The Myth: Part One

The Myth: Part One

History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

napoleon bonaparte

Think about it. We hold ideas that can’t be proven true or false, but we believe them with such an intensity that we’re ready to argue, fight, and even go to war over them.

Not only do we commit these crimes of humanity with others, we commit them with ourselves. For example, today across the world we surrender much of our hard-earned money as well as more and more of our liberties to the system.

The system which is supposed to be created for “our benefit.”

All in the name of “freedom.”

We hold ideas that can’t be proven true or false, but we believe them with
such an intensity that we’re ready to argue, fight, and even go to war over them.

Heavy German mortars

We do as we’re told.

We believe what we’re told to believe.

We allow constitutional laws to be bent or broken.

We empty our pockets and partially disrobe to walk through a literal microwave before we can get on a plane. Even though we know we’re not “terrorist” and there’s a 99.9% chance that no one else in line is either.

But we hand over something much more powerful than our money and liberties—we hand over our minds and emotions.

We’re constantly handing over something much more powerful than our
money and our liberties—we hand over our minds and emotions.

Man in Black Jacket Lying on Bed

We mainline mainstream media (both social and traditional) and we embody the fear and anger it’s designed to create.

We take the bait and swallow—hook line and sinker. We adopt the values of the world; and we yield what we once believed important when we thought for ourselves. Long, long ago.

Or did we ever think for ourselves?

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We open our browser and our internal world transmutes as we browse what we’re force fed by the WHO, the MSM, and the big tech companies that control all information dissemination. To the point that we’re absolutely consumed.

Facebook, Instagram and Google are editing and deciding what we can and cannot read. Because of course, we’re not adult enough to read opposing viewpoints and decide for ourselves.

Many live on a diet of “the Kansas City Chiefs won and the 49ers lost, this actor got a Grammy, Justin Bieber got married and has longer hair.”

Why do we care? We had no contribution to any of these things and they don’t impact our lives one iota.

Many live on diets of the Chiefs won and San Fran lost,
this actor got a Grammy, Justin Bieber got married and has longer hair.
Why do we care? These things don’t impact our lives one iota.

people checking on their phone while standing

How is it that we take pride and pleasure in achievements with which we have nothing to do? How do we get so emotionally involved?

Little by little our own world, little by little our own ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and values, get filled to the brim with the noise of the masses.

We think we think, but we don’t really think at all.

We just rerun a program given to us by socialized mind.

Most think they think but they don’t think at all.
True thinking is instantaneous, original, and creative.
All else is just re-running the conditioning from socialized mind.

man sitting on a chair with a book

We worry and fret and sweat and toil largely over the drama that is the public circus. Many even lose precious sleep. Many lose their lives and livelihood.

Yuval Noah Harari in his book “Sapiens” states that what happens in public is myth.

We’ve lost our spiritual mythology in the modern world.
Spiritual mythology is not meant to be considered literal history.
It represents the journey of the human soul.

person hands above the brown plants

There are myths from spiritual traditions that are completely illogical to the mind. Many can be completely disproven by history or science.

Myths like Jesus literally (versus metaphorically) walked on water, Moses literally (versus metaphorically) parted the Red Sea, sacrificing a child or goat to God will appease God’s anger, throwing a virgin into hot lava will calm the volcano god.

Most of these can be easily debunked by logic, physics, and/or historical research.

There are other myths though like the citizens of a democratic nation determine its future, or that terrorist are actual individuals and they pose an external threat to Western nations, fire can get hot enough to melt steel beams in a tower; and there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Presidents are selected not elected.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The myth builders count on the fact that we’re too busy to do our own research, dig deep and find the truth. It’s much easier to just quickly turn on the television or scroll through our feed and take what’s being shoveled. Short term.

But the implications of this behavior (and its ignorance) can be devastating to our freedom and liberty; and it is!

Socialized mind is a monster whose talons and fangs have us by the
throat and we’re so hypnotized we don’t even feel it or see it.
It’s time to take your power back!

James Arthur Ray

To be continued…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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