The Pursuit of Purpose

The Pursuit of Purpose

The purpose of life is to find your purpose;
and then to give your entire heart and soul to it.

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I coached a man before who had just celebrated his 49th birthday. “James I’m making $400,000 per year and my business is doing well. But I’m just not excited about it anymore. I feel like there has to be something more to life.”

43d0ee37-1b91-4f16-bf7b-9d46dce45935This is one of the countless similar examples that I have dealt with in my Ultimate Performance Coaching. The vast majority of individuals in the world, 71% according to Gallup, are living uninspired lives.

You have a unique purpose to fulfill in life. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. Yet research proves that few ever find it.

Furthermore, psychological research tells us that the number one emotion experienced by the mass majority in today’s world is “unfulfilled expectations.”

Do you fit in either or both of these categories?

There’s a nearly 3 out of 4 chance that you do.

I can help you.

The purpose of this treatise is just that—purpose. The purpose of life is to find purpose. Find it.

The purpose of life is purpose. Find It.
The meaning of life is living. Fully Live It!

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Without exception, the most frequently asked question as I’ve traveled the globe is something to the effect of “What’s my purpose?” “Why am I here?” or “What’s the purpose of life?”

Your purpose is calling you. Will you find it and fulfill it?

Some derivation of this topic is what drives us all, both mentally as well as emotionally. For like it or not, we’re all hardwired as the human species to find meaning; and in meaning is your salvation.

Your salvation and fulfillment reside not in more money,
materialism nor anything. Your salvation resides in finding meaning;
and from that center, all money and things must flow.

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Please be aware that I am definitely not suggesting that you don’t need money or things. If fact, you definitely do!

Our society is so currently structured that you must have enough means (or tools) to create your end. But please understand that it’s the end you seek; and only by keeping your focus upon that end will you be completely productive, happy and fulfilled. Only in this way alone will you perform at ultimate levels and have true wealth.

True wealth is something money can never buy.
It’s only purchased and possessed through the discovery of meaning.

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This is a topic that definitely deserves attention, and its the depth I believe will require a series.

Are you up for it?

Are you ready to turn your entire life around?

If you ever hope to escape the 71% Club, and not be filled with unfulfilled expectations, you’re absolutely going to have to find your purpose. Once your purpose is found, you must give every last ounce of energy that you have to live it and fulfill it.

Please understand, this does not guarantee a so-called easy life. For in fact, what indeed is an easy life?The-Pursuit-of-Purpose

What most of us romanticize as easy is “continuous comfort, no challenge or struggle.” Truth told that’s not meaningful; and actually according to research by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyl and other notables, that type of life is actually miserable.

It’s in the struggle that greatness and true fulfillment is potentially born.

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You’re hard-wired to greatness. And you’re also hard-wired to meaning. You’re hard-wired to contribute. Whether you’re consciously aware of that fact or not is irrelevant.

Yet, it’s fact nonetheless.

And the sooner you consciously start on your meaning-seeking mission, the sooner your life will make a turnaround.

Your life makes a massive turnaround the moment
you find your purpose and meaning.

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Let’s begin your search with an understanding of two fundamental principles:

  1. You’re a spiritual being, living in a physical body and world.
  2. Spirit and Form are one. They only show up differently. Both are aspects of the one Life Force.

Let’s please agree, that at least for the purpose of this treatise, spiritual does not necessarily mean religious. As mentioned previously, what we’re discussing is an end state focus versus a means to the end.

Not to suggest that means are not important—they are. But if we’re not careful we get caught up worshipping the advertisement versus the product.

Spirit is the product.

Religion is the advertisement.

Plain and simple, to have a spiritual connection is an internal state of experience. Religion for some is a means to reach that experience. If this is the case for you, then I honor that.

If it’s not the case for you then I honor that as well.

I’m an advocate of the experience. Get there how you will. Let’s not get caught missing the forest while focusing on a tree.

If you don’t like the term Spirit then substitute with Energy. For the spiritual traditions as well as quantum physics tell us that all things are comprised of the same substance. And this substance is conscious.

Max PlanckMatter does not exist as we know it.
Behind all apparent matter is an intelligence.
Mind is the matrix of all matter.
~ Max Planck Father of quantum theory

This substance, call it Spirit or Energy, has an objective, a purpose and a plan. And you’re comprised of this substance.

The purpose and plan of this eternal substance will not and cannot be denied.

My experience and research proves that you have a distinct purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. A chief aim and objective.

I can’t fulfill your purpose. Nor can anyone else.original

Only you can fulfill your purpose and plan.

Likewise you cannot fulfill mine.

But I promise you that if you don’t fulfill your unique purpose, there’s a vast void in the Universal Plan.

Properly understood this not only implies an opportunity, but also a tremendous responsibility. And it rests squarely upon your shoulders.

I promise after working with literally hundreds of thousands of people from 143 different countries across the globe:

That while you may amass a great financial fortune

You may have great personal and romantic relationships…

You may have great business and mental prowess…

But if you don’t have a spiritual connection and relationship your life will be left empty and unfulfilled.

You are a purpose seeking being in a purpose driven universe. Find it.

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To begin this series of discussions, it’s vitally important to realize some truly fundamental principles.

You are a triune being, living fully and distinctly in three spectrums: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical.

The challenge for most is that they have been so heavily conditioned in the physical world that they’ve forgotten essential parts of their identity.

You’re a spiritual being living in a physical world.
Both are different forms of the same energetic substance.

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Now I fully realize that you’re most likely an entrepreneur. Or at least you would like to be one. Ninety-plus percent of my readership and client base is entrepreneurial.

So depending on where you are in your own evolutionary journey, you may be thinking, “How does this pertain to my business and practical pursuits James?”

I can assure you that it does.

In fact, it’s the very foundation of your success and Ultimate Performance. For it’s in the world of Spirit (inspiration) that your purpose resides.

If you’ll commit to sticking with me I promise I’ll prove it to you.

So if we can agree that you are triune, operating in three distinct worlds, then we must further conclude that purpose is a bit more complex than what you may have originally imagined or been told.

I’m going to suggest that there are two levels of purpose that we all must understand and fulfill:

  1. Spiritual Purpose; and
  2. Physical Purpose.

And the Mental domain, or world, is the switching station between both.

While they are close cousins and obviously work synergistically they are distinctly different.

And the journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!




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