Strategies of Titans 2 – Are You Chasing the Right Things?

Most people in today’s world don’t have
a clue what they’re truly here to contribute and accomplish.
As a result, they waste their precious life,
chasing dreams they’ve been handed by outside sources.

This first principle is critical.

In a two word definition it’s: Self-Awareness.

Very few people I meet have it in large doses.

I talk to people almost weekly who tell me what they think they want; and they have no idea who they are.

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I talk with people nearly every single week who
tell me what they think they want but they have no idea whatsoever who they are.
How can you know what you truly want until you know who you are?

This lack of Self-Awareness is the single most heinous cause of unrest and lack of fulfillment.

Here are a few common examples:

  • I’m going to be a network marketer…
  • I’m going to be an author and speaker…
  • I’m going to be an internet entrepreneur…
  • I’m going to sell real estate…
  • I’m going to be a life coach…


Because “so and so made a lot of money doing it,” or because it seems sexy and exciting. Or because I’ve romanticized that I can work from home and not really have to work…

“That will make me happy.”


It won’t.

When there’s no clarity of true purpose,
the mind and all its objectives degrade
to the lowest common denominators
which are money and fame.

The harsh reality is that they think they want these things because of their socially programmed values.

Actually they’re not really thinking at all.

Most people think they think, but they’re not really thinking at all.
They’re just re-running a socialized program they’ve been repeatedly
conditioned to think and believe. True thinking is original and instantaneous.

Your conditioning is one of the primary causes if not the primary cause of frustration, failure and burn out.

Most are chasing dreams they’ve been handed, not that they are gifted to achieve.

In a world where the vast majority of personal and spiritual development propagates “you can have whatever you want,” this truth is a hard sell.

You can’t.

The reality pill goes down hard.

I promise, there’s nothing more miserable than attempting to do something you’re not here to do. Something you really don’t have the ability and gifts to do.

When you attempt to go after something
that’s not your true purpose, it becomes extremely painful.

Look, no matter how hard I practice, I’m never going to soar like Michael Jordan…

No matter how long I study, I’m never going to paint like Michelangelo…

Even ten thousand hours of practice will not make me Mozart.

Do you get it?

Jordan, Michelangelo, Mozart, Jobs, Gates, Branson, da Vinci and all other Titans realized their own genius; and they set intentions to become masterful with their own unique gifts.

Choose to become great.
Find your own inner Titan
and nurture it to a level of mastery.

Jordan was never going to discover the Law of Relativity.

Einstein was never going to play music like Yo Yo Ma.

Here’s the big challenge of Self-Awareness; as well as setting the right goals and intentions for yourself:

  1. After years of socialized programming, many if not most, have a problem with original thought.

This is much more difficult than it may seem.

Most think they’re thinking but what they’re really doing
is just listening to internal machine-mind chatter.

  1. Likewise, even if original thought is found, letting go of pipe dream goals is often painfully difficult.

Having no ability to achieve certain goals; and having no concept of the work it takes to accomplish them; most find themselves chasing dreams that will never be accomplished.

When you’re chasing the wrong dreams for yourself,
you get frustrated and give up. When you find your gifts,
genius and purpose, you never give up.

At the end of the day, even if you make mega-millions doing something you’re not meant to do, you’ll still end up miserable, uninspired, and unfulfilled.

I speak with these people nearly every week.

  1. Limiting beliefs hold you back from your greatness. As a result, many people pick lackluster easy to achieve goals that have no fire.

The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity.
Your job is to be uncomfortable and scared.

The solution is complicated and very difficult if not impossible to accomplish without coaching and guidance. You can’t see what you’re looking with and through.

This is where we all need guidance and help. If I can be of service let me know, my team and I have many options.

Only honest answers will set you in the right direction.

More to come.

There’s always more.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!