Strategies of Titans 3 – Focus or Fail

We live in an era of devastating distraction.
Cat videos and online photo albums are stealing action,
productivity and dreams.

The most recent research shows that the average individual spends 50% of his or her day in distraction and interruption.

Is it any wonder we fall severely short of our dreams?

In our last installment we discussed setting the correct goal and intention in the correct way.

Once completed, you move to strategy number two of Titans.

Total immersion in the task at hand.

We live in a culture of deep distraction.
Focus is replaced by folly.
Multi-tasking is so 90’s!

It’s actually gets worse!

Further research shows that every single time we get distracted it takes an average of 20 minutes to get back into laser focused flow. Twenty minutes!

You can be a light bulb or a laser beam.
A light bulb lacking focus lights up a large area.
But the focus of a laser cuts through steel.

One more statistic. The average individual currently picks up their phone 85 times a day; and spends an average of 5 hours browsing!


Is it any wonder that most leave this lifetime with the music still in them?

Focus is a by-product of the will; and willpower, like a muscle, can and must be developed.

Only with laser focus can you be completely immersed.

Read here for more strategies and techniques that can help you develop your will and subsequent focus.

Let me give you a simple way you can increase your willpower and focus.

First, you must make a solid commitment to yourself to remove distractions from your work environment. That may mean shutting down programs, turning off your phone, shutting your door and having regular focused office hours.

This last one is imperative.

Especially if you work from home.

Next, research shows we can only maintain super focus for a maximum of 90 minutes at one time. (reference Life Unleashed Blueprint)

As a result, you must discipline your schedule to 90 minute sprints after which time you get up, stretch, get some water, go for a brief walk, grab a workout, or some other form of productivity.

This is not a license to dive into video games and cat videos on Facebook post your 90 minute sprint.

The true definition of willpower is
the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it.

Finally, a great willpower exercise, uncomfortable at minimum, and piss you off at maximum (at least in the beginning), is an exercise with your watch.

If you don’t wear a watch use the stop watch on your phone.

Use something that counts seconds.

For the first day you watch the second hand for a full minute; and concentrate on nothing but the second hand. If your attention drifts, just bring it back to the second hand and lock in and lock on.

Never get angry or upset with yourself when your attention drifts—it will. Just notice it drifted, and bring it back.

When you can keep focus on nothing but the second hand for one full minute, you go to step two.

Step two is to do the exact same thing for 2 minutes straight, then 3 and so on up to 5 minutes.

By the way… there’s no value in lying to yourself. If you attempt to shortcut the system the only person losing is you.

Continue this practice for any amount of time up to an hour. While it might not be comfortable, it’s powerful.

When you develop your willpower, others will be amazed at the quantity of work you’re able to accomplish in short order.

I know this from personal experience; and I know it will help you.

Most people’s minds are about as disciplined
and trained as a small puppy.
It’s cute in a child but very unattractive
and counter-productive in an adult.

Choose a goal that you have the ability to achieve, make it a stretch, and then immerse yourself fully and completely in its accomplishment.

There’s more—there’s always more.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic,