The True Leader Becomes a Sage

The True Leader Becomes a Sage

The true leader doesn’t take credit for his results. For while
he deserves credit for his commitment, discipline, and grit,
He knows that there’s a greater power working through him
than could ever come from him.

So, we finally come to the authentic generative force that drives the true leader and person of power.

We’ve been on a brief journey through 3 stages of True Leadership Power and Ability that we’ve labeled The Warrior, followed by the Scholar, and finally we arrive at a higher level still called The Sage.

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Reference the opening quote; and while it may appear to be somewhat mystical, it’s extremely practical.

We’re not referring to false humility here.

We’re referring to the wisdom to know the truth that physics, biology, psychology, and even astronomy in varying degrees, tell us about how you and the entire universe works.

The True Leader of the Future must be versed in psychology,
biology, physiology, astronomy, quantum physics and all
spiritual traditions. Anything less is an incomplete view
of how he, and the entire universe, works.

The Sage knows he’s a spiritual being.

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #5 – Leaders Use Spiritual Power

Not religious per se.

But he understands that the animating force of the universe, the true life-force itself, is operating through him and as him. His degree of awareness of this fundamental truth determines his power.

You don’t need to get more power. 
You just need to get the blocks out of the
way and remember the power you already have.

The primary focus of The Sage is to bring the developing wisdom within him, by way of the Scholar of understanding; and through the body of the Warrior.

Therefore, all three are necessary to develop, strengthen, and to Take Your Power Back!

For the Sage without the Scholar sets no intention or direction; and without the Warrior he has nothing to work or manifest through.

Obviously, all structures that continue to stand must be built from the ground floor up; and it’s all a spiritual journey for all things are spiritual.

Your high-level cause and calling are to bring intangible
spirit into form. If you can’t create results with your so-called
spiritual connection, it’s a complete waste of space and time.

All true entrepreneurship and leadership is a spiritual pursuit.

True spirituality is about accessing the infinite spirit within you to create value and service for the world, while simultaneously living a fulfilling and inspired life.

How are you doing in the inspired and fulfilling department?

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!