The Heroic Quest

Principle Number Four: Purpose and Meaning are everything. 

They are Life Itself.

Alright, so we’ve determined that purpose in Innate Ability Development™ (IAD), that we’re all so passionate about, has two distinct levels: spiritual and physical.

We’ve explored the spiritual level and concluded that spiritual purpose for all of us is simply: fuller expansion, experience and expression.

Man is but a reflection of the Universe.

The mind of man and the Mind of God are one and the same.

In the realm of daily living, we can translate these three evolutionary principles of spiritual purpose into development, advancement, and growth.

We’ve furthermore discussed that the pursuit of this ubiquitous spiritual purpose is most often difficult if not just downright frightening.

Universal Intelligence tends to evolve and unfold in the most efficient manner possible. And it does so with no respect whatsoever to the upheaval it might cause short-term on the physical plane. Please read that again.

If you think God wants you to have a cushy, comfortable life… think again.

God wants you to awaken and grow.

True power is faith in the midst of a storm.

Properly understood, awareness of the above is often in direct contradiction to the traditional religious systems that espouse God will “protect you” or “keep you from harm.”

But then again… it’s not a contradiction in the Absolute sense. Life continues to be a paradox.

For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good,

And sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

~ Matthew 5:45 (emphasis mine)

If you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that you’ll be “protected and/or blessed” because you’re a good person. Think again.

We all must face and confront the challenges that development, advancement and growth of our consciousness bring; and as we discussed last week… growth is hard. (reference IAD14). The human spirit grows and evolves stronger through conflict not comfort.

Want to know how Leaders fight and overcome the battle of comfort? Read it here.

So here’s the paradox referenced above. While in the traditional sense in which we define protected and blessed… we won’t be (and can’t be), protected and blessed… from a higher perspective of the Absolute we absolutely are protected and blessed. What does this mean?

In our small personal will (which is the Relative plane versus the Absolute plane) we tend to believe that we’ll be blessed with riches and health and all kinds of physical rewards for being a “good person.”

Maybe… but not necessarily.

By the way… if this is your motivation for being “good” I submit you’re not really good at all.

Goodness, however you define it, should be genuinely pursued and practiced because it’s good. Period. No other reason. You do what you deem the right thing because it is the right thing.

Supposed goodness for any other sake… whether it’s eternal life, an elaborate heaven and after life, immortality, to escape eternal damnation, to “attract” all types of rewards, or coffers full of gold and business blessings is not true good at all.

Please ponder this deeply for this “conditional goodness” is often insidious and subtle.

I know… because I had it!

I remember sitting in a 12X10 cell and feeling sorry for myself and being angry at God—really angry.

I just couldn’t believe that this was my reward for a life of giving my best energy and effort to serve and provide value to the world. Yes, I had been arrogant. Yes, things were overlooked and could have been done better. Yet, even the jury knew it was unintentional! I wanted to help people not hurt them! This was messed up!

Then it struck me… “Why did you do all those supposed “good” things James?” To be protected and blessed? To be rewarded and special?

I had to humble my own self-importance, and sheepishly admit that at some level this was the case. But, but, but…

Wrong reason.

Even a cursory recapitulation of history will quickly show that if you really desire to be “special”… histories truly special have more often than not appeared the least special in relative terms; and they’ve had the most difficult times of all in physical life.

The greatest souls suffer the greatest scars.

Study any great mythology and the hero always faces great challenges, is often ostracized, has to go to hell, and in many cases is killed.

Mythology is a history book of the soul

Don’t like mythology? Check political/social history and you’ll find the same often to be true. Kennedy, King, Ghandi, and Reagan come to mind just to name a few.

Be careful what you wish for.

I recalled my training in Zen in which I learned that if you do anything for any “special reason” you’re not doing it for the right reason.

In the purest form of creative expression we are doing because it’s in our nature to do. Socrates stated “To be is to do.” Once realized, we also realize that any and all reward is gained the moment that we do. For it’s in the doing itself that we find our true joy and fulfillment. Are you with me?

Deep? Maybe.

Hard? Definitely.

But please think about it.

If you’re following these blogs I already assume you’re a deep thinker.

“There is no true joy without action.”

