Stress Series Two: Growth vs Fixed Mind

Stress Series Two: Growth vs Fixed Mind
Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has conducted decades of research on what she calls a “Fixed Mindset” and a “Growth Mindset.” The beginner sees everything as a blessing or a curse while the master sees everything as an opportunity for growth. Learn how to develop a growth mindset and life more engaged, successful and fulfilled.

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  1. MOST excellent. A lot of things have been keeping me from being more connected with you James, however I'm most grateful to call you a friend of the universe as our spirit is very well connected. One of the most profound things I ever heard you say was this. "The Universe Likes Speed"… it's impact started making me aware of energy promptings and intuitions that I was acting and still do upon them all. I like to call it Magic. Thanks for this terrific message. Sharing with my Sissi as she's been sitting on the fence so to speak, with taking courage to "Believe"… I could ramble. Enjoy. Kindly, LCD

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