise council.

I studied and practiced and spent years in solitude and obscurity (literally decades) prior to ever starting my business and sharing my experience with others.

This is a lesson sorely in need of realization in today’s world of chasing fast-fame, simple-success, and secret sauce.

You want the James Arthur Ray Secret?

Here it is:

Time. Commitment. Patience. Sacrifice. Grit and Love.

There’s no other secret.

The secret sauce of success that so many seek is this:
Time. Commitment. Patience. Sacrifice. Grit and Love.
There’s no other secret.

The Warrior spirit gives the Scholar the strength to continue. For the Scholar without the Warrior is weak; and a complete waste of space.

Thinking much.

Doing little.

Yet the Warrior without the Scholar is often impetuous, impulsive, and scattered.

Doing much but with little purpose or understanding.

There is no joy; and there are no results; without massive and continuous action.

Action founded in wisdom is a force that will not, and cannot, be denied.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!