Therefore, count the cost before you make the commitment my friend… for there’s always a price for the prize.

In the Absolute sense you are protected and blessed. For from this perspective it really doesn’t matter what happens in the physical short-term sense. In other words, the “how” is not important in the overall Universal Plan. It’s much bigger than that. Way bigger.

It’s all part of the plan of Universal Purpose; and you cannot not develop, advance and grow. You can either do it quickly or over many lifetimes. But you are going to do it… because the very energy that’s pulsating through your veins has no other way.

The life force itself is pumping through your veins; and it must always be for more life. As we’ve discussed many times, nothing can work contrary to its nature. (reference Alchemy series).

When things seem to go sideways in the physical plane… and you tend to doubt, fear, and do pity party… Don’t worry, you will. You’re human. Me too.

Please remember in these challenging and defining moments to remind yourself that you’re also a hero. And the only thing which has true value is that which is eternal. Something to ponder.

Okay, so now you think you’re willing to commit to The Heroic Quest? To Think Like God Thinks? To surrender yourself fully and completely to further expansion, experience and expression? Whatever that means or whatever it takes?

If yes, then I tip my hat for you’re truly a brave soul.

You’re a giant among mankind and masses which incessantly seek for instant gratification, a cushy secured existence, and external pleasures.

“Give the masses a little bread and a little circus; and they will be content.” 

~ Adolph Hitler

You’re not the masses! You’re more than that! You’re a hero. You’re living like a master versus the masses.

And you define and live your own life, on purpose and on point; and on your own terms.

So okay hero… with spiritual purpose on point, the next step in IAD is to explore the second facet of purpose… what we’ve deemed your physical purpose.

But then again, that’s for a future time.

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray


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  1. Hmm… Quite interesting… “Principle Four: ‘Purpose and meaning are everything.'”(JAR)
    I actually say this in my very first card, Raven/The Magician, in my deck. But oddly, I had it there before I read your work (JAR), and though I wrote it, I did not understand it as fully as I do now. Please Know that I didn’t steal it from you. ;} So many parallels I see. So many synchronicities.

    And so we move towards “fuller expansion, experience, and expression.”(JAR) The true goal of life – whether we realize it or not. Our souls YEARN for “development, advancement, and growth.”(JAR) And they do so BECAUSE: “Man is but a reflection of the Universe. The Mind of Man and the Mind of God are one and the same.”(JAR) This reminds me very much of the book, “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary R. Renard, as well as a Course in Miracles, and the movie, The Matrix. What is real? And which pill will YOU take?

    I’ve said before that I believe now that the Zombie Apocalypse is real, just not in the way we think it is, just as Magic is real – but not in the way we think it is. It’s a mental thing, not a physical one. It occurs in our minds. It is “grown of our consciousness” as you say, JAR. And it is then grown of our actions which stem from our thoughts. There is no sense philosophizing if there is no practical application behind it. But I think one has to be awake to know this and to Live it. You have to OWN it. You have to own the fact that you are Divine and a part of the Whole, which is God. Knowing it is not enough. You have to BE it! And you have to, in my opinion, be humble and pious enough to bring yourself perpetually back to the thought that you are perfect because you are Divine, and yet are imperfect because you a human, who is flesh and bone with skin and veins with blood coursing through them – and can never be perfect, although your ego would like that. The difference I see (as I did when, after having read your blog (JAR) and having an epiphany if you will), is that when you own the fact that you are Divine, and you look in the mirror, you cease to hate or deprecate yourself for your imperfections, but rather, become excited because you know you can change them, some of them, or strive to be the best you you can be in your own Divine way. And that’s all. And that’s the God in You! That’s the Living Universe coming Alive in You. That’s the Awakening! And that is exhilarating! And then you exercise much more, and eat much much less and much better, and avoid ingesting toxins of all kinds, including drugs (prescription or otherwise) and alcohol, and sleep less and better, and Love more and better, and work better, and play better, because you are fully here, because you are fully alive and living in the moment – the only thing which truly exits. And still at times you become angry or annoyed or sad, or dejected even, or definitely frustrated, but you feel these things fully and then you move on, just as Jesus or Buddha, or Gandhi, or Mother Theresa, or Amma would. Not that you are as enlightened as them. And not that they are any better than you either. We each have our own path. They have theirs and we have ours. And you still sometimes slip up, or fall off the bandwagon, because you are human, after all, as well as Divine. But then you get back up, and get back on, and try again, because you have Spiritual Strength within you. Because you are a Spiritual Warrior. And you are grateful to Live another day, and to have another chance to make your mark in the world, in both big ways and small…to be Epic, as you say, JAR. And all of this is very, very hard work – just like crunches! ;{ But worth the effort, because on both levels you are building the core of who you are.

