The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #9 –Leaders Manage Leaders

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #9 –Leaders Manage Leaders

Authentic leaders don’t build followers,
they build more leaders.

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Authentic leaders love working with other leaders—not followers.

In today’s disruptive Mach 10 world, we have very little need for mere paper pushers and soldiers. Let’s face the facts, in very short order AI’s will take those jobs; and frankly do them much better than either you or I can do.

If you’re not doing something of unique value, you should change that quickly.
AI’s can do menial and mundane tasks much better than you can;
and very soon they will.

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Whether we like it or not, AI’s do many things much better than we do; and with much less hassle to the business owner.

AI’s don’t moan and complain…

They don’t ask for a raise…

They don’t want more days off…

And they don’t take vacations.

AI’s just do what needs to be done and they do it well.

Yes, there will be a need for managers to make sure these machines are running, and to get them fixed when they break.

But that’s much less costly for the business owner than health care, retirement, paid vacation and leave; and salary costs decreases dramatically as headcount is minimized.

Business owners are going to be forced, very soon, to reduce headcount
of those not providing unique value and services that AI’s can’t provide.
Just to remain operable and competitive.
What are you providing?

James Arthur Ray

My former business had 36 full time team members.

All had healthcare plans.

And all had profit share.

All had paid vacations; and it cost $500,000 per month to run my $10M business.

That’s still good margin and if you’re a business person, you know.

It cost $6M annually to run the business and that left $4M in gross profit.

But it was a 100-hour week, 7-days, 365 for me; and I had to run this monster while being an absentee boss on the road over 200 days per year!

Success is hard. Find something you love.
If you don’t love it, you’ll quit, like any sane person would.
If you love it, you won’t quit.

~ Steve Jobs

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As you may imagine, given my example above, I had no time nor value for typical managers; and I still don’t.

Managers are constantly having to be told what to do. They’re much like the soldiers that report to them only at a little higher level.

Please understand that I’m not talking title or position here. Those are irrelevant labels that we just use for some semblance of clarity and necessity.

The only thing that’s valuable in today’s world are leaders; and leaders manage themselves!

It doesn’t matter whether your title is Receptionist or VP of Marketing, the only value you bring to the table is your leadership.

I want your ideas and input. All authentic leaders do. Regardless of your title. Actually, your ideas and input are expected; and if you’re a true leader then that’s an exciting expectation for you.

Becoming a Legendary Leader

If you’re in operations, you can still bring ideas for sales. If you’re in accounting and finance, you can have innovative ideas for marketing.

AI’s can and very soon will do repetitive tasks much more simply; and frankly better than you can.

But an AI doesn’t have a heart, intuition and creativity. That’s the property of the human species; and the authentic leader knows that this is what he must bring to the game.

If you don’t bring your heart, creativity, ideas and very soul to the game, you’re quickly going to get benched—permanently.

You have infinite potential…

What are you going to do?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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