“Thank you for being such a great mentor and teacher. I see myself developing into a better version of who I am.”


“My results are changing and my bad habits die off with every unresolved issue James and I heal up.”

ASHKAN BAGHAEE CEO/Founder Almond Group
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“I have taken what James has taught me or simply showed me, and integrated it into my recovery program and I now have my first 365 days sober in 15 years.”

JOSHUA HELLER Assistant Catering Director

“James and Bear take timeless wisdom and share it in a way that is applicable and understandable for our growth. It’s profound advice in our rapidly advancing society”

HUNTER LESSARD Coach ProBaseball
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“It’s been a little over a year that I was coached by James Ray and I am currently wearing a size 6 (from a size 24) and I’ve lost 105 pounds.”