    So, yes, life certainly is a paradox! When we THINK we are working for the highest good, and get slammed again and again, it can really make us wonder what the heck it is all about. And why do we even bother trying? I sometimes feel like Chicken Little, myself. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!” But then, like you said James: “True power is Faith in the midst of the storm.”(JAR) I’ve tried to tell my brother (and others) this, though maybe not as eloquently as you did. But I do persist, despite the attacks, gently sometimes, and sometimes not so gently, but always with Love in my heart. Where did I read recently that once you are awake you no longer judge those who aren’t? Was that something you said, JAR? I read so much, it’s sometimes hard to remember where I saw it. I think, when you reach this height, a calmness comes over you, so that you can tolerate more (even though, as I said, we all have our moments when the dog spills the milk …Son of a…..B….) But if we remain calm and detached – which is virtually impossible as human beings, then we can do more good for ourselves, others, and the Living Universe.

    So, you say: “Universal Intelligence tends to evolve and unfold in the most efficient manner possible. And it does so with no respect whatsoever to the upheaval it might cause short term on the physical plane.”(JAR) And…. “You can do it quickly or over many lifetimes.”(JAR) I do believe personally that I’ve been here many times, but then again, I am speeding up now. 🙂 I don’t think it’s a fluke that I am a Psychic/ Medium in the here and now. Or that I went to Bard. Or got my Masters at SUNY New Paltz, Or that I am a wordsmith. Or that I’ve been through all the pain and loss that I have. Or any of it… And I believe the same of others. There really is no coincidence. I do believe it is part of “the overall Universal Plan” as you say James.

    And what of “goodness?” I have striven my whole life to be a good person. That was my number one goal for many years. My mom (God bless her), a Presbyterian Sunday school teacher instilled it in all of us. I don’t know if the other 5 kids listened. But I did. I wanted (and still do) to be good, for the sake of being good. As you said, “Goodness, however you define it, should be genuinely pursued and practiced because it is good. Period.”(JAR) This is what Turkey Medicine – Giveaway, teaches (Turkey who walks with me in the West – Personal truth, inner answers, goals). Turkey teaches us that: “You act and react on behalf of others. You aspire to help those who need help. This is not out of some sense of self-righteous moralism or religious guilt. Help and sustenance is given by Turkey out of the realization that all life is sacred.”(page 161, Medicine Cards; Sams & Carson) It is the spirit of giving, with nothing expected in return. Expecting anything would cancel it out.

    I don’t know about being a Hero, or being a brave soul (although I know I have been brave at times – only because of my deep faith and also Love for the people I was willing to go through Hell with, in order to help them carry their burdens). Again: “True power is faith in the midst of the storm.”(JAR). And I do know a storm of ferocious veracity is upon me and mine now! But I am committed to the “Heroic Quest,” because I have to be now. Because I know too much. Because I have opened my heart and my mind and soul and my very eyes, which were so long closed in slumber. But I sleep no more. I am fully awake. Because I think like God thinks now. Because I am moving towards harmony with the One, which, though it may not always seem it, wants what is best for All, which brings us back to the beginning – to “fuller expansion, experience, and expression.'(JAR) Which brings further “development, advancement, and growth.”(JAR) Always…. Such is it. I’m ready for it. But maybe I should put on a hard hat or some Armour an a shield before I step out into the war zone. And…sigh….I can at least try to be brave and hang on tight! And so I will! Bring it on Universe! And I will stand strong in my Faith!! At least I will try to weather the storm! :} As always, thanks for the insights, inspiration, and mental stimulation. I for one appreciate it.

