Strategies of Titans 6 – Control What You Can Control

Control what you can control, and have an impact on the rest.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been discussing and exploring the 7 Strategies of Titans. More specifically how to get into the Flow State of super productivity.

If you’ve not been following along go here to catch up.

Look, the reality is that most people quite frankly have control issues.

The ultimate control in life is to have no need for control.

What you and I both know is that you can’t control life circumstances or situations. As much as we would like to, we just can’t.

At best, you can control your experience of life circumstances and situations; and thereby have a greater influence on circumstances and situations.

Did you get that?

You can’t control life circumstances or situations.
At best, you can control your experience of life circumstances
and situations; and thereby have a greater influence
on circumstances and situations.

In 2006 (and even today), many people wanted to romantically believe they could control the universe by practicing the Law of Attraction.

I’m grateful for The Secret and my part in it. Yet, I also know that there were many things left out, untold, romanticized, and misconstrued.

You must visualize and pray;
and then move your feet!
God and Life help those who
do the work and help themselves.

There’s value in creating a crystal-clear vision; and then visualizing that vision on a regular basis. I’ve done this for years; and still do it to this day.

Yet I also know that visualizing without acting is nothing more than fantasy.

If you sit around visualizing and fantasizing all day
they’ll come take your furniture away.

Bottom line, control what you can control.

What can you control?

  • You can control your own brutally honest assessment of who you are, what you’ve been gifted to do, and what your purpose is in life. This obviously takes us back to principle number one in this series.

Self-Awareness is, and always will be, paramount.

Learn how leaders for the Future must realizes that Self-Awareness is job #1

If you don’t have the potential
to be absolutely great at what
you’re doing quit wasting your time doing it.

  • You can also control not lying to yourself about any of the above.

There’s no value whatsoever in lying to yourself.

  • You can control your own level of skill and ability in your gifted area of genius; and the subsequent mastery of that skill.
  • You can control your work ethic and time invested.
  • You can control your commitment, consistency, discipline, resilience and grit.
  • You can control your emotional strength and mental mastery.
  • Sometimes the only thing you can control, is your attitude and experience.

Life will always throw curve balls.
But curve balls can be hit!

You see, the most important thing you’ll ever control is your own internal game. Emotional strength and mastery are paramount. So are resourcefulness and resilience.

All these qualities will be met with great resistance; and that resistance must be overcome.

Resilience is the ability to take hits and keep moving forward. The ability to get knocked down and get back up. Ten times. A hundred times. A thousand times if that’s what it takes.

It’s time to take your power back.

It’s time to access your own inner Titan.

It’s time to control what you can control and influence or let go of the rest.

All leaders and heroes subjugate their own internal needs for something far greater than their small personality comforts and needs.

They’re compelled by a powerful purpose; and they give themselves entirely and completely to it.

John Coltrane, arguably the greatest saxophone player of all time, practiced for 12 hours per day.

He practiced until his lips bled; and yet he continued.

His wife commented that she would hear him stop playing; and thinking she finally had a chance to speak with him, find him sleeping with the saxophone still in his mouth.

This is the kind of commitment and control it takes to become a Titan.

If it’s not for you, that’s okay.

It’s not for many.

But if it is for you then decide to pay the price. Take control.

If what you’re chasing doesn’t take every single thing you have,
then it’s probably not your quest.
There’s always a great price for the prize.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!