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Ancient Technologies for Modern Times

“Why settle for a life that just happens, when you can so easily create the exact life you want…

both spiritually and materially?”

~James Arthur Ray

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Welcome to the opportunity that will transmute every area of your life, relationships, and business.

I’m glad you made it.

Now I know the above statement is a big bold claim.

And there are a LOT of big bold claims out there.

But I also know that you’re seeking something.

Something that you haven’t quite yet found.

I’m guessing you’ve most probably attended some events, purchased some programs, maybe even had personal coaching… and while some of these may have provided a certain degree of value, there’s still something missing.

Am I right?

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I was in the very same place as you several years ago. But in 2000 something happened that changed my life forever…

In the year 2000 I was running a successful multiple 6 figure coaching and consulting business. I’d been studying everything I could get my hands on since I was 18 years old: all great spiritual traditions, business, psychology, physiology, philosophy, even quantum physics; and it had paid off nicely.

But somewhere deep down inside I knew there had to be something more than what I was currently experiencing. It nagged at me like a nasty little splinter in the back of my mind, yet I had no idea what the answer was.

One day I was sitting in my office in Carlsbad, California and my assistant brought me the daily mail. As I flipped through the envelopes completely uninspired, one particular envelope caught my eye.

It was a grocery sack brown plain envelope. It had my name and address on the front, yet there was no return address.

Intrigued, I flipped it over and on the back flap it said,

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe open this envelope.”


I was hooked; and I couldn’t get it open fast enough!

Inside was a plain white card that stated,

“Go to this URL and type in this password.”

I swiveled to my desktop behind me and quickly typed it in.

What opened for me was a whole new world that would change my life and results forever.

That was the first day I was introduced to Hermetics and Alchemy, not drug-store-I-read-a-book-Hermetics, but straight out of Egyptian mystery schools Hermetics.

It cannot be overstated how much my life has changed since that day.

Since that time, I’ve traveled to Egypt numerous times to study, explore, and learn. I’ve been ushered solo into the Great Pyramid, with full-on access to all 3 chambers for 3 hours, on more than one occasion.

I’ve been gifted the ability to meditate solo between the paws of the Great Sphinx (something that never happens. It’s actually unheard of).

I’ve spent two weeks in the Sinai Desert with the nomadic Bedouins following the path of the Israelites, culminating in spending the night alone in Moses’ cave where he received the Ten Commandments on the top of Mount Sinai.

And I’ve ultimately been initiated into 2 mystery schools in the ancient tradition of Hermetics and Alchemy.

It’s been a long journey; and I promise you it’s transformed—actually transmuted—my entire life!

But that’s just a sampling of my experiences… this is about YOU!

I promise, just like that “chance envelope” that mysteriously came across my desk years ago, you’ve landed on this page for a reason.

NOTHING happens by chance in this universe.

Chance is just a term used when Universal Laws are not recognized.

Right now, you are on the verge of the most significant spiritual breakthrough of your life!

There’s no debating that these are very disruptive and disturbing times in our world.

You’ve made it this far in very unsettling times; and yet, things don’t seem to be settling down any time soon, do they?

Let me ask you, do you believe there’s a way to make all this apparent chaos and disruption work for you?

Would you at least like to believe there’s a way?

I promise there is!

Think about this for a moment…

Science tells us that you use less than 25% of your DNA – why is that?

Furthermore, you use only about 3% of your neurological capability. Why is that?

What the hell is the other 75% of your DNA and 97% of your neurology for?

You can function quite effectively in contemporary society with this limited amount of your resources. Or at least maybe you could until the last few years.

You can perform your job functions, have a relationship and a family, earn a living.

I’ll let you in a little (well not that little) secret…

The sole purpose of these dormant resources is to access your spiritual power

And these dormant resources more often than not only come into play when you’re in the most challenging of times.

If you’re ready to access your full potential and Take Your Power Back then right now is your opportunity…

The Hermetics Experience: Ancient Technology for Modern Times is about increasing your spiritual power, about personal empowerment, about connecting with greater and greater levels of energy, consciousness, and awareness to bring everything into your life that you desire

What good is spiritual power if it doesn’t produce tangible results?

Most spiritual practices teach that the physical world must be sacrificed, rejected, or ignored to be “spiritual”. Quite frankly, that’s the furthest thing from the truth! In fact, just the opposite is true; and the true ancient wisdom tells us just that.