  2. “If you do anything for any “special reason” you’re not doing it for the right reason.” With our ‘mind’, we see, think, process and believe as simile while life is only a metaphor the mind seldom comprehends. Life is lived in the moment not before or after. Anything we have to say about life, the story, The Hero’s Story is always and all ways metaphor.

  3. On point James! I am so grateful you are here and that you are so eloquent in your ability to teach and deliver this incredibly important and healing message. The Universe knows exactly what She does… To understand it…you MUST think like God thinks. Bravo! ~M.

  4. james,
    I don’t understand that Zen saying,”If you do something for any special reason, your not doing it for the right reason.” You say to ask yourself 2 things for anything we want. Purpose? What will it give me? Would that be considered special reasoning? I really like your blogs about not repressing emotion. Since it will come out later in uglier ways in later days. You have gone through a really hard journey. Did you ever feel real anxiety on these retreats to deliver spiritual awaking? Since these trips would cost thousands of dollars? I don’t think you would hurt anyone on purpose. To me it was just a case of wanting so bad to create the greatest retreats ever. Even if that meant pushing the limit. Since in our greatest stress we learn how to become that great gem. I love your T.V rant by the way. Really helped me think about how i spend my time. sorry for the plethora of questions. This is my first comment to you and I have recently read all your blogs and loved your videos. Thanks

    1. David, lots of good questions. What “special reason” means in this context is doing it for some particular outcome versus doing it just for the sake of doing it. For in the doing it we receive the reward.

      On the retreat issue… yes I felt anxiety. We all do in one way shape or fashion. While none of my retreats cost “hundreds of thousands” there was a big investment involved and therefor this created a tremendous responsibility in me to deliver as much as I possibly could. And yes, we must push our self-imposed limitations. What the media never covered was that I always taught people to trust their OWN internal guidance on how much they could push their own limits. All I ever did was encourage them to do this… follow their own guidance, never mine.

      Hope this helps, thanks for being here and taking the time to question. Stay Awake, Love Life, Be Epic ~ JAR

  5. Explosion of growth and wisdom here, James your taking my major realizations to another level! Going to have to come back to this one.

    Great Work,


  6. Hi James and Team,

    I have learned many things from your words and actions James. All of which make my life more enriched and I thank you.

    I do want to ask you however to dig deeply as you love to do, past where you have landed into the very hard documents to locate on the creation of all religion, politics, business, medicine and education, social programming and genetic modifications.

    I have seventeen years of religious education and ten years of full time service in the ministry. And in my season with this, I was given access to history not available in libraries and schools. It is online though. And I am not going to offer links because the path to the truth is so very personal and very different for each of us.

    I only ask you to go deeper and learn how no lie can be a lie without some truth. All religion is manipulation to control humanity. Even as it has deep, rich and heart moving aspects which are the hooks used to tie us in and lock us down, keep us in division and constant search of what is out there, when all we need is within and always has been.

    You deserve to remove the stories that are told in religion from your vision, to find why we have religion.

    And why do I say this? Because it is time to heal the planet and set humanity free from the dark races that genetically modified us into what is now called, humanity.

    Before they came here, we did not have duality, polarity and light and dark or good and evil. We were all ETERNAL ESSENCE.

    In order to get into a human body 10% of the Eternal Essence DNA is required in order for a being who comes from Lucifer and his minions and the races they created to see if they could destroy eternal love here.

    It is high time we all get real and stop playing the old matrix. Love is all we have. God is Baal or, if you can face it, an Annunaki, the father of religion.

    The Creator of this planet and the origional beings here is not called god, because that is a title for baal, the god of Babylon.

    I LOVE with AGAPE your drive James. I learn a lot about life in the matrix from you. And I am here to encourage you and all of us to realize getting out of it is simply stepping out of the old programs of negative thinking and doing. NO more competition with others only self. No more greed, abundance for everyone. No more power trips and control games, all of us are equally important and equally unique. No more of some win while others loose. It is all the games of those who came to destroy eternal essence and they lost the game and the contract is over.

    Love won and now it is about cleaning up the planet and helping humanity wake up to the lies so we can all just hug each other and build a wonderful new world!!!

    Agapeness to Everyone!,

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