The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #21 – Leaders Are Consistent

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #21 – Leaders Are Consistent

We actualize our leadership potential through consistency.

Leaders are consistent.

Consistency is not easy.

In fact, it’s extremely difficult.

Consistency is not a feeling. It’s a commitment, a determination, to do what needs to be done and to be who we need to be beyond our current feelings.

The true test of character is not persistence when you see a light
at the end of the tunnel. It’s persistence and commitment
when you don’t see the light.

Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is an enormous job.

Let’s not romanticize how much energy it takes and how challenging it can be.

Yet the leader understands that things that matter are hard.

Things that matter take time.

Things that are valuable often make you want to throw in the towel.

Things that matter are hard. Things that matter take time.
Things that are valuable often make you want to throw in the towel.
If what you’re doing is easy, it really doesn’t matter.

While Spirit moves quickly, the things of Earth move slow. True Leaders Use Spiritual Power.

One of the 7 Laws of this Universe is the Law of Gender (LOG). The LOG states many things, one of which is that everything has an incubation or gestation period; and it takes much longer to grow a mighty oak tree than it does to grow a rose.

A rose bush can produce a bud in about 8 weeks, while an oak tree is about 30 years old before it produces its first acorn.

Most people think they want to be a metaphorical rose bush. Not so fast.

A rose bush lives and produces for only about 35 years.

An oak tree on the other hand lives and produces up to 600 years!

A rose bush produces results in 8 weeks but only lives for 35 years.
An oak tree takes up to 30 years to produce its first acorn, but
then lives and produces for 600 years! You want to have TRUE impact.
Then understand life principles.

Authentic leaders are not so concerned with the impact they have today.

The authentic leader is more concerned with what they can do today to have an impact 50 years from today.

I’m not as concerned about my impact today. The question I continually ask is
“What can I do today that will have impact 50 years from today?”

Being consistent takes a tremendous amount of energy and patience.

Most individuals in today’s world have little energy. In fact, 43% of the people surveyed state they’re “too exhausted to perform in their daily work.”

Even less have patience.

Leaders are consistent; and they continually show up even when tired or exhausted. For they know, either scientifically or intuitively, that we don’t really need to “get” more energy—everything in this universe is energy.

Exhaustion and apathy are an epidemic in today’s world. Learn how leaders beat it.

That includes you.

That includes your business.

That includes everything.

Consequently, we need to give more energy!

And through the Law of Reciprocity we know what we give is what will invariably come back.

You don’t need to get more energy. You ARE energy!
You need to get the blocks out of the way that are keeping you
from accessing the infinite power source within you.
You want more? Give more.

So how consistent are you?

There’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.

Some are only consistent in their inconsistency.

Doing what’s right and of highest value when you don’t feel like it is the greatest of tests.

Greatness is earned when you live your values above and beyond your moods.

Greatness and authentic leadership are earned when you
live your values above and beyond your moods.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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