The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #5 – Leaders Use Spiritual Power

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #5 – Leaders Use Spiritual Power

Leadership and entrepreneurship are a spiritual game.
Nothing great happens without accessing the spiritual power within.

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Over the last month we’ve been exploring the 22 Imperatives of the Leader of the Future. We’re coming from the premise that the leader of the future must be deeper and different than what we’ve thought in the past.

This leader is much more committed and complex than any title or position could afford. If you’re just joining us, go here to catch up.

True Leaders are spiritual individuals. Not religious per se; although some may be.

But they’re living from an internal purpose and inspiration that transcends all boundaries and physical limitations.

One of the things I consistently hear from those attempting to build, run or scale a business, is that they’re “tired” and they “don’t have enough energy.”

This is a verbalization of a fundamental lack of understanding and wisdom.

What they really don’t have, is a clarity of purpose and inspiration. This is the true means of how to expand business.

You don’t need to get more energy.
You need to demand and generate more energy.
There’s enough energy in your body right this second
to light every single lightbulb in America non-stop for over a week!

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43% of America states that they are “too tired to function in their daily work.”

Yet how is it that leaders are fully wired and inspired?

Yes, there are fundamental physical principles at play here; yet a few quick strategies are proven to address physical issues almost immediately:

  1. A plant-based diet (or at least primarily plant-based)
  2. Drink more water. Dehydration zaps energy and impairs performance.
  3. Lose weight
  4. Work out and move daily
  5. Cut out caffeine
  6. Consume no (or at least less) alcohol and all other stimulants.
  7. Go to sleep and get up with the sun. The circadian rhythms are there for a reason and they have an impact on your mind, body, and energy.
  8. Watch less TV. Research shows that the time in life you feel most severe depression is when you’re watching TV. The average individual watches 35.5 hours per week! TV is the true death dealer in your life and business.

None of these are new, nor earth shattering; and you probably know them well.

The question: “Why are you not doing them?”

The answer resides in the inner world of spirit. The animating force of life itself.

Most people are working from the outside in versus the inside out.
Good luck with that one.

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Very few individuals have any degree of self-awareness and/or discipline in today’s world.

One of my clients recently told me she, “Wanted to learn so much and do so much, she wanted to learn how to grow a business, but there was not enough time in the day.”

A quick look at her behavior shows that she’s running around taking vacations, constantly posting her personal life on Facebook, and playing in a weekend rock band with a group of people that appear to have no ambition other than to party and post pictures.

I’m not here to tell you what you should do. I’m only here to tell you that you must get crystal clear on your unique gifts and potential genius; and then be willing to give up everything to become great at it.

True leadership is sacrifice. To be great at anything
means you must NOT be great at something else.
There’s always a price for the prize.

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To be a spiritual entrepreneur and leader, as well as fully wired and inspired, is not a practice. It’s a way of life.

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

With 43%, being exhausted, why does this lack of energy, inspiration, and vitality not change behavior?

Two reasons:

  1. Lack of spiritual power (a.k.a. purpose and inspiration)
  2. The lack of discipline to find purpose and LIVE it.

We don’t have an economic-crises in our world.
We have a crisis of meaning.

what how when

Meaning is the spiritual power that we speak of for true leadership.

The leader knows that his life is not his own.

Your life is a gift; and the rent you must pay is service to mankind.

The leader knows that his life is not his own.
Life is a gift and the rent you must pay is service to mankind.

James Arthur Ray

When you find that place of service, you’ve truly found your purpose, your inspiration, and you’ll naturally clean up your body and your mind.

You’ll find your energy increases naturally.

Everything and anything that does not contribute to your inspiration and purpose becomes superfluous.

You’ll live from an intentional place; and everything you do is for something far beyond your own comforts, preferences, and needs.

Leaders are inspired by the cause and calling for which they know they’re here to fulfill.

This is true spiritual power.

This is the spiritual leader and entrepreneur.

For a purpose is always more compelling than a goal.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!