The Purpose of Life Is to Live!

The purpose of life is to fully live! Live it!
The meaning of life is to find meaning! Find it!

Okay we’ve been exploring finding your purpose. We’ve discussed that there are two levels of purpose: Spiritual and Physical. While these work in tandem, they are distinctly different.

Spiritual Purpose tells you the reason you’re here and why. Your Physical Purpose tells you how you’re going to actualize and fulfill your Spiritual Purpose. Do you follow the difference?

beautiful-dancerIf you haven’t yet read the last two installments, these two topics were discussed in greater detail there.

If you understand that your sole (soul) purpose is not your comfort, not ease, not complete control and predictability, then you understand that you must learn to love all of life. All of it.

The ups as well as the downs.

The joyous times as well as the sad.

The light yet also the dark.

For life is meant to live and live fully and completely.

Don’t wish for an easier life, that’s illusion.
The purpose of life is grand adventure. To fully and completely live! 

The great question in life is not “are you going to physically die?” For that answer is self-evident. The great question in life is “did you fully live?”

Unfortunately a large percentage of individuals are so busy attempting to avoid death that they forget to live.

Do you want to live your life to the fullest? Read and learn it in this article.

There are some that do not fear death.
For they are more afraid of not really living.
~ Ancient Proverb

The concept of Focused Flow has been heavily researched and documented. Most notably by the Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University. Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Flow is an extremely high and productive state of living, performing and achieving. In fact, Cskikzentmihalyi calls it “the psychology of optimal experience.”

Flow is also very similar, at least in a physical form, to what many of the Eastern traditions call a Kensho, Satori, Samadhi or other similar spiritual experiences.

When we see things clearly the dancer and the dance become one.banner_events

In this merged state of awareness you and what you’re doing become clearly interconnected. You know you’re kicking major ass but you’re not sure that it’s really you that’s doing the kicking.

It’s hard to explain I know.

If you’ve been in this zone you know what I’m alluding to.

If you haven’t been then I promise that you want to get there.

When you’re truly in flow, the power that appears to be coming from you, is actually coming through you. If you’ve been in this zone you know what I’m talking about.

This is obviously not a series on Flow. I’ve address and written on Flow in great detail elsewhere. <reference Ultimate Performance series> However, one of the many factors that facilitate this state is a situation involving high risk.

Now please understand that when I speak of high risk it does not mean that you must put yourself in physical danger. Although many adrenalin junkies do things like skydiving, bull riding, and base jumping to do just that. That’s not what we’re referring to here.

Rather a high risk situation is a “high consequence” situation. One that has tremendous impact on your finances, family, or future.

When you have much at risk you’re forced to be on your game. To be completely in the moment. To pay strict attention to every minute detail.

The greatest risk in today’s fast paced and changing world is taking no risk.

So what does this have to do with your purpose?

Well let me use myself as an example.

If you know my story I rose to the peak, and then fell deeply into the pit. Losing business, life savings, my home, so-called friends, and reputation were only trumped by losing my liberty and landing me in prison.

I woke up in a land of high risk and high consequence. An environment where at best disputes were settled with fists, and at worst with a knife blade.

This was a world so foreign to me that I was spun into continuous shock. I’ve always been a philosopher not a pugilist; and certainly not driven to physical violence and/or harm of another.

I had to get my game on quickly in this world of survival of the fittest. I not only had to learn the culture, the rules, the lingo and the lay of the land; I had to learn them fast!

Like yesterday.

This is an extreme example; and while I wouldn’t suggest you follow it—in fact I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy—now that it’s over and I made it…

What a ride!

I promise you I’ll never come to the end of it all, look back and say, “Damn. That was boring.”

Not a chance.

The purpose of life is to fully live! Live it!
The meaning of life is to find meaning! Find it!


Living life is not experienced while hugging the shoreline. Fully living is launching into the unknown. Putting your hat in the arena. Getting up off the bench and in the game.

How is it that we forget and end up with boring and mediocre lives?

Psychologists tell us that the number one emotional unnamed-34experience of the vast majority today is “unfulfilled expectations.”

We’ve been lulled into trance; and we end up sleepwalking through life. Going round and round and round on the same old merry-go-round hoping and praying that the elusive brass ring will soon appear.

It won’t.

The real “brass ring” of life is found in playing the game of life,
not in the acquisition of anything external.

Again, the brass ring is in the game not the acquisition. Please ponder that deeply.

It’s in the sweat and toil of the arena. The hard work and the hard won victories. In the words of Kennedy,

“We choose to do this not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard; and it will bring out the best within us.”

Are you living?

You either push off and risk living your ultimate life,
or you risk never living at all. The choice is yours.

So now it’s up to you.

Are you ready, willing and committed to live; and to live fully?

Are you ready to, in the words of Shaw, let go of being a sniveling little clod of ailments complaining that the universe won’t do your bidding?eadcd64690fb344c4610fb0db3ce8b5d

Are you ready to understand your purpose and then give your whole heart and soul to it?

These are the eternal questions.

What will you answer?

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!