In great measure it (Awareness) ascends from the Earth up to Heaven, and descends again newborn, on the Earth, and the Superior and the Inferior are increased in power.
~ The Emerald Tablet

Now while the above excerpt is a bit esoteric in its delivery, I promise it can be simplified; and that’s exactly why a teacher is vital!

This great document basically tells us that Universal Power is only perfected when it’s joined and utilized on Earth. In other words, when you put it to practical application in your life, relationships, and business.

You’re a spiritual being having a physical experience. Even modern physics now agrees with this principle.
But understand that you are having a physical experience; and you’re supposed to experience it fully!

If you weren’t meant to experience, enjoy, and appreciate the physical world, why else would you be here?

Now just suppose you could experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with a Higher Power that can bring anything into your life that you desire….

Imagine for a moment you could connect with this Higher Power so completely that you can access it anytime… anywhere.

How incredibly would that impact every area of your life?

With The Hermetics Experience you’ll have all this and more.

This experience synthesizes the great traditions of Hermetics and Alchemy into a practical format for present-day life.

Before you think these are just the ravings of someone who’s “a little out there”…take a look around and you’ll see the growing popularity and understanding of all things spiritual.

There are increasing numbers of Shamanic workshops, studies in Qabalah, Gnosticism, Egyptian mystery schools, and other esoteric approaches.

More and more people are realizing that the old methods and approaches of a fragmented world are not working any longer.

We all have a deeply hard-wired need to be connected to something bigger than the day-to-day.

Particularly in challenging and disruptive times.

And more often than not these days, the traditional religious approaches are no longer fitting the bill.

Our call is not to return to the old ways but to bring their truths into modern society

Do you ever ask questions like:

  • Who am I really…
  • Is this all there is to life…
  • Is there a greater purpose than just daily routine…
  • How is it that ancient cultures seemed to be connected to the forces of nature…
  • Why do I always feel so stressed and tired…
  • What is my place in nature and how can I connect to it…
  • Why does it seem so difficult and hard to succeed…
  • How can I live in harmony with my environment and the world at large…
  • Why do things happen the way they do in my life…
  • Why do similar things (people, situations, experiences) seem to happen to me again and again…
  • Do I have more power, potential, and ability then I’m using…
  • Why do I seem to have a gnawing feeling in my gut that there is so much more?

If you’ve asked yourself even one of these questions, then now is the time to find the answers.

By applying timeless wisdom in a contemporary way, The Hermetics Experience: Ancient Technology for Modern Times gives you the answers to these questions as well as the tools to transform the fabric of your entire world.

Let’s take off the shackles and get started.

Here are just a few of the things you will experience and learn:

  • The multiple worlds and universes the ancients knew about that modern science now prove; and how to navigate them for your own achievement…
  • The 7 Hermetic Laws of the Universe; and how to work with them versus against them…
  • How to tell exactly how anything works, based upon universal laws, and how to get results in your life, relationships, and business every time…
  • How to plug into your purpose and calling by finally realizing why you’re here…
  • How to live in complete harmony with your environment, and the world at large…
  • Understand why it’s often so difficult to succeed and how to make it smooth and easy…
  • How to get the right answer to any question you may have and/or decision you must make…
  • Realize your specific place in the world and how to connect with it…
  • Why the same things (people, situations and experiences) seem to happen to you again and again; and how to break the cycle…
  • How the ancient cultures connected to Nature and how to leverage this connection to be ahead of any curve, cycle, swing or season…
  • The three distinct parts of yourself, how they operate, and how to transmute them for greater power and ability…
  • How to de-stress and fill yourself with unlimited energy and vitality…
  • How you’re barely scratching the surface of your God-given potential and how specifically to plug in and become a force of nature…
  • How to discipline your mind for greater power and ability…
  • Your unlimited creation and manifestation power and how to use it…
  • New Hermetic practices each and every month to guarantee magic; and the ability to shapeshift your reality (you’ll use these for the rest of your life!
  • And so much more. 

This program is a true initiation and practicum and far beyond content alone.

Seating is limited.

Entire course including practicum runs from Feb. 28, 2022 – Jan 30, 2023

Grab your early bird seat while it’s available through January 31, 2021. This event will not repeat until 2024

Please see below for details on times and days.

Training starts: Feb. 28, 2022 – Jan 30, 2023
Live sessions will be every Monday at 4:00pm PST / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm EST
Live Q&A’s sessions are bi-weekly Saturdays at 2:00pm PST / 4:00pm CT / 5:00pm EST
(recordings will only be available for the duration of the course)