Strategies of Titans 7 – There Are Always Consequences

If the decisions you’re making and the actions
you’re taking are not of high consequence,
then you’re playing small.
You’re more than that. Go all in.

We’ve arrived in our last of the series on Strategies of Titans. As always, I recommend that if you’re behind, you go here to get the full picture.

In this series we’ve been exploring what it takes to get into the Flow State of super-productivity. What we’ve discussed as Titan status of impact and results.

Let me remind you of something you already know deep down inside. Or you’ve possibly forgotten in the chaotic pace and programming of today’s world.

You’re not here by happenstance.

You’re not just a place-holder in the universe.

You’re here for an exact purpose.

You’re here for a specific reason.

You’re hard-wired, inspired and born to do something great!

And if you don’t accomplish it, no one can do it in the unique way you can.

You’re born to be a Titan.
A giant of greatness in your own field of gifts,
genius and purpose. Never forget.
Never sell-out. Never give up.

We’ve explored six previous principles on what it takes to find your Focused Flow. If you’re going to reach a state of super-productivity and achievement, you absolutely must enter the flow state.

Psychologist call this state Transient Hypofrontality. A big college word that basically means “get the hell out of your head!”

We don’t need more data.
We need more intuition and action.
Your head will mess you up every single time.

Much has been written about the flow state. Much research has been conducted. One consistent finding is that when we’re totally engrossed in what we’re doing, we tap into a state that is beyond description.

No language does justice.

It matters little what you’re completely engrossed in, it only matters that it’s meaningful for you. It only matters that you’re literally obsessed.

Many adventure athletes, as they defy all odds and accomplish the seemingly impossible, have described the flow state as, “You know you’re kicking ass but you’re not the one doing the kicking.”

Something bigger than you is working through you versus from you. Sound mystical? It is. It’s an extremely high level of connectivity and true spirituality.

One of the biggest lies ever sold is that “the well-rounded person is the happy and fulfilled person.” Absolutely untrue. Those who do great things with their lives are obsessed. The have found their Magnificent Obsession and they give their entire life to it.

All great achievements have been accomplished
by monomaniacs on a mission
~ Peter Drucker

So that brings us to our final principle: You must involve yourself in high consequence situations and actions.

Does that frighten you?


Whether you like it or not, your job is to be scared shitless.
The only time you’re comfortable is when you’re doing repeats.
You’re never comfortable setting records.
If you’re not scared, you’re not doing anything great!

Think about the times you’ve been “out of your head” and completely and totally immersed in what you’re doing.

When you’re hanging on for dear life by your fingertips, either literally or metaphorically, you’re not worrying about what other people think. You’re not worrying about your rent, or bills, or those things that are due tomorrow.


You single pointed focus is hanging on!

You’re all in and you’re completely in the moment.

The only way to reach the levels of Titans
in your life and business is to go all in.
To be involved in something that is of such high
consequence that you have no time or energy to think,
much less worry, about anything else.

This principle is why extreme athletes do some of the unbelievable things they do.

That’s not what I’m advocating here. Unless of course extreme athletics is your calling.

Please understand “high consequence” doesn’t require you to literally put your life on the line physically. But the reality, is that your life is on the line figuratively every single day.

Mere existing is not really living.

What you find when you step into high consequence, as well as all the other 6 Strategies of Titans we’ve explored, is that you reach a state of Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Fullness (STEF)

STEF is the stuff of which greatness is built.

Taking risk is not about taking
a big chance with your life and business.
Taking risk is about giving yourself an big chance.

Fear drops off. All concern for your small ego self disappears as your true Self emerges.

You’re tapped into the Zero Point Field from which all things come.

Universal Intelligence is your source and you are its distributor.

There’s a power flowing and working through you that is more than you could ever imagine.

What is the meaning of True Power? Read more about it here.

While you are working and putting forth effort, it seems effortless in the sense that it’s coming through you from an infinite storehouse; versus from you and your finite storehouse.

You are limitless.

Yes, yes you are. Absolutely limitless.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!