Suffering, Sacrifice and Salvation

Suffering, Sacrifice and Salvation

The original meaning of sacrifice is “to make sacred.”
To achieve anything in life there must be a sacrifice.
You must lay something of a lesser good on the altar of life;
to obtain something of a greater good.

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Christianity tells us we must be “saved” from “sin.”

What many tend to not realize, is that this word originally was an archery term meaning “to miss the mark.”

In other words, you didn’t hit the bullseye on that one. Sin doesn’t seem quite so damning in those terms does it?

In the Hindu tradition the thing we must be saved from is “avidya.” This word translates as stupidity and ignorance.

Hinduism tells us that the only thing to be saved from is “Avidya.”
This word translates as stupidity and ignorance. Pretty wise council.

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Let’s face it, whether we’re “missing the mark” or just being plain “stupid and ignorant”, we know we can do better.

Ignorance has nothing to do with education, worldly success or money.
True ignorance is swallowing the hook line and sinker of what you’ve
been programmed to think and believe.

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So how do we save ourselves from these misses of our own ignorance?

It may not be popular, but we’re most often saved by suffering.

Read Here: To sacrifice is to lay on the altar of life something of a lesser value to gain something of greater value.

One of my teachers told me years ago, “for everything in life you must pay attention; and to the degree you don’t pay attention… you pay with pain.”

The unfortunate truth is that most people never make any significant change in their life until they experience enough pain.

Is it possible that we just continually and voluntarily invest in ourselves, wake up, and do the work to improve and grow? Yes. Anything is possible.

Unfortunately, experience shows that it’s not often probable.

This is where suffering comes in. Suffering triggers us to pull off the layers of illusion and false idols that cause so much pain.

There’s certain salvation in suffering.
Suffering triggers us to stop, assess and pull off the
layers of illusion and false idols that cause so much pain.

James Arthur Ray

Suffering causes us to step back and reflect.

Suffering drives us to the heart, and to find what is truly important to our lives.

Do we have to suffer?


But we will; and if we’re wise, we’ll use it to clean up, grow up and wake up in our lives.

Are you suffering right now at this time? Then there’s a tremendous opportunity here for you if you’re brave enough and willing enough to seize it.

This can only come with help because none of us can be objective about our own nonsense.

You have the time right now—it’s the time Life has gifted you.

Please take advantage of this gift from life.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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