Do You Want To Be A Master Or A Member Of The Masses?

Do You Want To Be A Master Or A Member Of The Masses?

Where is the lightning to lick you with its tongue?
Where is the frenzy with which you should be inoculated?
Behold, I teach you the Overman;
He is the lightning; he is the frenzy.
Friedrich Nietzsche

friedrich nietzsche


The German philosopher obviously knew that there was something far beyond the day-to-day reality that resides deep within each of us. What Nietzsche called the Overman, has been labeled the Higher Self, The Holy Guardian Angel, The Genie, The Daemon, The Superman, and many more things from a variety of traditions.

At the end of the day, regardless of whatever label we choose, the content remains the same irrespective of the way it’s vocalized.

This entire blog has been about finding this Superhuman within yourself and for yourself. Please be reminded that the word “super” does not mean leaping tall buildings in a single bound or deflecting bullets with your chest in the literal sense. Metaphorically yes. Literally no.

Sorry to burst your bubble if you’re a Comicon fan.

The true meaning of super is “to place or be placed above or over.”

This true Superhuman is an individual who finds their unique genius, clearly knows their purpose in this lifetime, and develops the autotelic personality to go out and make it happen regardless of the good opinion of others. Please read that again.

You have a Superhuman capacity buried deep within you
that’s just waiting and longing to be unleashed.
What are you going to do?

person silhouette with light rays at the back

Please understand, that this clarity and focus. once put into action, is true greatness. And only with this deeply authentic approach to life, can you ever hope to reach the ultimate performance we’ve been exploring for quite some time now.

We’ve discussed a vast number of things in great depth and detail. We have also discussed how many individuals are selling their very soul, and their vitality, for the false idols they’ve been spoon-fed to worship since birth. We’ve also discussed what it takes to escape this endless hamster wheel of lack of fulfillment and lack-luster living.

You were born into greatness but
you’ve been conditioned into mediocrity.

gold coloured human statue

It takes clarity.

And it takes focus.

It takes ruthless honesty and the willingness to realize that life is but a fleeting blink of an eye; and whoa be you if you end up with the masses… leaving this life half lived. Whoa, be you if you don’t find your own Superman. Your deep authentic self.

Your work is to find your work and then give your entire heart, mind, body, and soul to it. For only in so doing are you truly being. Only in this way do you truly live.

Socrates told us “To be is to do.” The harsh reality is that if you don’t do it you’re not it.

Likewise, The Christ told us “By their fruits (actions/results) shall you know them.”

I’ve long known that I can quickly tell a persons’ true values by looking at two critical measurements:

  • Their bank account; and
  • Their calendar.

If you’re not investing a tremendous amount of your income and time in your own mastery then you don’t value mastery. Period.

This is true regardless of what you may vocalize. For many, their actions speak so loudly that I can’t even hear what they say. Do you know someone like this?

Picasso consistently and quickly removed himself from social gatherings and went back to his painting…

Gates didn’t take one day off for the first six years he was building Microsoft. Not one…

Jobs spent most of his waking hours at Apple, including weekends; and didn’t even take the time to buy furniture for his home…

Mozart was notorious for finding any excuse possible (including faking sickness), to get out of social events so he could practice his music…

Einstein, Thoreau, and Michael Jordan are well-known for their monomaniacal commitment to their calling. For their relentless work ethic and practice…

The most successful people I’ve ever met are monomaniacs on a mission.
~ Peter Drucker

man working seriously while sitting on a sofa

Martha Stewart and Barbara Cocoran are likewise as well-known and as hard-driving in their business…

I don’t see work as work and play as play.
For me, it’s all life.
~ Richard Branson

man working while making face in legos

Please remember, it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. Remember Debbie from our conversation regarding Sports Authority?

My great wish for you is not that you become me or any of the names above. My wish is that you become you; and only you!

I’ve got me down. No one does a better me than me.
How about you? Do you know your own deep authentic self?

woman wearing silver colored ring

That being said, my wish is that you know who you truly are. That you know what your particular gifts and genius are. Honestly. Truthfully. With ruthless honesty.

What do you have the innate ability to take and develop so fully and completely that you can rise to the level of ultimate performance and mastery?

What are your unique gifts and genius?

Do you want to find your unique genius and purpose? This article might help you.

How can you truly become Superhuman in the truest sense of the word?

What has to happen for you to rise above and beyond the socialized programming and live autonomously, fully and completely?

Are you guaranteed to make millions doing what you love?

No, there are few guarantees of that nature in life.

But do you really care?

I offer you two choices:

  • All the money in the world doing something that you despise and have no enthusiasm to do. Or…
  • Waking up every single day, from this day to your last, with a fire in your heart and soul. Because you know that you’re going to start and finish this day doing something that fully excites and engages you. Something that you can look back upon when you leave this life and say, “This is what I leave for future generations. This is why I was here”

Which do you choose?

And you can only have one.

Which is it?

superhuman quote steve jobs

Now you may be thinking, “But James, I want both.” Of course, you do, and therein lies the problem. You don’t know who you are and what you truly value.

You can only have one thing of utmost importance in your life. Think about it.

While these two choices are not mutually exclusive, my work with hundreds of thousands of people around the globe proves that deep, down inside we all want #2.

Your spirit and soul long for legacy.

You are a spiritual being,
and spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity.

woman looking up in meditating pose

A Gallup Poll in 150 different countries around the world showed that the number one thing most important to those surveyed was not money. It was “meaningful work.”

World-class art only comes from a world-class artist.

James Arthur Ray

So you’ve received enough philosophy, psychology, science, and strategy at this point to at least begin your own journey to Ultimate Performance. To at least begin to bring your own personal greatness to the world.

So now it’s time for you to choose…

Superman or average man?

To play and become great, or to play small?

To be a master or a member of the masses?

The choice is yours.

When would NOW be the time to decide?

And the journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose, and Take Your Power Back!




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