Strategies of Titans 5 – Close and Tighten the Loops

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

If you ever hope to reach a level of Ultimate Performance and become a true Titan, you absolutely must be open to feedback.

In fact, not only must you be open, you must actively seek it out.

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Now, there’s been considerable research conducted regarding what’s called “feedback loops.”

Basically a feedback loop is the time that passes between an action and a reaction. The time that a specific output brings back input.

The shorter the feedback loop the better.

Ideally the loop should be as close to instantaneous as possible.

In 2003 Garden Grove, California was stymied as how to address a common problem in America. People speeding through school zones. They attempted many different tactics that had little to no impact.

Speed limit signs glowed in bright colors. Officers camped in the school zones and ticketed drivers.

Every single attempt had little to no impact on changing behavior.

At one point someone decided to install a radar gun that displayed the drivers’ current speed. Giving instantaneous feedback to the driver.

Surprisingly people began to slow down.

Sometimes even slamming on the brakes.

There were no officers to pass out tickets, no punishment whatsoever.

Yet behavior changed.


What happened?

The ultimate reward or punishment you can receive
does not come from any outside source.
It’s the result of how you feel internally.

Now let’s think about this. Any driver, in any moment, can look down at his speedometer to instantly see how fast he’s going, right? But obviously over time we neglect to check.

Your unconscious mind runs your body.
Knowing this, you must habituate behaviors
to the point that they take little to no conscious
energy or willpower to perform.

We often don’t take the time to pause and check our current speed. Particularly when in a rush to get somewhere. Nothing makes me check my speedometer more quickly than seeing a police car.

Cop car…

Bam! Break and speedometer.

Feedback loop.

It’s an automatic response.

External triggers strategically placed
in your environment can drive behavior
both productive and counterproductive.

The same is true for the speed limit sign and radar gun.

Flashing speed.

Bam! Break and check the speedometer.

Interesting, right?

The point, is that feedback drives behavior. Let me give you one more example:

When Kobe Bryant was selected for the US Olympics basketball team in 2012, he prepared in his typical Kobe fashion.

Those who know Kobe know he has an incredible work ethic.

Kobe’s daily routine consisted of rising at 4 AM. By 4:30 he was running wind sprints until 5:30 AM. At 5:30 he went straight to the gym and lifted weights from 6-7AM; and then from 7-11 AM his tight feedback loops really kicked in.

For this four hour period his objective, every single day, was to shoot a minimum of 800 jump shots.

Practice is not something you do just to become great,
practice is something you do when
you’re already great to become greater.

Now, think about the structure of a jump shot.

Jump, shoot, bank, in. That worked.

Jump, shoot, rim shot, miss. That was off.

Jump, shoot, swish. That really worked!

Do you get it?

A nearly instantaneous loop.

By the way, at 11AM, after all his morning practice, Kobe began his daily practice with the team. Need I say more?

The quality of your practice determines
the quality of your performance.

The feedback of a jump shot, like the radar speed readout, is nearly instantaneous.

If you have a prayer of achieving your own Titan outcomes, you must seek out feedback; and make it as close to instantaneous as possible.

This is where great coaching is invaluable (not good coaching, but great coaching). If I can be of service and support go here: we have many options.

Let me ask you, how many times did you have to touch a hot stove to learn you didn’t want to do that again?

Instantaneous feedback loop!

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,